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In memory of
Jackson R Wise
Photo of Jackson R Wise
2001 - 2020
Piedmont, SC, USA
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Setting up one site where our family could post information about Jackson, his funeral arrangements, allow people to share photos and memories, and provide a place where people can give online to his Memorial Scholarship Fund was extremely helpful. It was so powerful to read the many wonderful tributes his fellow students, friends, and teachers posted. We could share a link to the web site from our social media so everyone had one place to go, regardless of what social media platform they preferred. We even exceeded our Memorial Scholarship Fund goal. Most importantly, the site was extremely easy to set up, very accessible, easy to change and update, and free.
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— Mark Wise
Jackson's father

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Now more than ever, friends and family are spread out around the country (and around the world). A memorial website makes it easy for you to get everyone the information they need and for everyone to participate in honoring a your loved one's life – whether it's attending a funeral service or just leaving a note for your family.

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