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How to Talk About Death

Death is an uncomfortable topic for the majority of people. It’s something most people don’t like to think about and would rather not engage in a discussion about. You may very well find yourself in a position one day where you’ll need to navigate these difficult conversations, whether or not you’re

5 Conversations to Have with a Terminally Ill Family Member

Conversations surrounding death are difficult and, at times, awkward, but these conversations are important in making sure your family member’s wishes are honored. Before having these conversations, always remember: Explain the importance of these conversations Acknowledge that it may

What Happens to Someone's Debt After They Die?

Many people may wonder, “Am I responsible for the debt of a deceased parent or relative?” or “What will happen to my debt after I die?” In short, it depends. Who is responsible for debt after someone dies? In general, a person’s estate is responsible for paying off any debts after his or


10 Legacy Project Ideas

Leaving behind a legacy is an important part of death for many families and individuals, but it's not always something that comes to mind earlier in life. Legacies are typically thought of as both tangible and intangible accomplishments that folks leave behind after they pass away. This can sometime

What to Do When Someone Dies at Home

Losing a loved one is stressful in any setting and if you’re unsure what to do when someone passes away at home, it can make the situation a lot more stressful. If you’re in charge of a taking care of a loved one or just want to be prepared for the situation, it’s a good idea to understand the steps

What is Hospice Care?

When many people think of hospice care, they might incorrectly assume hospice care means it’s only for the elderly. Hospice care is an important aspect of medical care for anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness or those who are nearing the end of their life. What is hospice care? Hospice ca


A Guide to Funeral Flower Etiquette

Sending flowers to a funeral is one of the most common ways that folks choose to show support to a family after they’ve experienced a loss. If you haven’t sent an arrangement before, it can be difficult to know exactly what to send. Are all flowers and arrangements appropriate to send? When should y

What is a Rosary Service?

Many religions have funeral rites or rituals that take place after someone dies. For Catholics, the rosary is a part of the traditional Catholic funeral rites. The rosary is a set of prayers said after

Jewish Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Jewish funerals involve many time-honored traditions and rituals that both Reform Jews and traditional Jews must abide by. The rituals are meant to honor the deceased and are important cultural practices. Jewish funerals are traditionally led by a rabbi at the family’s synagogue or at a Jewish funer


What to Wear to a Celebration of Life

When a celebration of life is announced, many people are unsure if they should come to the celebration in somber colors or bright colors. Is it considered bad taste to wear black or dark colors to a celebration of life? What about bright colors? Knowing the right outfit to choose can be confusing, b

A Complete Guide to Funeral Thank You Etiquette

Knowing who to send thank you notes to and who can go without after a funeral can be confusing. For example, should you send thank you notes for funeral flowers? Should you send a thank you note to someone who made a long journey to attend the funeral? Funeral thank you etiquette isn’t black and whi

How to Express Condolences via Email

Condolences typically were given at a funeral or via handwritten notes or cards, but with the invention of the internet, many have turned to email and online messaging as a way to express their condolences. Sending condolences is customary after someone dies, and most people will appreciate you gett


How to Choose Funeral Participants

Planning a funeral often means selecting different participants for that funeral. Participants may be asked to read a eulogy, act as a pallbearer and carry the casket, or even sing or perform a reading at the funeral. Choosing these participants can feel stressful, especially if you either aren't su

5 Funeral Food Menu Ideas

Funerals are a somber time, but funeral food can bring some much needed ease and comfort. Whether you're catering your own funeral service or are just looking for some inspiration for the funeral menu, you’ve come to the right place.The type of funeral food menu you’re able to offer is going to depe

10 Creative Funeral Decoration Ideas

Decorations and funerals may seem like two concepts that don't go together, but that's not entirely the case. By incorporating different elements into a funeral service, celebration of life or a memorial service, you have the opportunity to share some of your loved one's personality with those atten


10 Eulogy Examples

Eulogies are pieces of writing or funeral speeches that are typically shared at a funeral or gathering for someone who has passed away. The speeches often contain a description of the person who passed away, the kind of person they were and personal memories that the person delivering the eulogy fin

What to Say at a Celebration of Life Service

Celebrations of life are memorial services that are focused on celebrating the life of the deceased. This celebration can be considered a departure from traditional funeral services which generally hold a more somber and serio

What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?

Cremation is now the most common method of disposition in the United States, with experts at NFDA suggesting that almost 80% of Ameri


Funeral Salad Recipe

Because funerals have long been events that bring communities of people, common funeral recipes are generally easy (and affordable) to prepare for a large number of people, and funeral salad is no different. What is funeral salad? The use of

Funeral Potatoes Recipe

There are many different types of funeral events and structures to honor someone who has passed away, but it’s quite common to host a [funeral reception](

Funeral Sandwiches Recipe

For many years, funeral receptions were usually held in a family members home, and friends and neighbors would bring food to pitch in. As a result, dishes that were easy to prepare for a large group of people became the n


20+ Best Gospel Funeral Songs

It’s well known that the loss of a loved one can bring a community together to mourn as one. When a funeral mass features gospel music, it can be both inspiring and uplifting to a community while bringing people together in a difficult time. Gospel funeral music has a way of helping those who are in

20+ Best Christian Funeral Songs

After losing a loved one, it can be tough to find the right words to express what you feel. Playing a Christian funeral song for friends and family of the bereaved can be a beautiful way to honor a loved one while bringing people together in such a difficult time. Christian funeral music has a speci

20+ Best Funeral Hymns

Funeral hymns are a popular choice of religious music for funerals. There are dozens to choose from that can represent different tones, emotions, and experiences for a community. Funeral hymns can bring people comfort and joy at times of loss by bringing a community together to sing and be present t


How to Help a Grieving Friend

Comforting a grieving friend can feel stressful, awkward, and uncomfortable, especially if you’ve never experienced a loss yourself. It can be difficult to know what to say or what to do, but showing up and being there for them doesn’t have to be complicated. Here is some guidance on how to comfort

11+ Ideas for a Baby Memorial

Losing a baby is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. On top dealing with a terrible loss, parents are generally expected to plan a memorial, and most memorial resources are focused on adults. If you’ve recently lost a baby or infant, here are some ways you can memorialize your baby

12 Miscarriage Memorial Ideas

Even though as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage, miscarriages are often not spoken about or given a public event to experience grief (such as a funeral). This can leave parents unsure on how to process their loss and how to memorialize their miscarried baby. If you’re in need of misca


8 Pet Memorial Ideas

Pets are oftentimes irreplaceable companions to both families and individuals that can sometimes be overlooked after they pass away. We don't frequently have a large event surrounding the death of an animal, even if they are considered part of the family. Without this ritual, it can be difficult to

15 Sympathy Gift Ideas

When people think of a sympathy gift or a gesture of solidarity after someone has lost a loved one, their mind usually goes to flowers. Flowers are an incredibly popular sympathy gesture to mak

10 Cheap Funeral Flower Options + Alternatives

Finding affordable flower arrangements can be tricky, especially when looking for flowers for funerals. Funeral flower arrangements can typically cost between $80 - $200, more money than folks sometimes expect. You can avoid spending too much money on funeral floral arrangements while still sending


How to Write an Obituary for a Father

When it comes to writing obituaries, it can be hard to know where to start. Writing an obituary for your father can offer its own set of difficulties. Fathers play such important roles in their family’s lives -- how can you possibly sum all of that up in a few sentences? Here's where to start when

How to Write an Obituary for a Mother

When it comes to writing obituaries, it can be hard to know where to start. Writing an obituary for your mother can offer its own set of complications. How can you accurately sum up the impact your mother had on you and your family in the form of an obituary? What kind of information should you incl

How to Make a Pet Death Announcement

Losing a dog, cat, or any pet is never easy. It's not an easy subject to talk about with friends and family either - they may not know what to say when a pet dies or what an appropriate gesture is. You may also feel like people won't take the loss seriously since some people value their pet's compan


How to Handle Credit Card Accounts After a Death

Closing credit cards after someone dies is one of the many tasks you’ll be faced with as an executor or appointed representative of someone’s estate. Closing any open lines of credit and credit cards will help you wrap up important logistical tasks and prevent any unwanted payments from going throug

How to Cancel Someone’s Phone After a Death

Dealing with bills and accounts is one of the many things a family or executor has to handle after someone passes away. Phone companies don’t stop billing an account unless they're aware of the death, so it's important that you get in touch with them to notify them of the death and close the account

How to Report a Death to Credit Bureaus

After the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to think about anything else. At the same time, there are tasks that need to be taken care of and notifying credit bureaus of a death is one of the important ones. This article will discuss how to report a death to different credit bureaus and what


What Does a Death Doula Do?

Death doulas are death educators, guides and companions for the dying. They provide emotional support to death's family members during this difficult time. They also help with practical needs such as helping the dying person make their final wishes known, informing them of end-of-life options and ma

How to Become a Death Doula

Death doulas perform similar work to birth doulas, except it surrounds death and the dying process. This work can range from logistical tasks such as handling paperwork to more spiritual tasks that help the family and individual feel guided through the process. Ready to learn more about becoming a d

How to Become a Mortician

Morticians, also known as funeral directors, are professionals that work with the dead. They prepare bodies for burial or cremation, they help families with funeral arrangements and ceremonies and they also help families during the grieving process. Here's what to know when it comes to becoming a mo