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In memory of
Rebecca Ann Garcia
Photo of Rebecca Ann Garcia
1983 - 2019
Bloomington, CA, USA
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I feel like more people should know about this service. I really believe it is a great alternative to other crowdfunding sites, as it really focuses more on the loved one as opposed to just fundraising. We really felt like we were honoring Rebecca's memory and at the same time expressing there was an avenue to support the family financially for those who felt compelled to assist in that way.
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— Ralph Garcia
Rebecca's father

The easiest way to collect memorial donations


In addition to creating a memorial fundraising campaign, you can share an obituary, funeral details, photos and more — all on a single website.

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You can create a memorial donation campaign in minutes. Fundraisers are easy to share via email, Facebook and anywhere you can post a link.

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Ever Loved doesn't charge anything to raise money on our platform. Standard payment processing fees (2.9%+30¢) will still be deducted from donations.

Why set up an online memorial fund?

Memorial funds are a great way to help cover funeral expenses and other costs or raise money for a cause that was important to your loved one.

Memorial fundraising is becoming commonplace as a way for others to express their sympathy and make a gesture in memory of the deceased. A death in the family often causes financial hardship and unexpected expenses, and crowdfunding can help to relieve financial burdens.

Others prefer to suggest that their friends and family members make a charitable donation in lieu of sending flowers.

How to start a free memorial fund


Create a memorial website

Share basic information about the deceased. You can also choose to include an obituary, funeral details, photos, stories and more.


Choose your cause

Request donations from your community in lieu of flowers, and select either a personal cause (e.g. funeral expenses) or a charitable cause (e.g. American Cancer Society).


Start fundraising

Easily share the memorial website via email, Facebook and any other place where you can post a link. Others will be able to donate in minutes, and you'll be notified when they do.

Start a memorial fund

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