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5 Conversations to Have with a Terminally Ill Family Member

Conversations surrounding death are difficult and, at times, awkward, but these conversations are important in making sure your family member’s wishes are honored. Before having these conversations, always remember: Explain the importance of these conversations Acknowledge that it may

What Happens to Someone's Debt After They Die?

Many people may wonder, “Am I responsible for the debt of a deceased parent or relative?” or “What will happen to my debt after I die?” In short, it depends. Who is responsible for debt after someone dies? In general, a person’s estate is responsible for paying off any debts after his or

How to Create a Will Online

Most of us don’t like to think about our own deaths, so the process of creating a will can feel daunting. And, in the past, it often involved hours of paperwork and hefty legal fees—making it an easy thing to procrastinate. In fact, 60% of people die without a will. When this happens, the person’


What to Do When Someone Dies at Home

Losing a loved one is stressful in any setting and if you’re unsure what to do when someone passes away at home, it can make the situation a lot more stressful. If you’re in charge of a taking care of a loved one or just want to be prepared for the situation, it’s a good idea to understand the steps

What is Hospice Care?

When many people think of hospice care, they might incorrectly assume hospice care means it’s only for the elderly. Hospice care is an important aspect of medical care for anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness or those who are nearing the end of their life. What is hospice care? Hospice ca

What is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a legal document that outlines your wishes for care at the end-of-life. It covers two main topics: Your living will: Your decisions on when to receive medical care and what type of care you would like to receive in specific situations. For example, would you want


How Long are Funerals?

If you’ve never attended a funeral or if it has been a little while since you did last, you may wonder what to expect in terms of timing and the order of services. When thinking of a funeral, many people often assume a “funeral” includes all of the traditions associated with the death of a loved one

Jehovah's Witness Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

A Jehovah’s Witness funeral is very similar to a Christian funeral in terms of customs and practices. The main difference between the two services is that a Jehovah’s Witness funeral lasts only about

Christian Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Due to the number of denominations, Christian funerals often vary since there aren’t any absolute requirements (like you would see at a traditional Catholic funeral, for instance). While Christian fun


How to Write Funeral Thank You Note Cards

Losing a loved one is a time where your friends, family, and community will likely show up to support you in any way they can. This support often comes in the form of lending an ear, donations, condolences, general availability, and flowers, among many other gestures. No matter the gesture, sending

Funeral Procession Etiquette

Even if you’ve never participated in one, chances are that you’ve seen a funeral procession on the road, and you may have wondered how they work or how you should react. Here’s a short guide to funeral procession etiquette for those planning, participating in or just encountering one. (However, as w

When to Arrive to a Funeral or Memorial Service

Every type of event has its own social etiquette, so it’s normal to be unsure about when to arrive a funeral or memorial service. Here’s a quick guide to help with your funeral etiquette: When to arrive at a funeral as a guest If you’re att


Can a Funeral Home Hold a Body for Payment?

Funerals are not only expensive, but they’re an expense that often needs to be paid immediately and with very short notice. Most families don’t have the thousands of dollars in savings that they need to immediately pay for a funeral, while other families are completely unable to afford the high pric

How to Plan a Funeral on a Budget

How much does a funeral cost? The average funeral costs about $9,000 in the United States. Many families and individuals are grieving, leaving them vulnerable to sales tactics or to choosing what’s right in front of them instead of shopping around. When planning a funeral, here’s some of the co

8 Ways Ever Loved Can Help If You've Recently Lost Someone

Ever Loved simplifies the funeral planning process and makes it easier to focus on the people and things that matter. There are tons of helpful resources available to families during their time of need. Here are 8 ways Ever Loved can help you during this difficult time: 1. Find the right fun


What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?

Cremation is now the most common method of disposition in the United States, with experts at NFDA suggesting that almost 80% of Ameri

30 Bible Verses About Death

The Bible offers many verses related to grieving, death, loss, and eternal rest. These verses can bring many Christians comfort, especially after losing a loved one. Here are some Bible verses related to subjects that might be on your mind after losing someone. Bible verses about death and dyi

Top 20 Funeral Poems

When putting together a funeral program, it’s common to include a funeral poem or other reading. This may be something you include as part of a eulogy or separately as its own reading. Many people find that funeral poetry helps them express emotions that they have difficulty expressing on their


Funeral Salad Recipe

Because funerals have long been events that bring communities of people, common funeral recipes are generally easy (and affordable) to prepare for a large number of people, and funeral salad is no different. What is funeral salad? The use of

Funeral Potatoes Recipe

There are many different types of funeral events and structures to honor someone who has passed away, but it’s quite common to host a [funeral reception](

Funeral Sandwiches Recipe

For many years, funeral receptions were usually held in a family members home, and friends and neighbors would bring food to pitch in. As a result, dishes that were easy to prepare for a large group of people became the n


20+ Best Gospel Funeral Songs

It’s well known that the loss of a loved one can bring a community together to mourn as one. When a funeral mass features gospel music, it can be both inspiring and uplifting to a community while bringing people together in a difficult time. Gospel funeral music has a way of helping those who are in

20 Best Christian Funeral Songs

After losing a loved one, it can be tough to find the right words to express what you feel. Playing a Christian funeral song for friends and family of the bereaved can be a beautiful way to honor a loved one while bringing people together in such a difficult time. Christian funeral music has a speci

20+ Best Funeral Hymns

Funeral hymns are a popular choice of religious music for funerals. There are dozens to choose from that can represent different tones, emotions, and experiences for a community. Funeral hymns can bring people comfort and joy at times of loss by bringing a community together to sing and be present t


Coping with the Loss of a Mother or Father

Losing a parent as a supportive fixture Losing someone that’s close to you is incredibly difficult, no matter who it is. Losing a parent, however, is a uniquely difficult experience due to the foundation that most parents provide for their children. Coping with the loss of your mother or fathe

How to Find a Grief Support Group

When you lose someone you love, having a support system to turn to is incredibly important. While your friends and family might be there to support you, it is often helpful to share your grief with others who are in similar situations. Grief support groups are focused on learning how to deal with gr

6 Things to Know About Grief Counseling

Normal grief vs. complicated grief While many researchers and therapists agree that grief is different for every individual, there is still a distinction between normal and complicated grief. Those who are experiencing complicated grief will often experience symptoms such as: Extreme denia


How much does a casket cost?

Caskets are a big part of funeral costs, so it’s important to know what to expect. There are many different types of caskets available that can vary depending on the chosen method of disposition. Keep reading for more information on what to expect when purchasing a casket and about how much you shou

How much are headstones?

The cost of a headstone can vary depending on which type of headstone you’re interested in. Headstones are made with the following parameters in mind: size, design, placement, type, and stone. Staying informed about what to expect when purchasing a headstone is a great way to ensure you’re getting a

A Guide to Buying Cremation Diamonds

Cremations have been the most common disposition method since 2015, and with that rise in popularity, comes an increasing number of options when it comes to cremation jewelry. Cremation diamonds are a beautiful and timeless way to honor a loved one and keep them close to you. Cremation diamonds are


How to Find an Obituary for a Specific Person

If you’re looking for ways to find an obituary for someone for free, you’ll be pleased to know that the internet has made this search a lot easier. Finding an obituary for a specific person may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but if you have some basic information, you should be able

How to Publish an Obituary in your Local Newspaper

Publishing an obituary is an important step to take after someone passes away as it alerts the community of the death and they tell the story of your loved one's life. Traditionally, obituaries were printed in newspapers as a means of announcing a death since many members of the community would rely

How to Create a Funeral Program

Funeral programs are an important part of any funeral or memorial service as they let people know critical information surrounding the event and help the organizer anticipate the amount of those attending. If you’re organizing a funeral, creating a funeral program can be useful to give those attendi


How to Find a Life Insurance Policy After Someone Dies

Life insurance policies, alongside other death benefits, can mean a huge relief for many families, especially if they’re burdened with financial responsibilities after someone passes away. While lif

What are the Responsibilities of an Executor of an Estate?

The executor of an estate is the named party in the will that’s responsible for settling the estate of the deceased. If they’re not named in the will, or there is no last will or testament, the court will appoint an executor (also known as an administrator) to fulfill the duties and distribute the a

Will vs. trust: which is best for you?

If you’re starting to think about what should happen to your assets after you pass, that’s a great step to be taking. However, you’re not alone if you’re feeling confused about the options. What’s a will? What’s a trust? Do they accomplish the same thing? If you’re trying to decide whether to create


The Cremation Process: A Helpful Guide

Cremation is the most popular method of disposition in the United States and is estimated to be the chosen method of disposition for over 70% of Americans by 2030. While this is a large number of Americans, many people aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the cremation process. Here’s a helpful g

A Brief Guide to Funeral Homes

Finding the right funeral home isn’t easy, but it can be increasingly difficult if you aren’t sure what to look for in a funeral home or what funeral homes do. In this short guide, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding funeral homes. What does a funeral home do?

Meet a Funeral Director & Funeral Home Owner: Vonda & William Rosado

Ongoing in our series on funeral industry professionals, we had the opportunity to interview a husband and wife duo in the industry: Maxton-Rosado Funeral Home funeral director, Vonda Rosado and funeral