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Irish Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Irish funerals typically include a few rituals and beliefs but are unique in their sendoff of the deceased. They offer an opportunity for friends and family to come together in celebration of the life that has been lost. It is an integral part of Irish culture to honor the passing of someone close t

What are Calling Hours?

Terminology is a tricky thing when it comes to funerals and memorial services. You may have heard the term "calling hours," but you may not be sure what it is exactly. If you've been invited to attend calling hours, you may be unsure of what to expect. What are calling hours? Calling hours

What is a Funeral Visitation?

A funeral visitation is a time for family and friends to come together and remember the life of a loved one. It allows us to honor the life that was lived, pay respects to those gone, and show support for those left behind. It also offers an opportunity for comfort and closure in a difficult time. I

What is a Wake?

When it comes to funeral services, there are many different terms that can be confusing for those not familiar with them. One of these is the wake, an important part of many funeral services. What is a wake? A wake is typically held the day or night before the actual funeral service to give f

A Guide to Naming Beneficiaries

Naming a beneficiary is an important decision that can help provide for your family, your loved ones, or other causes you care about in the event of your death. Knowing the ins and outs of beneficiary designations is critical to ensure that your wishes are accurately and properly carried out and tha

Chinese Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Chinese funeral traditions have been carried down from generation to generation and still remain a part of modern society. Attending a Chinese funeral for the first time can be intimidating, but understanding the customs and etiquette can help make it less daunting. From traditional to modern practi

Korean Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

The Korean community is known for their unique funeral customs and beliefs, which are deeply rooted in their culture. This article explores the various rituals, customs, and beliefs related to death and funerals in Korean culture so that those attending a Korean funeral can be better informed and re

Japanese Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Japanese funerals are a special and important part of Japanese culture. Funerals are observed as a way to properly honor the life of the deceased, while providing comfort and closure for those left behind. Japanese funeral customs and traditions Japanese death rituals, traditions, and burial

Islamic Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

The Islamic faith has strong beliefs and traditions surrounding death, funerals, and burials. Understanding these customs can help you show respect and support to those of the Islamic faith who are facing a difficult time. Islamic death rituals and beliefs In the Islamic faith, death is see

Greek Orthodox Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Traditional Greek Orthodox funerals are an important part of the Greek Orthodox faith and culture. For those attending or planning a Greek Orthodox funeral for the first time, there are some key customs and practices one should be aware of. Greek Orthodox funerals typically consist of five sect

Sikh Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Sikhism is a world religion based on the teachings of gurus, and its funeral traditions draw from thousands of years of history. Given this deep history, funeral traditions in the Sikh religion are complex, but there is a general set of customs and beliefs that must be followed for ceremonies to tak

Mormon Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Mormon funerals are solemn and sacred services that honor the life of a loved one who has passed away. Mormon funeral rituals have been part of Mormon practices since its founding in 1830, and many traditions remain today. Whether you're attending a Mormon funeral for the first time or simply want t

Italian Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Italian funeral traditions reflect the strong bond between family and faith in Italian culture. Italians have a deep respect for death and traditions. From funeral attire to songs, there are many unique aspects that make up Italian funerals. What do Italians believe about death and dying? I

Vietnamese Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Death is an unavoidable part of life, and Vietnamese culture has its own customs, beliefs, and superstitions when it comes to death and funerals. Whether you're attending a Vietnamese funeral, organizing one, or just are curious about the customs, this article will provide an overview of Vietnamese

Puerto Rican Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Puerto Rican funeral traditions and customs are deeply rooted in the cultural beliefs of the island. These rituals have been passed down for generations and reflect a reverence for life, death and spirituality. Death is seen as a natural part of life that should be honored with respect and tradition