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35 Great Obituary Examples

Examples of touching obituaries

Obituaries take time and knowledge to write well, since you’re usually given a small amount of space and a large life to work with. With a memorial website, you’re given extra space, but you’re still tasked with delivering important information about the entirety of a life someone lived. This is no small feat and can feel like an overwhelming task. Reading through obituary samples can sometimes feel formulaic or cold and can be difficult to envision when filling in for someone you love. Below are some great obituary examples of well-written, well thought out obituaries that do a wonderful job at describing the person who passed away and highlighting what made them unique and special.

Before you get started, here’s an obituary sample that outlines the typical obituary format. When reading through the obituary examples, notice how the obituary format is still there in some form, but how many of these obituaries expand on information you’d find in a typical obituary and include additional information that describes the personality and unique life lived by that individual.

A standard obituary usually includes the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Age
  • Cause of death (if desired)
  • Educational history
  • Professional history
  • Personal relationships (spouses, children, etc.)
  • Hobbies
  • List of surviving family members
  • List of predeceased family members
  • Event information

A standard obituary template is formatted as follows:

[Full name], [age], of [place of residence], passed away on [date of death] after a [cause of death].

[First name] was born on [date of birth] to [parents] in [birthplace]. After [name] graduated from [name of high school] in [year], [he/she] went on to study [college major] at [college name].

After graduating with a degree in [field], [he/she] started [his/her] first job at [company name] as a [job title], kickstarting a [number] year career in [field].

In [year], [name] met [spouse’s name] at [location]. [Deceased’s name] and [spouse’s name] went on to have [number of children] children, [list of children’s names].

In [year], [first name] retired and spent [his/her] time [list favorite activities and hobbies].

[First name] was predeceased by [list of family members who have passed away]. [She/He] is survived by [list of family members who are still alive].

Services will be held at [location] on [date] at [time]. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to [cause], an organization [name] felt strongly about.

A standard obituary does not necessarily have to include all of that information, nor does it have to be organized as such, but that is the typical obituary format one would see. For more examples of obituaries, especially funeral obituary examples, read this article. For ideas and inspiration on customizing, tweaking, or improving upon this template, keep reading for some examples of excellent obituaries that have been posted on Ever Loved.

Standard obituary example

Writing a standard obituary that accurately and skillfully delivers biographical information, descriptions of personality and accomplishments, while being a pleasure to read is a difficult task. Obituaries can sometimes come across as a list of factual information that can overlook the life, personality, and impact one had on those around them.

Gaurav Dubey's obituary is an obituary detailing a passionate, ambition-filled, and accomplished life. Gaurav's obituary includes the standard references to his educational and professional history, but also features beautiful character description as well as references from others. The inclusion of quotes from Kimberley and Joël offer additional insight into the type of person Gaurav was and the type of life he led. Including quotes from friends, family, colleagues, or others is a great way to show the impact that one has on others and can diversify the language included in the obiatuary. Gaurav's obituary stands as a great example on how to paint the picture of a life in this form of writing. Visit Gaurav's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Gaurav's obituary below:

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of Gaurav Dubey, M.S. He was a bright spark in this world and will be deeply missed by many. Gaurav’s family was unprepared for this unexpected loss, as are we here at Microdose. He touched the lives of so many and it’s our turn to give back to his family in their time of need.

We are raising money to help cover the costs of the funeral and memorial services for Gaurav’s family. Any excess money will be donated directly to the family to support them through this tragedy.

Gaurav was born in Jamshedpur, India; and also called the city of Chicago home. He’s survived by his mother Sangita Dubey, father Prabhash Dubey, and younger brother Saurav Dubey. The funeral will take place in the Bahamas, where Gaurav was located at the time of his passing. There will be a prayer at Gaurav’s family home in Chicago in October, followed by a service at Iskom Temple on October 26, 2021. All are invited to join in this celebration of Gaurav’s life.

Gaurav Dubey was a dynamic clinical biologist, evidence-based branding professional and entrepreneur with a passion for scientific writing and traveling the world. He earned a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from the University of Miami in 2011 and his Master’s in Biotechnology from Rush University Medical Center in 2015. Gaurav was recently published as lead author in the world's leading transplant journal, The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, for a study investigating second-time lung re-transplantation.

He was passionate about psychedelic medicine and started as Senior Content Writer at Microdose in 2020, an opportunity he was very excited about. He was also the Founder & President of Karmik, LLC, an evidence-based branding firm for extraordinary life science brands.

The team at Microdose is hopeful that the incredible amount of amazing copy Gaurav has completed over the past year will be a lasting legacy and that his contributions can help change the lives of others. His efforts to explain and educate others on the science of psychedelics were incredible, and the results will live on for years to come.

Gaurav was a kind soul, never hesitating to throw himself into passion projects. One of his most recent pieces was a feature on how psychedelics can help the homeless. Here’s a link to Gaurav’s author’s page here at Microdose where you can find more of his work: https://microdose.buzz/news/author/gaurav-dubey/

“Gaurav was an unexpected character that appeared in my professional world and became a friend. He offered a level of optimism that was honest, heartfelt, and spilled over into all that he did. He saw the world as it was and despite the challenges that existed, he still looked towards beauty and wonder as a conscious choice. His work in the plant medicine world will be remembered and his contributions will be missed. May his short life here be one that advanced his soul so the next is simple and full of bliss.” - Kimberley Adams

“We lost a special one with Gaurav, he saw the magic in all things and was able to put words to it. His warm demeanor was infectious and his laugh, a comfort to the ear. His drop has rejoined the ocean, our dear traveler has returned home.” - Joël Brierre

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Anthony Gibbs Jr.'s obituary depicts a warm, friendly, and loving person who was generous with their time and their friendship. This obituary is excellent at showing the family connections of Anthony, his personality traits, and what people most remembered him for. It's important to include details on the way an individual impacted the lives of others and the type of person they were as it helps the reader identify with the individual and makes an obituary feel like a personal piece of an individual's history. Anthony's obituary accomplishes this without spending too much time in any one direction or area and is a wonderful tribute to his life. Visit Anthony's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Anthony Gibbs Jr, age 36, of Highland, IN passed away Saturday, October 2, 2021. He is survived by his children, Jade, Dakota, Alayna, Anthony III, Avery & Aiden; Wife, Theresa; Mother, Tammy Gibbs; Sister, Samantha(Michael) Welch; Nana, Bobette McCall; Niece & Nephew, Brooklyn & Ethan; Aunts, Tracey(Larry) Ward & Kim Fowler; Uncles, David(Deb) Gibbs, Wally(Carla) Gibbs & Fred Fowler; and numerous cousins. Preceding him in death was his father, Anthony Gibbs Sr; his brother Zachary; his grandparents, Sarah & Gray Gibbs; his grandfather, Fred Fowler Sr; and his uncle/fishing buddy, Steven Clarke.

Anthony grew up in Hammond where he attended Morton High School. He lived down south in TN for awhile where he could enjoy fishing with his kids and being a real hillbilly. Anthony was so much more than his struggles. He loved to cook, give tattoos, and spent hours practicing them on himself. He loved to play guitar just like his dad. He never knew a stranger and would always make you feel welcomed. He would do anything for a laugh and always enjoyed a good dare. Anyone that truly knew him, knew he had such a big heart. He’d give you anything even if it wasn’t his to give. He could make you laugh even when you were mad at him.

He loved fiercely and deeply and we take comfort in knowing that Anthony is now at peace surrounded by light.

Visitation will be held at Hillside Funeral Home, 8941 Kleinman Rd (one block south of Ridge Rd) Highland, IN 46322 on Friday, October 8, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm with service beginning at 5:15 pm. Burial will be directly at Elmwood Cemetery, 1413 E 169th St Hammond, IN 46324 on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 10:00 am.

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Joseph "Joe" Edward Hebert’s obituary is a perfect example of a well-written obituary that includes important biographical information, description of accomplishments, and wonderful windows into Joe’s personality and heart. Joe’s obituary references his success as a business owner, his hobbies, community involvement, and kind hearted and positive nature. His obituary is a great example of how to describe the life of someone while giving valuable insight to the type of person they were. Visit Joseph's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Joseph’s obituary below:

Joseph Edward Hebert, of El Segundo, CA, just 42 years old, died unexpectedly on April 28, 2021 from a heart condition. The family is deeply saddened by his sudden death. He was born on October 1, 1978, attended El Segundo High School, and lived in El Segundo most of his life.

Joe owned his own business, Box Professionals, Inc., where he packed and shipped fragile items, such as chandeliers, antiques, and auto parts from 2011 to present. Prior to opening his own business, he was a manager of a store connected with a chain that provided the same service.

He was a member of the Moose Lodge, loved hanging out with friends and family, kids, animals, and body building. He was musically inclined, played the guitar, was in a band now and then throughout his adult life, and wrote some of his own music.

Anyone who knew Joe was touched by his kindness, humor, and mild temperament. He was truly a peacemaker and was always a source of positivity.

He is survived by his mother, Jean Conley, and stepfather, Michael Conley, his older brother, Anthony, and sister, Carrie, as well as his extended family and an abundance of friends. We will all miss him more than words can say.

There will be a Celebration of Life held in his honor held at the Moose Lodge located in El Segundo on Saturday, June 26th at 4 PM.

Contributions in memory of Joseph can be made to the American Heart Association.

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Mrs. Cecilia "Yellow Bandit" Marie Austin's obituary is an excellent example of a thorough, well-written obituary that stands as a testament to Cecilia's full and accomplished life. Her passions, her multiple roles and positions, her career achievements are all referenced in a way that makes it interesting to read. It's difficult to write about someone's career in a way that engages the reader and makes one's hard work obvious, but Cecilia's obituary does just that. It is clear that she was incredibly talented and a woman of many hats. In addition to her expansive career, her presence both in her community and as a mother is described in detail. At the end of her obituary, you can even find a quote from Cecilia. Visit Cecilia's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Cecilia's obituary below:

Our beloved Cecilia Marie Austin passed away suddenly on Tuesday, July 6th at the age of 35. She was born in Omaha, NE to Cecil and Sheila Smith on May 15, 1986 and raised in Oakland, California. A graduate of Encinal High School in 2004, Cecilia was a cheerleader, a track star and honors student and an infectious spirit who then chased her dreams of a career in journalism and attended the University of Houston. While at the University of Houston, Cecilia spent her time as a staff writer for the Daily Cougar, a member of Phi Delta Alpha and as Treasurer of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). In 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. She most recently obtained a certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

A multifaceted maverick and Jill of all Trades, Austin was a Marketing Communications Specialist for Nalco Water, branded content writer for Blavity, public speaker, radio show host, documentary producer and had recently begun a job with Microsoft. In 2015, she launched her own creative imprint, Yellow Bandit Media & Publishing, a content house which served to educate and inspire upcoming writers, fellow creatives and more. Her name reached far and wide in articles and pages for Houston Style Magazine, AllHipHop, Atlanta Black Star, Day & A Dream, the Houston Press, Houston TREND, Shadow And Act and more where her focus lay where her heart was - on the community she loved, the people making a difference and those shaping the lives of the future.

She is survived by her loving husband, Jermaine and was a doting and loving stepmother to three daughters: Maia, Meyah and Jaidah as well as two sons, Jermaine Jr. and Jakobe, niece to her uncle Melvin Lovelace and aunt Gloria Lovelace, sister to her brother Cecil Smith Jr. (Kim Smith) and a connector to numerous cousins, family and friends who fought for her and loved her for who she was.

She is preceded in death by her maternal grandmother Martha Lovelace, her mother Sheila Smith and father Cecil Smith Sr. Her smile and determination to see any obstacle through will be greatly missed.

“Either find a way, or make one.” - Cecilia Marie Austin.

A vigil will be held on Sunday, July 11th 7pm-9pm at Community Park- 1700 Glenn Lakes Ln Missouri City 77459. Balloons and candles will be provided, but limited. Guests are welcome to bring their own. The family asks that you wear yellow or a hint of. An official ceremony will be held on Wednesday, July 14th. In lieu of flowers, please contribute to the memorial fund which will be used to assist with unexpected expenses and to establish a scholarship award for aspiring journalists.

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Jesse Charles Ray's obituary stands as an additional example of a well-written and full obituary. Jesse's obituary paints a detailed picture of his life while coming across as a life story rather than as a general statement of facts. Included in Jesse's obituary is a beautiful description of the type of person Jesse was, his future plans, his passions, and even a beautiful quote from an unknown author. It's clear from Jesse's obituary that he was a treasured and cared for person by his friends, family, and coworkers. Visit Jesse's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Jesse's obituary below:

Jesse Charles Ray, name meaning a gift of God, was born to Evelyn Lynn Jackson and Christopher Francis Ray on October 18th, 1982, in Redding, Ca. He was perfect. He was and always will be immensely treasured.

Jesse was raised by both his parents, spending time in Redding with his mother and sister and then up in Shingletown with his father, Stepmom, and five siblings.

On July 27th, 2021, God decided that he needed Jesse and therefore he passed away without warning. Jesse’s death has left all his family, friends and all that had the blessing of knowing him in absolute turmoil. Jesse had planned to propose and marry his best friend and girlfriend, Jacquie Simao. He had plans to travel to Ireland. He wanted another child, had plans to attend concerts, to ride his motorcycle to his heart's content, to make the pergola he built from the ground up even more amazing for his family, and so many hopes, dreams, and goals for his life.

Jesse poured his heart and soul into his work and all the people Jesse worked with absolutely admired him. There truly wasn’t anything that Jesse couldn’t do, he was a genius. Jesse touched everybody’s lives and made it a point to make all those he encountered feel so important and special. He showed up when it mattered, had your back, gave to those in need, and would defend and stand up for his loved ones should the need for it arise. He kept us safe.

Jesse is survived by his grandmother Joan Claire Stritzel, his Father Christopher Francis Ray, Mother Evelyn Lynn Jackson, Sisters Jamie Ray Brooks and Erin Dawn Sollars, Brothers James William Clary, Christopher Daniel Ray Jr, and Christopher Lawrence Michael Ray Jr II. His son and only child Isaac Alexander Jackson (Ray) as well as his aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and his beloved cat Bella.

“You never said I’m leaving, you never said goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knew why. A million times we needed you, a million times we cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place that no one could ever fill. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone. For part of us went with you, the day God took you home.” Author Unknown.

A special thanks to Jesse’s mother and girlfriend Jacquie’s place of work, Copper Ridge who helped make Jesse’s cremation possible, his father Chris Ray and all of Jesse’s loving family and friends for your support and contributions during this difficult and tragic time. All your donations will go towards Jesse’s memorial, celebration of life and tombstone.

Written by Jesse’s sister Jamie Ray Brooks.

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Obituary examples for mothers

It’s incredibly difficult to sum up the impact and influence a mother has on those around her, especially in the form of an obituary.

Donna Zamora's obituary is a beautifully written tribute to a loved and cared for poet, mother, grandmother, friend and wife. This obituary includes reference to her poetic talent, her adoration for her husband and her family, and some of the accomplishments that made Donna unique and talented. Description of her character, inclusion of some remarks she made, and call outs of her go-to hit recipes make this obituary a pleasure to read, leaving the reader with a sense of warmth.Visit Donna's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Donna's obituary below:

Words overflow like a fount for our Donna, wife, mother, grandmother-“Great” and friend who lived a beautifully poetic life from start to end. Donna shared an amazing legacy with “her Tony” reaching the rare height of 71 years of love, laughter and tears. She proudly corrected everyone she met with, “I’m Mrs. Tony Zamora” and that was truer than true day and night for them it was as they say, “Love at first sight”.

Donna met Tony in 1950 at Sacred Heart Academy where he was President of the class and she was Secretary. She was a published, award-winning poet who loved writing and had a special way of sharing poetry from Blessings, eyesight, beloved trees and the most special, her GM Man Tony Z.

Donna loved to travel to Canada and Alaska on tours. She was thoughtful and kind always calling to check on you and yours. We were grateful and blessed to know of her love and love her back. Her perfect recitation of poetry came through like a train’s rhythm and rhyme for all occasions on time and on track. She spoke fluent Spanish and a little German too. She always got the job done and could fight a good fight for YOU.

Donna was asked one time, “Do you work?” She said, “No, I just stay home and take care of my kids.” She loved her Tony and family the most! Her homemade goodies- potato soup, pralines, crepes, banana pudding—she could boast! And always enjoyed a good party to dress for or host!

If you’d like to focus the obituary on your mother’s strength as a mom, her impact on those around her, and her love for the family, Jeanette Nicole Atencio’s obituary is a wonderful example of just that. Jeanette’s obituary includes examples of her talent in life, referencing her love for writing, baking, and the impact she had on those around her. Near the end of the obituary, it states that Jeanette was a terrific mother to her children. These are all wonderful traits to include an obituary for a mother. Visit Jeanette's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Jeanette Nicole Atencio gained her angel wings on May 30th, 2021 at her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. Jeanette was 28 years old.

Jeanette's life would seem too short to many, but those of us who were Blessed to be touched by her understand that her existence and the imprint she left on our hearts exceed the quantity of time that she stayed here.

Jeanette was talented in so many aspects of her life. She was a genius with words and writing even though she never pursued that path. Many have seen her posts on Facebook. Jeanette was also an amazing baker. Aside from that, Jeanette enjoyed making TikTok videos and playing games on her phone, arts and crafts, and cuddling on the couch watching movies. Most importantly Jeanette was a terrific mom. Her children were her life. There was never a day that went by she didn't brag about all four of her beautiful babies. Jeanette is survived by her loving fiancé, (her Thunderbuddy), Ashley Conner, of Louisville, KY, her four children, Connor McCaa, (10), Aubrey Atencio, (6), Abigail Atencio, (5), and Mazikeen Harris, (17 months), all of New Mexico, her amazing mammaw and pappaw, Merv and Diane Reichle of Booneville, KY, her mother Julie Toan, of Booneville, KY, her father, Bubba Rice, of Indiana, a brother, Austin Reichle from Indiana, and a sister, Brittany Rice from Louisville. Also a special nephew, (her hubby), Andrew as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

There will be a service at a date to be determined in Booneville, KY. For donations, please contact Newcomers Funeral, Cremations, and Receptions located at 10304 Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY. There is also a go fund me page for Jeanette's children.

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Wendy Elizabeth Halliman's obituary is a well written example of an incredibly varied and multi-faceted life that at first glance seems difficult to sum up in a few paragraphs, but is beautifully parsed out. Wendy's obituary is a perfect example of focusing on the important aspects of one's life and providing that information in a format that's enjoyable and interesting to read. Wendy's love for her community, her animals, and her husband Dan, who preceded her in death only four days prior, comes through in this obituary in full force. The partnership between Wendy and Dan is particularly evident here; you'll want to read Dan's obituary as well if you're interested in learning more about the beautiful lives these two shared. Visit Wendy's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Wendy's obituary below:

Wendy Elizabeth Wershoven-Halliman, aged 55, passed away on August 2, 2021 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Wendy was born on January 26, 1966 in Syracuse, NY to Norene Stocum-Barlow, then adopted in Buffalo, NY and raised by Karl and Marilyn Wershoven. She married Daniel Halliman in September 1985 and had daughters Liana and Kristina. She and Dan spent the remainder of their lives together, with Dan preceding her in death only 4 days before.

Wendy was a fierce woman – holding fast to her beliefs, defending those she loved, and always seeking to better herself. She was an ordained minister in the Wiccan faith through the All Saints Chapel of Faith Church - Black Forest Seminary. She performed many handfastings, alongside Dan, and offered wisdom from her life experiences. Wendy had 5+ years in addiction recovery and was very active in the recovery community in the Port Orange area – guiding others through the process and offering her support. She had grown so much in recent years and it truly is a tragedy she will not be able to share her gifts with the world any longer.

She had a deep love for animals, from her “pandemic” Pomeranian puppies to Popeye and Millie, the macaws at the pet store she worked at for many years, to the countless fawns she rehabilitated. Wendy also enjoyed growing her witchy skills through Tarot and spellwork.

Wendy is survived by her daughters, Kristina and Liana Halliman, brother Gregory Wershoven, sister Heather Barlow, and sister Krista Barlow, as well as 5 nieces and 1 nephew. In addition to her surviving kin, she and Dan shared their love and opened their home to so many. Though she and Dan did not spend the majority of their lives in Florida, they formed some of their closest "chosen" family ties there, notably Jordan, Matt, Cassie, Frank, and AJ. We acknowledge Dan and Wendy touched so many lives and acted as father, mother, brother, sister, or beloved friend for a plethora in Western New York, Florida, and across the country.

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Obituary examples for fathers

Similarly to obituaries focused around being a mother, obituaries focused around being a father are great at describing the importance that being a father had on the individual who passed away. Summing up the impact that a father has on those around him and his children is difficult, but can be accomplished through thoughtful and authentic writing.

Douglas Kent Trusty's obituary features the story of a person who found their passion early in life. Douglas's obituary is one that provides the perfect amount of details and focuses on the hobbies and passion of someone dedicated to their career. In addition to this focus, Douglas's life as a family man and someone committed to their faith helps illustrate the type of person Douglas was. This is an excellent example in calling out the aspects of a life that make one unique. Visit Douglas's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Douglas's full obituary below:

Douglas Kent Trusty, age 80, son of Mildred and Daniel Trusty, was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa on November 13, 1940. He passed away on November 3, 2021, at the Hospice of North Idaho in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

At a young age, Douglas developed a fascination and love for radio which lasted his whole life. After graduating from Fort Dodge Senior High in 1958, he went on to attend and graduate from DeVry Technical Institute in 1960, Fort Dodge Community College in 1962, and Chapman University with a Bachelors’s degree in Electronics in 1982. Doug’s education and love for radio and electronics took him all over the United States. One of his career highlights was broadcasting a tornado live on TV from KQTV in Iowa. From 1971 to 1994 Doug worked at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport, Washington. There he was assigned to develop and complete technical courses covering schematics and explaining the performance and operation of complex weapon systems, such as the Mark 48 Torpedo. He traveled to teach courses at naval facilities in Los Angeles, San Diego, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. He was consistently commended for training performances on every occasion. Doug was a HAM radio operator, and his most recent call sign was W7CWA. He enjoyed restoring antique radios. After retirement, he attended HAM radio swap meets where he sold Vacuum tubes and other electronics parts as a hobby business. In his personal as well as professional life he was known for being diligent, organized, conscientious, and a perfectionist.

Douglas worked at Boeing for a short time in 1962. While there, he met his wife Dorathy at a party in Seattle. They married at Scandia Bible Church on May 25, 1963. They had three children together: Stuart in Iowa (1965), Serena in Nevada (1968), and Cory in Washington (1976). In 1993, Doug, Dorathy, Serena, and Cory met Dorathy’s daughter Kay, who also joined the family.

Doug belonged to Anchor of Hope Church in Silverdale. He loved to read the Bible, and had a strong faith in God. He loved helping people whether chopping and giving wood to neighbors, helping his kids or grandkids with math, or giving extra attention to students who were struggling. He was a loving husband and parent who often showed his love by gift-giving. He had a goofy sense of humor, and he was very interested in the lives of his grandkids. He cherished his time with his brothers.

He is survived by four children: Stuart Trusty, Serena Hendricks, Cory Trusty, and Kay Gell. His younger brother is Charles Trusty of Colorado, and his older brother is Ronald Trusty of Maryland. His loving grandchildren are Nicholas Ward, Christopher Ward, Grace Hendricks, Sonja Hendricks, Moira Johnson, Tessa Johnson, Bhakti Saraswati Trusty, and Vedant Krishna Trusty. His great-granddaughter is Bailey Ward. He was preceded in death by his wife Dorathy.

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Dr. David Ramsey Waters' obituary is a wonderfully rich and full story of his life, told in the form of an obituary. Beautiful details are included in this obituary (such as multiple references to his dogs, Cisco and Wag, a heartwarming description of David as a child, and what drove him throughout his life) which are sometimes missing from obituaries that help humanize them and share the story of a great life. These kinds of details make Dr. David Waters' obituary a pleasure to read and a great example of including the aspects of one's life that made them unique and special. Visit Dr. Waters' memorial website to learn more about his life.

Dr. David Ramsey Waters, 75, of Cisco, Texas, passed away on September 6, 2021 after a battle with COVID-19. David was born on November 24, 1945 to Theodore Edwin Waters and Wilma Christine Waters in Gilmer, Texas. After graduating from Cisco High School in 1965, he joined the US Navy and became a Navy Corpsman. He was, eventually, stationed at a hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. It was in Japan where he met his first spouse, Donna Richman and mother of his first two children, Jasson Waters and Christina Rowland. He went on to study Chiropractic Medicine at the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. After graduation, he opened his first practice, Waters Chiropractic, in Muskogee, Oklahoma and served the community for over 20 years. In 1997 he met his second spouse Bibiana Guerra Waters from Michigan and wed in 1998 going on to have one child, Elena Grace Waters and a dog named Cisco. In 2017, Bibiana was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though separated at the time, he never hesitated to take her under his wing and care for her as best he could. He supported her in every way possible until her last day. David was a force of nature, determined to provide for his family and give them the life he felt they deserved. His family meant more to him than anything else in the world, something he often mentioned. He was unendingly proud of Jasson, Christina, Elena and grandson Kristian and always tried his best to support them.

David was a very curious child, which often got him and his dog, Wag, into trouble. Especially with his older brother and sister. Something he never outgrew. He often noted that he was always a little different than those around him. He was interested in things most people didn't care or know about. In high school, you could find him out on a date, playing football, or at the local hospital watching surgeries. His interests and talents were vast and varied. He was always reading and learning new things. One week he was reading about mitochondria and the next he was building a tiny house. He never stopped looking for the answers to health's most asked questions. This is what made him a great doctor. He was a healer, writer, artist, and tinkered with anything that was of interest to him. He made many friends along the way, he was just the kind of person who drew people in. He never lost his childlike spirit and love for life. Anyone who knew David knew that he was the most loving father a family could ask for and the friend you could always count on.

David was predeceased by his parents Theodore and Wilma, spouse Bibiana, Uncle Junior and his childhood dog, Wag, in whom he always cherished. He is survived by siblings Buddy Waters and his spouse Linda Waters, Diana Fraley and her son Mike Fraley. His children Jasson Waters, Christina and David Rowland and grandson Kristian Waters, Elena Waters and Mitch Uppman. And his dog, Jack. The family requests in lieu of flowers contributions may be donated to:


This is a small local foundation helping our Veterans today.

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Ronald Bessner's obituary is a great example of an obituary that shares important and illuminating biographical information, illustrating the incredibly full and accomplished life that he lived. It's also a great example of how obituaries, which started out as a simple notification that someone has passed, have evolved into being a story of someone's life. It's important to keep this record of the accomplishments, hobbies, relationships, occupations, and everything else that makes a person, a person and Ronald's well-written obituary excels at just that. Visit Ronald's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Ronald's obituary below:

Ronald Jerome Bessner was born on September 30, 1936, to Herman and Jeannette Bessner of Lake Linden, Michigan. "Ronnie," whose namesakes were Ronald Coleman, the actor, and St. Jerome, patron saint of librarians, spent his childhood in Lake Linden, in a small house on G Street, with his parents, five brothers (Harold, Raymond, Kenneth, Robert and Francis) and three sisters (Barbara, Beverly, and Sharon). Ronald attended church and school at Saint Joseph catholic church. Ronald never enjoyed the bitterly cold Upper Peninsula winters and dreamed of warmer climes.

At 15, Ronald misrepresented his age to enlist in the Michigan National Guard, serving one year. Ronald loved the military and always intended to make it his career. At 16, Ronald convinced his parents to sign a waiver that would allow him to enlist in the United States Navy. On the day the recruiter came to the Bessner house to complete the enlistment paperwork, Ronald's mother had a change of heart; she could not in good conscience allow her son to join the military at such a young age. Disappointed, yet committed, Ronald swore that he would enlist at the earliest opportunity. True to his word, on his 18th birthday, Ronald left home and hitchhiked to Duluth, Minnesota, where he intended--again--to enlist in the navy. The navy recruitment office was unfortunately closed, so Ronald went next door, to the air force recruiter. Never afraid to make a snap decision, Ronald enlisted in the United States Air Force, and for the next two decades, travelled the world, serving at bases throughout the United States and the world. His least favorite tour of duty was in the northern Canadian province of Labrador, where he said the showers were always cold, there was neither booze nor women, and teeming mosquitoes so blood-thirsty they could render a man unconscious. Ronald enjoyed his billet in Germany. His barracks in Neu Elm was the starting point of journeys to numerous other countries, where Ronald became intimately familiar with the peoples and cultures of Europe. But Ronald had an especial fondness for the Orient, serving in Okinawa, Japan, Vietnam, and the People's Republic of China (Taiwan). Ronald volunteered for duty in Vietnam, and served from1967 to 1968, at the height of the conflict there. He always modestly claimed that he was never in any "real danger," but he did come under enemy fire on one occasion. One of Ronald's favorite postings was in Taiwan, where he met and married his first wife, Lisa Lin. That marriage produced two sons, Michael and Mark. In 1975, with orders to report to Turkey without dependents, Ronald chose family over the military; after more than 20 years of service and having attained the rank of Technical Sergeant, Ronald reluctantly retired from the U.S. Air Force.

Ronald moved his family to Austin, Texas, a city he had fallen in love with years earlier, and whose winters were laughably mild compared to those of his childhood. In 1978, Ronald divorced but retained custody of his two young boys. Ronald tried his hand at several professions before finding work as a warehouse supervisor at Texas Instruments. In 1980, Ronald began dating Debbie Chang. Ronald often referred to their relationship as "the greatest thing to ever happen to me." Ronald and Debbie married in 1982 and moved a few miles north to the then-sleepy suburb of Round Rock, Texas. Ronald and Debbie's marriage produced Kimberly, the baby of the family. In 1994, Ronald retired from Texas Instruments after 17 years of service. Ronald worked for several more years, first at Wayne Dresser Industries, and then at Walmart, before fully retiring in 1999.

In his retirement, Ronald enjoyed reading (he was a devoted library patron and voracious consumer of books), listening to music (he was fondest of jazz, the dominant genre of his adolescence, and had a large collection of LPs), and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Ronald passed away on May 30, at the age of 84, holding the hand of his son, Michael. Ronald is survived by his devoted wife of 38 years, Debbie Bessner; sons, Michael Bessner (Toni) and Mark Bessner (Sarah Sutherland); daughter, Kimberly Quaranta (Steven); stepdaughter, Saundra Finley (Doyle); stepson, Don Robertson, Jr. (Brandy); and grandchildren, Ruben Mercado, Matthew Finley, Mackenzie Bessner, Brodie Bessner, Braxton Quaranta, Asher Quaranta, and Samantha Bessner. Ronald was predeceased by his parents, Herman and Jeanette Bessner; and brothers, Harold, Raymond, Kenneth, and Robert.

"When my old man grinned, nobody could help but grin too." -- Ernest Hemingway, "My Old Man"

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Lewis Richard Weiss's obituary, written by his daughter Rachele, is a rich example of a full, detailed, and loving obituary. The relationships Rachele describes in the obituary make it so that Lewis's impact on his family and friends is incredibly clear. It's possible to imagine the various places, passions, and hobbies Lewis explored and delve into throughout his life. Additionally, there's information about Lewis's diagnosis of Parkinson's and how he was able to live with positivity, daily, despite the diagnosis. This story of adventure, bravery, determination, strength, and love, is an excellent example of how to write an obituary for an individual with a well-lived life. Visit Lewis's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Lewis's obituary below:

Lewis Richard Weiss, 70, of Santa Cruz, CA, passed away peacefully on July 20, 2021 with his children lovingly by his side. Lewis was born on September 4, 1950 to Daniel and Ruth Weiss in Long Beach, NY. This is where his true love for the water all began. He grew up playing, swimming and surfing in Long Beach. He served as a city lifeguard there from 1968-1973, working his last years on Franklin Blvd Beach. He was so proud to have been a part of such a wonderful organization and group of people. After graduating from Long Beach High School in 1968 he went on to study business at Central Connecticut State College. After graduating in 1972 he met Linda, they married and moved to California in the fall of 1973. They started out in Sunnyvale where Lewis began his career in electronic sales in Silicon Valley’s early years. For the next forty years he was an electronic sales rep serving the semiconductor industry. He was a part of the creation of a machine that tested semiconductors and then went on to run his own successful electronics sales company. In addition to his career he loved to explore ideas of new inventions and even developed a few prototypes based on his ideas. He was an extremely hard worker, dedicated and determined to provide for his family and give them the life they deserved. Three years after moving to California he and Linda had their first daughter, Rachele, and moved to Santa Cruz. Over the next ten years they had three more children, Andrew, Joshua and Hillary, to make their family complete. His family meant more to him than anything else in the world and he was unendingly proud of his four children. He made sure that each one had every opportunity available to them and he was very proud of that as well.

Lewis was a true waterman. His love for all water activities ran deep. He was a lifelong longboard surfer. He was passionate about surfing, sailing, white water rafting and swimming. He was a member of the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara (now the Bay Club) where he would swim for exercise and participate in swimming competitions. For the last 20 years he was a member of In-Shape Health Club in Capitola where he would swim several times a week and became a part of a wonderful group of friends. He believed in healthy living and daily exercising. While raising his family he bought a ski boat. They spent many summers at Lake Tulloch together with friends and family, water skiing, tubing and knee boarding. Other summers were spent on the East Coast visiting family, life long friends, spending time on the beach and swimming in the ocean in Long Beach, NY. Lewis also loved snow skiing in Lake Tahoe in the wintertime. During the early years of his retirement he served with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 67 in Santa Cruz.

Lewis loved music, especially classic rock. You could often hear him singing a song he had heard that day on the radio or just turning his own words into a song. In his last few years of life he had learned to play the harmonica.

Lewis lived with Parkinson’s disease for the last twelve years of his life. He battled the disease with the most amazing grace, bravery and strength. He lived everyday with positivity and determination not to let the disease keep him from doing the things he loved.

Everyone who knew Lewis knew that he was an extremely kind, loving, gentle and peaceful person, and that he loved his family very much. He is survived by his daughter Rachele of Santa Cruz, CA, son Andrew of Santa Cruz, CA, son Joshua of Saratoga, CA and daughter Hillary of Meadow Vista, CA; and grandchildren Tyler, Brady, Cameron, Zac and Abigail. Lewis also leaves behind brothers, Sydney of Scotts Valley, CA, and Marvin of Long Beach, NY, sisters Charlotte of Coram, NY, and Sharyn of Lake Ariel, PA, brother in law, Ronald of Long Beach, NY, and 13 nieces and nephews. He will forever be in their hearts and missed very much everyday.

Lewis was preceded in death by his parents Daniel and Ruth and sister Babette.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research or the Parkinson’s Foundation. There will be a memorial/celebration of life on Saturday September 18th at 2:00pm.

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Christopher Mark Wood's obituary does an excellent job at detailing an accomplished and incredibly full life. Christopher's various career paths and accomplishments are outlined in just enough detail to illustrate the many successes Christopher experienced in his lifetime. In addition to this, Christopher's passions and hobbies are also included, something that's often overlooked in obituaries. It's clear he was a man of many talents and avenues, many of which had a positive impact on the community around him. Visit Christopher's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Christopher's obituary below:

Christopher Mark Wood, 64, beloved father and husband, went home to be with the Lord on August 20, 2021. He was born in Coral Gables, Florida to the late Rex and Virginia Wood.

Chris is survived by his wife of 38 years, Valerie, son Caleb and wife Taylor, and daughter Amelia-Faith. Sister, Lucinda (Cindy) and husband Gary Whitehead, and step-father John Koolman, and step-mother Liz Marckel.

Growing up in a military family, Chris moved extensively and has resided in Florida, California, Alabama, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and even England. He graduated from Logan Elm High School, Circleville, Ohio. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina, and advanced degrees from Regent University, including Juris Doctorate, and Master of Arts, Cinema & Television.

He served as Ashville, Ohio Chief of Police from 1978-81, and later practiced law for 20 years in Laurinburg, North Carolina. There, he served on numerous committees including Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, Teen Court, Encore! Community Theater, 4-H, Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center of Scotland County, and North Carolina Horse Council.

He was also an avid martial artist, practicing since the ‘70s, and was ‘sensei’ to many for over 35 years. Chris was a passionate teacher and participant in the fine arts and community theater since his childhood. The last six-and-a-half years, he resided in his log home with wife Valerie in Knoxville, Tennessee. While in Tennessee, he became a realtor and taught New Member Orientation and Anti-Trust Classes and was head of the Helping Hands Committee at the Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors.

His greatest joys were his family whom he loved spending time with, his menagerie of dogs, cats, horses and a miniature donkey, and his Savior Jesus Christ.

A service to celebrate his life will be held Monday, August 23rd at 6:00pm at McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home in Maryville, Tennessee. Visitation preceding from 4:00pm-6:00pm.

In Lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution through the link below to help with Funeral and Medical Expenses.


Chris’ favorite Bible verse and dojo creed:

“...but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings like eagles;

they shall run and not be weary;

they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 40:31 (ESV)

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Mr. Alford "Maas Alford" Joshua Wynter’s obituary does an excellent job at describing his passion for providing a wonderful life for his family, his tenacity and fierce work ethic, and his love for his role as a father. From Alford’s obituary, it’s clear that he was an incredibly hard worker with a drive to build a life for his family. He and his wife Hyacinth had seven children and it’s clear that his children and his grandchildren brought much joy, love, and fulfillment to his life. Visit Alford's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Alford’s obituary below:

Alford Joshua Wynter, 89, of Pusey District, Point Hill, passed away peacefully on April 1, 2021 after spending a few days in the hospital.

Born in Pusey District, Point Hill to Icilda Newell & Joseph Wynter, Alford Wynter, a Shoemaker by profession, tragically lost his mom at the tender age of 3 years old, and was grown by his Father. Alford was fiercely passionate about making a better life from the start and dedicated his life to both his pursuit of traveling as a Farm Worker and providing for his family. He was also a worker at the Worthy Park Sugar Estate.

In 1955, Alford met his wife, Hyacinth Wynter and went on to have seven children. Alford put family first, always, and was a dedicated father, grandfather and husband. His children & grandchildren tried to shower him with as much love after the passing of his wife Hyacinth in 2010, in order to keep up his strength after losing his soulmate. Alford was also a Jack of All trades around his home.

After he stopped traveling as a Farm Worker, Alford mainly concentrated on his own farm lands, to cultivate and occupy his time. His hobby of going to his various plots of land to farm was discouraged and discontinued by his children after it was considered unsafe for him to continue doing so by himself.

Alford was a strong, kind, loving, and supportive father. His knowledge and guidance was the foundation of his family.

Alford was also a passionate babysitter of his great-grandchildren, especially Jayden, Kay-Kay and Kali and an enthusiastic giver. He spent most of his retirement basking in the joys of having his grand & great-grandchildren around him.

Alford was predeceased by his wife Hyacinth Wynter and leaves behind 7 Children: Edwin, Ida, Rudolph, Sonia, Joylyn, Janet & Shernette, daughters-in-law, & sons-in-law; 18 Grandchildren; & 18 Great-grandchildren. No services will be held, only his burial at the family plot in Pusey District, Point Hill St. Catherine, Jamaica on May 21, 2021. The family requests donations in Lieu of floral tributes be sent in aid of a fundraiser to sponsor an Early Childhood Institution in the Point Hill Community in honour of Alford Wynter's memory. Forever Loved, Forever Missed, & Forever in our Hearts!

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Another great example of an obituary centered around the role of fatherhood is Brent Haine’s obituary. Brent’s obituary includes important biographical information that helps set the stage as to the type of person he was: successful, fun to be around, and a dedicated and loving father. These bits of biographical information intertwined with aspects of his personality do a great job at painting a picture in the minds of readers as to the type of person he was. It also does an excellent job at pointing to his success as a father and his determination to provide for his family. Visit Brent's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Brent’s obituary below:

Brent Haines, 54, of San Clemente, passed away on May 13 after a long and valiant battle with cancer.

Brent was born on July 23, 1966 in Lynwood, CA. After graduating from Edison High School in 1985, he went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from San Diego State University.

After graduation, he landed his first job as a Sales Representative for the San Diego Padres for 3 years. He then joined One Call Medical, where he remained a devoted employee for more than 25 years. Throughout his career, he formed many successful relationships and left a lasting impact on everyone he worked with.

In 1997, he met his beloved wife Amy, and they wed in 2000. In 2004, Brent and Amy were blessed with the birth of their lovely daughter, Lindsey Madeline.

Brent was a force of nature, determined to provide for his family and give them the life they deserved. His family meant more to him than anything else in the world, something he proudly and often mentioned. He was endlessly proud of Lindsey, always supporting her as she developed her tremendous talent in golf and guitar.

Brent was also a passionate world traveler, skier, karaoke singer, block party planner and college sports fan. He could often be found with Amy at a sports bar rooting for her alma maters (University of Florida and University of North Carolina) and, of course, his own San Diego State.

Anyone who knew Brent knew that he was the most loving father and husband a family could ask for. Brent was predeceased by brother-in-law James Hays and stepfather Donald Johnson. He is survived by his loving wife Amy, daughter Lindsey, parents Patricia Johnson and George Haines, sister Heather, niece Renee, half-brother Josh, uncles, aunts, cousins, and numerous friends who were his extended family.

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Alex Fuch’s obituary is another example of a well-written and heartwarming obituary that describes the importance of his children and family. Alex’s obituary also includes a description of his kind and friendly disposition, his talent in making strangers feel like they’re family, and his love for local sports. From this obituary, it’s easily gleaned that Alex was a family man who gained immense joy in being a father to his children. Visit Alex's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Alex’s obituary below:

Alex P. Fuchs, 53, of San Diego passed away suddenly on May 15, 2021 from heart complications. This loss was completely unexpected leaving family and friends shocked and deeply saddened. He will be truly missed in so many ways.

Alex was born in 1968 to Paul and Chieko Fuchs in Los Angeles, CA and soon after they moved to Hacienda Heights, CA. He attended Wilson High School and was passionate about soccer, golf, socializing, and dancing. After graduating high school, he attended San Diego State University, where he earned his degree in 1991. Alex has been in San Diego ever since.

Alex was a loving and dedicated father to his two beautiful daughters, Mya (16) and Sofie (14). They were the center beam of his life and he gave everything a father could give. Alex is survived by his two daughters as well as his mother Chieko, father Paul, and ex-wife Cathy.

Alex also loved sports and live music. He embraced all the local sports teams and was a dedicated fan of the Padres, Chargers, and San Diego State Aztecs. For live music, Alex sought out his favorite bands from the 80’s all the way to modern rock. It would be common for Alex to travel near and far to meet up with friends to watch these bands play.

Alex had a gift of making everyone feel like family. He constantly made it a point to check in on people and was always a source of positivity. His friends describe Alex as nothing but kind, loving, caring, warm, awesome, and wonderful. But really, he will be missed more than words can say.

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Barry Bradford's obituary stands as an additional example of an obituary that exemplifies the life of someone who loved and cherished being a father. Barry's parenting style and love of fatherhood emanates from this obituary, with references to him cheering his family on and supporting them through their passions and goals in life. You can see the impact Barry had on his family, the love his family had for him, and the community that was established as a part of Barry's presence and connection with others described beautifully in this obituary. Visit Barry's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Barry's obituary below:

As of July 4th, 2021, Barry Keith Bradford, of Pilot Point, TX, passed away after his brief yet hard fought battle with Colon Cancer.

Born in Denton, Texas, raised in Pilot Point, to YO and Linda Bradford, Barry grew up as a quiet country boy on a turkey farm with his parents and three sisters with a strong work ethic that he carried with him through his life.

After he graduated from Pilot Point High School in 1981, he started bowling, which gave him a love for the sport. As the years went on, he came across a new passion. Evelyn. During 1985, Barry met Evelyn and went on to have two children, Bradley and Cynthia. Barry always put his family first as a dedicated father who taught his kids to share the same love for the sport of bowling that they still carry on with today. His love for fishing and enthusiasm for metal detecting will also be carried on by his children and grandchildren.

Barry was a strong, kind, loving, and supportive father. He was his family's biggest cheerleader in any activity that they were involved in. From pushing his wife to go through the Denton County Sheriff's Office Police Academy, to his son and daughter wanting to do 100 and one things growing up. Barry could be found on the sidelines, in the stands or wherever his children needed him to be in their times of need.

Barry was predeceased by parents, YO and Linda, his sister, Sandra, father in law, Frank Singdahlsen. Barry leaves behind his wife, Evelyn of 34 years, son, Bradley, and daughter, Cynthia. Not to forget his daughter in law, Audrey, two adoring granddaughter, Kana and Zaria, along with his two sisters, Lisa Carter and Mary Simmons, mother in law, Armenta Singdahlsen, two sister in laws, Loretta Gruenes and Signe Singdahlsen, 7 nieces and nephews, 8 great-nieces and nephews, along with countless "extra" children that were his children's friends that he treated like his own. No services will be held at this time and the family requests no flowers. If you would like to donate to help with the cost of past medical bills, funeral plans, and future bills, or show your support for our family, please visit our memorial website.

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Anthony Zenk's obituary is a perfect example of an obituary that includes relevant and important biographical information as well as key parts of his personality and character in an easy to read format. Some obituaries can feel lengthy and too full of information that can sometimes feel overwhelming, while others forget to include traits that highlighted the person's character. Anthony's obituary is an excellent blend of the two and is followed up by a beautiful letter from his daughter. Including the letter is a unique and beautiful way to send final thoughts to a loved one and to end an obituary post. Visit Anthony's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Anthony Edward Zenk, age 73, passed away peacefully in his home August 16th, 2021.

He was born in Waukesha, WI to Edward and Lucille Zenk nee Nettesheim.

He was a loving father, grandfather, brother, and friend. His passion and integrity to those he loved was unwavering. His infectious smile and laugh will live on forever.

He was a proud Vietnam Veteran with the US Marine Corps. He served his country with pride.

He leaves behind his daughter, Karly(Chris); granddaughters, Lauren and Tabytha; grandson River; sisters, Jan, Ruth(Al), Pat(Bob), and Joan(George); brothers, Randy(Susie) and Ron(Tonja); as well as many nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his father, Edward Zenk, his mother, Lucille Zenk nee Nettesheim, and his brother-in-law, Nick, whom he held so close to his heart.

He will be cremated and laid to rest aside his brothers in arms at Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial, located in King, WI.

To my father,

I love you more than words could ever tell. A piece of my heart will forever be missing. Your love was unconditional and your hugs could cure all. There will not be a day that goes by that I will not miss you. I'm not sure how to go through this life without you, but you taught me to never give up and to keep fighting and that is exactly what I will do. I love you with all my heart always and forever.

Your little girl

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Obituaries for grandmothers

Grandmothers often live full, vibrant lives which can make it difficult to share important information in the span of an obituary. How can you sum up the life of someone who has lived for a long time in just a few sentences? It's quite the task. Writing an obituary for a grandmother often includes references to their family, their lifelong accomplishments, and the major important parts of their lives. If you're stuck on what to choose, it can also help to consult those around you for guidance on what to include and what to keep out.

Catherine McCullen's obituary is a great example of a well-written, informative, and beautiful obituary. It's clear that it was difficult to land on just a few memories and moments to include in this obituary, as evidenced by Chrissy (the author)'s admission of such -- which speaks to some of the difficulty when writing an obituary for someone that has lived such a full life. Yet, Catherine's obituary stands as evidence that this task can be accomplished and done with love and care. Catherine's obituary includes just the right amount of biographical information, favorite memories and moments, and description of Catherine's many talents and life in the Air Force, with her impact on others clearly shown in the obituary. Visit Catherine's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Catherine’s obituary below:

Catherine “Cathy” or “Cacki” McCullen was a beloved grandmother, mother, and wife during her incredible 95 years of life. She passed away peacefully in the early hours of Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Here we (Mallory and Chrissy) will share our favorite memories and record her biography. We hope that you will add on with your favorite memories as well.

We will remember Cacki for her loving nature, her playfulness, and her occasional, endearing stubbornness. She doted on us, her granddaughters. We couldn’t spend a minute with her without her telling us how much she loved us, how beautiful she thought we were, and how proud she was to be our grandmother. Because we had lost our mother, Cacki’s only daughter, in 2011, we became particularly close with Cacki. We took care of her, and she took care of us with adoring words and ready hugs.

For me (Mallory), my favorite memories are small, silly things. Whenever we talked on the phone, I would greet her by saying “Hello my little Cacka-lacka-wacka!” and she would giggle happily. Sometimes I cooked dinner as we talked, and she made a cute game out of trying to guess what I was cooking. She sent us cards for every holiday, even unexpected ones, like St. Patrick’s Day. And when she was still in Vero, I remember that every visit to see her started with a fresh batch of Nestle chocolate chip cookies that she “made with love.” When I was a toddler, I gave her the name “Cacki” to distinguish her from our nanny and family friend, Kathy Luce.

For me (Chrissy) it's hard to make a list of the memories I cherish the most. Cacki truly became the mother I needed when I lost my own, but she also became a best friend. She molded my heart to accept, feel and learn the actions of love, and there is no better feeling than being around someone that loves you unconditionally. No judgement, no stress, just warmth and love. Cacki was and will always be my feeling of home. The one memory that describes this the most was from just a few months ago. I had been working long hours, was exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. I picked Cacki up and brought her back to my house to make lunch and have a fun day. After I made a grilled cheese for her (which she said was the best grilled cheese she has ever had lol) I turned on the tv and fell asleep on her lap. I woke up hours later in shock feeling so bad that I did not have an exciting day with her and all she did was tuck my hair behind my ear, tell me she loved watching me sleep and that I will always be her baby. I then continued to nap in her lap for another hour. No matter how old I got, or she got, we always took care of one another and loved each other so much that nothing else mattered than us both being happy. I am so lucky to know that type of unconditional love and I only hope to make my family feel that warm, secure, and comfortable bond one day.

Cacki had a long and full life. She was born on April 17, 1926, in Dublin, Georgia, to two loving parents, Bennie and Georgia Claxton. Her father was a property manager and her mother was a homemaker. Cacki had two younger siblings, Mary Ann and Mike. For grade school, Cacki went to a rural public school near Wrightsville and Dublin. For high school, she attended one year in Dublin and then graduated from a consolidated high school near Cedar Grove in 1944.

She moved to Macon a few months after graduating to work at Robins Air Force Base, where she worked for ten years. She became the secretary for the Provost Marshal after two years and held that position for eight years. While working, she lived with Helen Dew (later Helen Harrison) and her sister Mary Ann.

Cacki met the love of her life, Charles “Rocky” McCullen, while working on base in 1952. She told us that from the first moment she saw him, she thought he was the most handsome man in the world. They were married in 1954 at the First Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.

Rocky flew for the Air Force during World War II. He was stationed in Germany, and Cacki and Rocky would later take several vacations there together. When Rocky left the Air Force, he went to work with Eastern Airlines, and she and Rocky moved several times for his job. They spent a year in New Orleans, a brief time in Miami, and a year in Washington, D.C., before settling back in Miami and starting their family. Cacki and Rocky had their daughter, Caren, on March 15, 1961. After Caren graduated high school, they moved to a beachside condo in Vero Beach, Florida. Rocky passed away in January of 2001. Cacki lived in Vero until early 2020, when we moved her to St. Petersburg to be near Chrissy.

We will miss Cacki dearly, but we are so grateful for the time we had to spend with her. We will always feel her presence in our hearts.

Barbara Green Tindell's obituary is full of details that help describe the unique and exciting life this adventurous woman lived. Her civic participation and action is clear from the details given, as well as her love for her family. This intersection of both her personal, home life, and her participation in different organizations is well written and done in a way that helps you picture the full life of an accomplished individual. Complete with a description of her family, Barbara's obituary is a great example for those who are interested in providing enough details to illustrate a life without making it difficult to read through. Visit Barbara's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Barbara's obituary below:

Barbara Green Tindell reached the end of her wonderful life on August 5, 2021, at the age of 90.

Born in Los Angeles on September 3, 1930, Barbara was raised in Pasadena, CA. After graduation from South Pasadena High School in 1948, she attended U.C. Berkeley. While there, she pledged Delta Gamma and met her future husband, Walter Tindell. They were married in August 1951, and raised four children in the Sacramento area. Walt’s work briefly moved them to the Caribbean island of Dominica, where they lived from 1991-1994; the adventure of living on a remote island had a big impact on Barbara and her family always enjoyed hearing stories of their time there.

Barbara was active in the Assistance League of Sacramento where she enjoyed acting as a docent and conducting tours of the Governor's Mansion in downtown Sacramento. Most recently, she was active in the International Chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) Sisterhood. She volunteered her time for the American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop.

She loved to play bridge and belonged to many different groups over the years. One such group was "Los Amigos,” whose bridge tournament proceeds benefited the Sacramento Children's Home. She also loved golf and was part of the "Mermaids" women’s golf group at Campus Common Golf Course. Most importantly, she was always available for a round of “Go Fish” or “Crazy Eights” with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to whom she was Nana.

Barbara was predeceased by her husband, Walter Mills Tindell. She is survived by her four children: Rebecca Tindell, of Sacramento; Walter Tindell and his wife, Suzy, of Clovis; Sara Eckard and her husband, George, of La Quinta; and Peter Tindell, of Sacramento. She leaves behind her grandchildren: Adeline (and husband, Karl), Walter, Jeanne, Charlotte, Malory, Mary, Lucy and Bridget; and two great-grandchildren: Everett and Wilson. She is also survived by her sister, Dona Newell and her husband Pete, of Walnut Creek. She also leaves many other family members, dear friends, and her sweet dog Izzy, who will sadly miss her.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center at 8421 Auburn Blvd., Suite 265, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Services TBD.

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Child obituary example

Writing an obituary for a baby or small child is often one of the most difficult obituaries to write. Writers may not know exactly what to include since many obituaries follow a formulaic pattern of including specific biographical information that often references schooling, occupation, hobbies, etc. Obituaries for infants pull on other types of information and can be just as whole and impactful as obituaries written for adults.

Cortland "CJ" Richard Carmona, Jr.’s obituary is a touching and beautiful example of an obituary one would write for an infant. From the obituary, it is clear that Cortland was an incredibly strong, cherished, and beloved baby boy who accomplished much with his time spent with his family. The obituary describes joyous, dance-filled, and colorful days spent with those who adored him. Cortland’s personality and presence is clear from the way this obituary is written, a loving testament to a cherished baby boy. Visit Cortland's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Cortland’s obituary below:

Cortland Richard Carmona, Junior’s body was not made for this earth yet his spirit will always be with us. He was the most beautiful of souls, enduring so much, so innocently.

CJ was born on February 15, 2021 to parents Cortland Richard Carmona, Senior, and Kasey Arnold Carmona. CJ spent the first 83 days of his life at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Egleston. On his third day of life, CJ survived the Norwood Procedure, a 10 hour open heart reconstructive surgery. Due to several congenital defects caused by Kabuki syndrome, every specialty in the hospital (with the exception of oncology) saw CJ. Hundreds of healthcare professionals at Egleston cared for this medically remarkable baby boy.

On May 10, the Carmona family, including CJ's older brother, Theodore Rex Carmona (14 months) welcomed their beloved baby into their home to experience the joys of life. As a family of four, they cherished their last days with CJ: painting family masterpieces with feet, racing the boys in strollers, dancing loudly to Cort’s music, and wrestling with mania. During a joyous "Welcome Home Party", CJ received countless kisses and snuggles from his extended family.

The 15 days on pediatric hospice care were those where he truly lived. CJ was born to come Home. Although his life was short, this child was wholly and holy loved.

CJ took his last breath on Tuesday, May 25.

What an honor to have witnessed the life and death of such a beautiful baby boy, too wonderful for this world.

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Upbeat obituary example

Obituaries can sometimes come across as factual, informative, and lacking warmth or personality. Traditionally, they had to be quite succinct in order to fit in the space provided by a newspaper. With the internet and the ability to post a full length obituary on a memorial website, many have taken the extra space to illustrate the personality of their loved ones. An upbeat obituary is a great example of how obituary writing doesn’t have to only get the facts across, and how you can use the time to illustrate the lightness your loved one brought to the world.

A great example of an upbeat obituary is that of Mike "BFM" Basquill. Mike’s obituary includes important biographical information about who he was (such as his early career as a DJ, his dream of working in law enforcement, and his role as a husband and father), but it also does an excellent job at delivering this information alongside descriptions of Mike’s personality. This obituary example leaves you with the sense that you have a better understanding of who Mike was and even a sense of his style! Visit Mike's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Mike’s obituary below:

Michael "MikeBFM" (Christopher) Basquill, 62, of Highlands Ranch, CO / Stanwood, WA lost his 7-month battle with COVID-19 on June 2, 2021.

He leaves a huge hole in the hearts of his family and friends who were always entertained by his stories and hilarious sense of humor. He truly brought the life to the party.

Mike (Chris to some) was born on November 12, 1958 to Michael Basquill and Margaret Basquill (Looney) in the west district of London, Hammersmith.

He was a standout football (soccer) player during his school years, later becoming a household name (BFM: "Big Fat Mike") with his DMC DJ work headlining / running the Heathrow Disco Roadshow and ruling the London airwaves on Capital Radio. After making a move from the big city to Wootton Bassett, he joined the team at GWR FM and had all of Wiltshire flocking to the then popular nightclub "Charlies" to entertain the locals every weekend.

BFM in a nutshell = If he wasn't on the Al Capone at Racal-Vodafone, he was getting in Barney Rubble with his China Plates at the Rub-a-Dub to get Elephant's Trunk... By the end of the night they'd leave Hank Marvin and finish up with a Ruby Murray... Knowing him though, he was definitely on the Rodney Hogg for a Tom Tit shortly after! A terrible perm was his go-to Barnet Fairstyle with ridiculous hats to boot... What a plonker! Fast Jam Jars was a favorite of his but Chelsea definitely had his heart.

His success continued as he shifted focus into the world of Information Technology taking him to Bank of America, Galileo, IBM and Visa. It wasn’t until the age of 58 that Mike realized his lifelong dream of working in law enforcement, joining the Washington State Highway Patrol, District 7, Marysville... Watching marathons of Law & Order, NCIS and CSI definitely paid off!

If there was one thing Mike was, that was determined... No matter what the challenge or request, he gave his all to ensure he exceeded all expectations whether for himself or others.

He was beloved by everyone who ever met him; A fantastic father, a great husband and a best friend to all walks of life. No matter the circumstance, you'd always leave with a story of something funny/crazy Mike did while you were with him.

A for sure conversation starter: Anything Chelsea, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, (a newfound love of) Gogglebox, Led Zeppelin, Level 42 and Only Fools and Horses.

His travels took him on a worldwide tour including Thailand, Australia, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, Singapore, and many trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Mike is survived by his wife of 20 years, Heather, his son Michael (Joseph) of whom he loved deeply. He is also survived by nieces Kelly and Danielle Bouwense (Rob), great nieces and nephews, and his in-laws Cary (Patti) Cartmill, Angie (Marc) Carkeek and niece Arianna.

Mike is now at peace, joining his parents and older sisters Lyn and Barb - That is one fun party re-united!

There will be a family celebration of Mike’s life later this summer.

If you wish to make a donation in honor of Mike, please consider donating to the WSP Memorial Foundation.

"If we lose the time before us, the future will ignore us." ~ (Lessons in Love - Level 42)

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Another great example of an upbeat obituary is that of Lupe Leon. Lupe's obituary does away with the standardized biographical information that you typically see in an obituary and instead includes wonderful references to Lupe's impact on those around her. It's clear through Lupe's obituary that she was a foundational person within her community, one that touched the lives of many. Lupe is described through the way she impacted others, her words of wisdom, as well as a personal note to Lupe herself by the obituary author. This unique obituary is a great example of an upbeat, well written and unique obituary that departs from the typical obituary format and personalizes it into something special. Visit Lupe's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Lupe's obituary below:

Lupe Leon, 48, passed away on Sunday, July 4, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lupe was such a light in this sometimes dark world and she will be deeply missed by all who were lucky enough to know her. She touched the lives of so many people across multiple generations. During her time with us, she made a point to always help anyone with whatever she could, never second-guessing her decision. Anyone who knows Lupe, knows that her family meant everything to her and in her eyes, each of you reading this was family or you wouldn't be here.

Her love of life was evident in the way she lived. Even just sitting on the porch turned into a fun time with family, friends, and of course food! The block will be different now without her waking everyone up in the morning with her music as she watered her plants or separated her cans. For us, she really is that pebble thrown into a lake as the lives she touched act as ripples that extend far beyond just us.

Lupe, I'm sorry I never told you how much you actually mean to me and how I will cherish, forever, the memories you gave us. In my dark times, you were always there to remind me of the beauty that was all around me and helped me be stronger. You said, life was way too short to not have fun and show my kids that money doesn't buy happiness. You said a mother's love is what my kids would remember and you're right because even though I still have my mom, you were like a mom to me as well and your love is what will stay with me forever.

Until we meet again... Vanessa

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William ("Bill") Friend's obituary reads like a small chapter in a heartwarming biography dedicated to his unique and full life. It expertly describes Bill's character, personality, values, and pursuits through a voice of love and humor, something that can be difficult to accomplish when writing in an obituary format. Bill becomes someone you wish you had the opportunity to know, purely from reading his obituary -- a wonderful example of the departure from classic, biographical (and often, cold) obituaries to one that gives valuable insight into a life well lived. Visit Bill's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Bill's obituary below:

William (“Bill”) Friend was born in Columbus, Ohio on June 19, 1946. He grew up in the leafy green suburb of Bexley. According to his parents, Wendell and Evelyn, he was a precocious child with endless curiosity, lots of energy, and a knack for driving them crazy. He spent a lot of time at summer camp.

Bill was one of those students that dedicated nerds find maddening. He easily grasped concepts and received good grades without having to overtax himself. With the extra time that less innately intelligent kids would have normally allocated to studying, he directed his energies to sports and became an accomplished diver.

After graduating from Bexley High School, Bill attended Ohio University. He joined the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and somehow, despite all odds, charmed Linda Friend (née Vance), who was way out of his league, to date him. Bill has always liked and followed rules but on so many occasions in college, his “mile-a minute” brain and the resulting “here-and-now” distraction when combined with his sense of adventure and penchant to connect with a broad swath of people, meant that he was never short on accidental yet hysterically funny stories that somehow always left him unscathed. Bill earned his BA in Business Administration.

His father’s success as an attorney and his mother’s business acumen encouraged Bill to pursue a law degree and he earned his Juris Doctor from The Ohio State University. An attorney, he was a Member of the Massachusetts, Ohio, and American Bar Associations. Bill became a marathon runner and squash devotee during this period of his life. He and his now wife, Linda, who was supporting him through law school as a graphic designer, resided in German Village, an electric community in Columbus where they made lots of friends, enjoyed German beer and brats, played in a softball league, loved their rescue cats, and threw epic parties.

Bill and Linda became parents in 1983 with the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth. Bill was always a devoted and hands-on father who instilled in her a strong sense of open-mindedness, intellectual pursuit, and an appreciation of the art of a well-reasoned debate. He was so successful, in fact, that he eventually found himself losing most arguments to his “mini-me,” a reality that he could not have been more proud of.

Throughout his career, Bill held senior level corporate executive positions with responsibility in the legal departments of public corporations where he provided expertise in general corporate, real estate, contract, trademark, employment, bankruptcy and securities law. In his retirement, Bill proudly volunteered for and served on the Board of Directors for New England Wildlife Center and South Shore Country Club, of which the latter became his second home and family.

Bill was a true lover of life; he was a humorous storyteller, avid reader of mystery books, determined backyard tomato gardener, and dedicated Ohio State University football fan. He was a facilitator, voice of reason, loyal comadre, giver, and all around good guy. He was one of a kind. Bill will never be forgotten but forever remembered and missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him.

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Obituary examples for artists

For many, art can play a central role in their life. Summing up the importance that art has in one’s life (as well as their skill in their craft) can be difficult, especially when included in an obituary, but it’s a great way to illustrate the importance of one’s craft. If art & crafts played a central role in the life of your loved one, including this in an obituary is a good idea.

Cathi Shipp Ginder’s obituary is a perfect example of an obituary that includes information about her skill and passion as an artist. Cathi was clearly a woman of many talents, who had a passion for arts and crafts and for sharing her passion with others. Her obituary includes references to her unique career trajectory, her love for animals, family, and art, her kindness and her volunteerism. Visit Cathi's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Cathi’s obituary below:

Cathi Ginder passed away peacefully on May 6, 2021. She is preceded in death by her father William “Billy” Shipp. Cathi is survived by her mother Joanne Shipp of Mobile, son Casey Ginder and his wife Lauren of New Orleans, LA, Micah Ginder of Orlando, FL, and Russell Ginder of Nashville, TN. She is also survived by her uncle Don Paul and his wife Paula of Edgeley, ND, and two cousins who she always thought of as brothers: Brian Shipp and his wife Susan of Nashville, TN and David Shipp and his wife Kim of Greenville, SC.

Born in Tuscaloosa, AL while her father played football for the University of Alabama, Cathi then moved with her parents to New York, Toronto, and Montreal where her father played professional football. The family moved back to Mobile in 1967 where she attended Davidson High School. After graduation, Cathi became one of the first females to graduate from the Mobile Police Academy and used her skills to work as a security officer at The Brewer Center. In the mid 70's she opened Deli Depot at Argiros on the Causeway, feeding everyone from shipyard workers to attoneys alike. After the family sold Argiros, she moved her deli to the Gayfers in Daphne.

She married Gregg Ginder in Mobile in 1979 and the couple moved to Fairhope and had Casey in 1984. Cathi soon turned her attention to art which would remain her professional passion for the rest of her life. Her murals could be found around many of the buildings and parks in Fairhope throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. In 1990 she began working primarily with ceramics at her studio on School Street in Fairhope and sold her art at local galleries and art festivals, winning “Best Booth” and “Festival Favorite” at the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival. She always liked to joke that she was “almost famous” but she painted for the love of art. Cathi then opened her own shop, Cathi Ginder Designs, on Church Street which she ran for many years, followed by a paint-your-own-pottery studio, she became an Art Teacher at Christ the King School in Daphne, and lastly opened an antique and gift shop at the loop in Mobile. In 2004 Cathi took her love of old houses and decorating and turned it into a career in real estate, working as an agent for Praytor Realty for many years. Over the last decade Cathi enjoyed decorating her booth and selling art and antiques at Antiques at the Loop where she made many friends.

Cathi loved her family, friends, art, and animals more than anything else. She was an exceptional mother to Casey, a wonderful daughter to Joanne and Bill, and a great friend to so many others. She was beautiful, kind, funny, talented, selfless, cool, smart, funky, and tough all at the same time. She never met a stranger and was sincerely kind to everyone. In her spare time, Cathi volunteered at McKemie Place for the homeless, Animal Rescue Foundation, The Humane Society, and taught art classes to children in need.

A covid-conscious memorial celebration will be held for Cathi at The Balcony on Church Street at 300 Fairhope Avenue, Suite E, from 1:30-4pm on Friday May 14, 2021. Since Cathi loved color, the attire is Spring Dressy Casual; Leopard print encouraged!

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to McKemie Place or Animal Rescue Foundation in Mobile.

Bonnie J. Stockdale's obituary is another example of an obituary written for someone who was passionate about the arts. Bonnie's life as an actress, her passion for making others smile and laugh, and her large extended family is all included and referenced in Bonnie's obituary. Learning a bit about Bonnie's life, passions, and personality is possible due to the references and inclusion of the parts of her life that made her unique and special. Visit Bonnie's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Bonnie Stockdale Worcester - passed away peacefully at home on July 21, 2021 after a long fight with COPD. She was born Oct 10 1948 in North Anson, daughter of Anna and Donald Pickett. She graduated from Anson Academy and worked as an accountant at Rodman and Rodman for many years. She was a semi professional actress and people will remember her for her stellar performances on every stage in Central mass. If there was one thing she could do was make people laugh.

She is survived by her daughter and best friend, Angela Stockdale of Worcester Mass.; son and sports partner, Josh Stockdale of Shrewsbury Mass.; granddaughter and light of her life, Annabella Stockdale Sister-in-law, Darla Pickett and Neice Tricia Austin of Skowhegan; Sister in law Sherry Stockdale and family of Fitchburg; Sister-in-law Susie Heslin and family of California; Uncle, Blaine McNeil of Nova Scotia; Robert Ela and Lyn Dennison of Maine and special family members, Candy Schap, Liz Mitchell , Cheryl Duggan, Ira and Bonnie Hoffman, Connie Quimby, Beth Caporelli, Becky Vigneault, Vicki Myers, Sue Wilson, Leslie Gonsalves and Bob Union. She was preceded by her brother, James Pickett; father Donald Pickett. A very special niece Lori and her very best friend and mother Anna Turner. A special thanks to her loving family thru the years in the theatre community.

Interment will be at Somerset Cemetery and Arcadia National park, at the ocean where she loved in the fall. A memorial, meal and celebration will be held The Manor in West Boylston Sunday Oct 3rd from 1 to.6. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to gold program...goldcopd.org

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Religious obituary examples

Many obituaries reference the importance of religion and faith as a focusing point for the lives that are being described. Religion plays an important role in the lives of many and including this fact in the obituary can help others learn about what was important to the person who passed away.

Betty Monwoan Krua's obituary is a perfect example of how to write a compelling, beautiful, and moving testament to a well journeyed life. Included in Betty's obituary is reference to both her difficulties and the path she took through them, her meaningful impact on the community around her, her devotion to her religion and her legacy. Betty's obituary is a great example of how to include both the ups and downs of one's own journey through life and how they managed to get through it all. Visit Betty's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Betty's obituary below:

Betty Monwoan Krua was born on June 15, 1935 unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Diah Nenwongbay in Gbleah, Nimba County, Liberia. Ma Betty was the first daughter and the second child of five sons and daughters.

At an early age, Ma Betty accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. She later married her first husband, the late Willie Toweh. This union was blessed with two beautiful daughters – Meeki and Rachel. Together, they lived in Toweh Town, Nimba County, where Ma Betty became an active and prominent member of the Toweh Town Baptist Church. She used her gift of singing to bring joy and comfort to so many. Singing was her way of serving the Lord and church conferences, seminars, and workshops provided an excellent stage to use her gift.

A sociable community leader, Ma Betty has always embodied joy and vitality. Besides her sweet-sounding voice, anyone who met Ma Betty always remembered her glowing smile. She used her ebullient personality to make things happen in her community. Her older brother affectionately called her “Lay-ne-ne,” which means a woman who knows how to spice her words to convince others.

Although she lacked western education, Ma Betty possessed a wealth of knowledge. Her brilliance shone in her practice of herbalism. She primarily focused on concocting mixtures to assist with fertility issues in women. One of her famous sayings translates to mean “I am not educated, but I know what I know - I am smart.”

Due to the Liberian Civil War, Ma Betty moved to Guinea between 2003 and 2004 in search of safety. While awaiting resettlement to the U.S. as a refugee, she lost her oldest daughter, Meeki, in Liberia. This bitter experience with death made her consider no longer journeying to the U.S. However, her only surviving daughter encouraged her to make the journey to the U.S., and she finally arrived as a refugee in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in October 2005.

Those close to Ma Betty saw her testimony and life story to be no different from that of Naomi from the Bible. Throughout the trauma and trials in life, Ma Betty stood the test of time, using her gift of song to praise the Lord with a glowing smile on her face. While living in Minneapolis, Ma Betty was dealt yet another blow when her daughter Rachel experienced complications during childbirth and entered a coma for years, although the child survived unscathed.

At her newly adopted First Baptist Church in Coons Rapids, MN, Ma Betty’s resilience and commitment to continue serving the Lord despite her daughter's illness inspired many families and friends. They supported Ma Betty until her daughter died in 2014, a memory that Ma Betty cherished to her grave.

After the death of Rachel, Ma Betty was remarried to Rev. Mahn C. Krua of the 12th Baptist Church and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. She joined Rev. Krua, who was already blessed with 14 children and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A passion of Rev. Krua, renovating the Ziah Mission School that was ravaged by civil war, became the couple’s purpose and mission before retirement. A new 12-classroom building is underway at Ziah Mission School.

Ma Betty leaves behind Rev. Mahn C. Krua, her older brother Papa Diah, younger sisters Ma Mary and Ma Annie, and her younger brother Thomas. She also leaves behind 11 grandchildren and 51 great-grandchildren. Throughout her life, Ma Betty was blessed with the gift of raising children. Her home was always full of children, and she worked hard to provide food for her family.

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Writing an obituary that captures the impact that one’s life had on others can be difficult, but Jerry Pfaff’s obituary does a great job at exactly that. Throughout the obituary, it’s evident that Jerry (alongside his wife, Susan) had a great impact on their community and those around them. The dedication Jerry had to his religion shines through as an important feature in his life, one that greatly benefitted those around him. Legacy can be difficult to sum up in a few paragraphs, but this obituary is a great example of how to do so, while remaining engaging and heartwarming. Visit Jerry's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Jerry's obituary below:

Gerald Ray “Jerry” Pfaff graduated into Glory on September 16, 2021 in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

A memorial service will be held to celebrate his extraordinary life on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 2:00pm at Fellowship Community Church in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The viewing and visitation will be held that morning at Perinchief’s Chaples, 438 High St., Mt. Holly, NJ, from 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, October 23rd.

Jerry was born in 1954, in Washington D.C. and raised in Camp Springs, Maryland. He graduated from Crossland High School in Temple Hills, MD, class of ’72, and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Education in 1976. Jerry taught high school math and attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, graduating in 1982 with a Masters of Divinity, in preparation to go to Papua New Guinea as a Bible translator with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

When Jerry was 18 years old at Greenwood Hills Camp he met his future wife, Susan, and the two of them married on August 18, 1979. They joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1985, and after linguistics training in Duncanville, Texas, moved overseas in 1987 to Papua New Guinea, where they began a 34-year ministry of Bible Translation among the Nali people of Manus Island. In March of 2020 they held a dedication celebrating the publishing of half the New Testament, as well as the release of the Luke video and Scripture audio recordings, all in the Nali language.

During his tenure with Wycliffe, Jerry served the Papua New Guinea Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) in various roles and capacities, and led the Nali translation team as trainer and advisor. At the SIL Ukarumpa Centre Jerry was known for his abounding hospitality, his musical giftedness with vocal, guitar, piano, and musical theater performances, and his leadership aptitude. He was also an incredibly gifted preacher, with one of his most notable sermons being a full recitation from memory of the Sermon on the Mount, from the Gospel of Matthew, chapters five through seven. One of Jerry’s favorite pastimes was playing rounds of Frisbee golf with his sons and friends at Ukarumpa.

Jerry had a deep love for the Word of God and the souls of men, devoting his life to both in his 34 years of tireless service to the people of Papua New Guinea. He also loved to travel, and would drive extensively on his furloughs in the United States to visit friends, family, and supporters. In his later years he took great pleasure in sharing a meal with as many of his friends as possible and telling them about the work God was doing among the Nali people. He also delighted in reading the Hardy Boys books aloud to his grandsons every evening before their bedtime, often over FaceTime. He is leaving a massive godly legacy.

Jerry is survived by his beloved wife, Susan Pfaff of Mt. Holly, NJ; his cherished mother, Juanita Pfaff of Rosemont, PA; his daughter and husband, Julie and Ben Quine of Dallas, TX, together with their three sons Andrew, Luke, and Peter; his son and wife Matthew and Callie Pfaff, expecting baby, of Los Alamitos, CA; his son and wife Nathan Pfaff and Keely Vedanayagam of Los Angeles, CA; his brother and wife, Dale and Kippy Pfaff of Chambersburg, PA; his sister and husband, Terry and David Hosan of Havertown, PA; his brother and wife Bruce and Sherri Pfaff of Owings, MD; and his father-in-law Richard Amber of Mt. Holly, NJ.

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Debra Yuhas’s obituary is a great example of a well-written obituary that highlights the importance and position faith played in her life. Debra’s obituary includes references to the importance her religion played in her life, her joy out of sharing her faith with others and inviting them to join her, and the grace that accompanied her throughout her life. Visit Debra's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Debra’s obituary below:

Debra Fay Yuhas was surrounded by family as she passed unexpectedly from a heart attack on April 27, 2021.

How do you sum up someone’s life in a few paragraphs? How did I get chosen to write this obituary? How does one even start to accurately reflect the legacy that Debra left to the world? These are the questions I have been struggling with over the last week since Mom passed. These are the questions that played in my mind as I drove to church this morning.

Sitting in the church auditorium after a wonderful message from a passage in Luke about servants and subjects, my father, the kids, and I had just finished praying and taking communion. The music was starting back up when I heard deep in my spirit 3 beautiful words spoken with what felt like a joyful shouting pride…

“She finished well!”

A burden in my spirit lifted and unexplained joy just filled me up as the grief of losing my mom had been rolling over my family in waves for the last week. I turned to Dad and repeated these 3 beautiful words to him along with others that filled my heart and flowed out of my mouth. Afterwards, there was such a sense of comfort and peace and we both just stared at each other in agreement knowing that so much truth had just been revealed to us....I went out to the car and prayed for God to give me the words again. This is the best of what I remember…

“She finished well. She lived a life of transformed grace. Every person that knew her from her previous life was witness to the transformative power of Jesus Christ in her. She lived a servant’s life and modeled a servant’s heart. She loved on people with hugs and kisses and smiles. She called them and had long conversations. She fed into their lives. She pointed them all to Jesus.

She made the meals, drove the miles, opened her house, and dropped everything to attend to those who were sick and could not help themselves. More than once, she lovingly and patiently sat with people and prayed over them while they took their final breaths. She laughed and cried and supported and encouraged and prayed for all of us. She truly loved the way Christ loves.

And for some, she was the closest example of Christ’s unconditional love for us all."

Debra Fay Yuhas -daughter of the King, wife to the love of her life Dave, devoted sister to her family, loving mother to her 3 children, the best Grammy (7 grandchildren), Great Grammy (3 great grandchildren), and Auntie (too many to count) ever, and a beautiful friend to every friend and stranger.

You ran the race set out before you. You are now resting in the arms of our loving Father….
You finished well.

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Another example of an excellent obituary that includes the importance religion had on one’s life is that of Dale W. Layng. From Dale’s obituary, it is clear that he was strong, successful, and dedicated. In this obituary, it’s easy to paint a picture of the type of person Dale was due to the descriptive writing. His love for Jesus Christ, his involvement in church, and his exceptional talent as an athlete are all included. Visit Dale's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Dale’s obituary below:

Dale William Layng, 59 years young, of Loves Park, IL, passed away Friday, April 30, 2021. He entered Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington on April 5th; he was transferred to Christ Hospital in Oaklawn for the last few days of his life. Dale had been fighting a rare disease for the last few years. It was reactivated after being dormant for a decade. He was such a proud, strong man, not many saw his struggle. He was born June 27, 1961 to Raymond P. and Dona J. Layng of Rockford, IL. Dale's entire career revolved around sales. He was most recently employed as an IL Real Estate Licensed Broker with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Crosby Starck Real Estate in Rockford.

He is survived by his wife Diane M. Layng of 10 years, Alexandra (Dani) Doty, Angela Layng, Jason Layng, Laurie (Juan) Terré, Lorraine Gustafson, Nancy (Ray) Painter and Patricia Vespa.

Dale loved Jesus Christ. He read his bible each morning. He partnered with his wife in helping others, whenever possible. They lead a bible study at City First Church, Rockford for many years. They moved over to Dale's mother's church, First Free Rockford, just 2 years ago. Dale tried out for the Cubs as a young man. He was a gifted athlete and loved softball, hockey, running, biking, hiking, basketball, golf and water skiing.

Visitation at 10 am and funeral at 11 am Thursday, May 6, 2021, First Free Rockford, 2223 North Mulford Road. Please show Cubs colors or logo in your attire, if possible, to honor Dale. Blackhawk wear is also acceptable (wink). Any memorial gifts can be sent to his widow: Diane Layng, 1105 E. Hosmer St., Loves Park, IL 61111.

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Volunteer and community engagement obituary examples

Those who volunteer their time to give back to their community are often known and celebrated in their community. If volunteering was something your loved one was passionate about, including this in an obituary is usually a good idea, especially if it’s something that meant a lot to them.

Roberta "Bobbie" Kirkhart's obituary does a wonderful job at outlining the passionate, socially conscious and engaged life that Bobbie led. Her interest in social engagements, community activism, and progress is celebrated and clear throughout her obituary. The language used to describe her life's work is enthusiastic and celebratory. This obituary does an excellent job at describing many accomplishments while providing clear examples of the results of Bobbie's efforts and work. For those who spend their lives improving the lives of others, Bobbie's obituary is a perfect form to follow. Visit Bobbie's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Bobbie's full obituary below:

Bobbie Kirkhart died on October 31, 2021, in her home in Los Angeles, CA. She was 78 years old and is survived by her daughter Monica Waggoner, son-in-law Matthew Waggoner, grandsons Donovan and Raphael Waggoner, sister Marjorie Hohnbaum, and a plethora of nieces, nephews, and chosen family she had collected over her life.

Bobbie was born April 16, 1943 in Enid, Oklahoma. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma in 1965 before moving to Los Angeles, CA that same year.

Bobbie's first job was as a social worker for the Department of Children and Family Services. In this job, she participated in one of the first public employee strikes in the country, where their demands included, among loftier things like lower caseloads and better pay, the simple request that female social workers be allowed to wear trousers to work rather than skirts. She completed some graduate-level coursework in linguistics before divorce sent her back into the workforce. She taught in private business colleges for a few years before becoming a teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District’s Adult Division, teaching Individualized Instruction Labs, where adults (and some high school students) studied the entire gamut of high school requirements at their own pace, earning their diplomas. There, she taught math, science, geography, and history, to students from every background and corner of the world. She retired from LAUSD when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. After she recovered, she poured her energy into the freethought movement with renewed vigor.

For nearly four decades Bobbie was a fixture in atheist movement building. She served as President of both Atheist Alliance International and Atheists United, served on the board of Camp Quest and the advisory board for Humanist Association of Nepal, helped form the Secular Coalition for America, and was an informal advisor and mentor to dozens of freethought leaders. Bobbie had spoken to freethought groups throughout the United States, and had addressed atheists and humanists in Canada, Germany, France, India, Ireland, Nigeria and Cameroon. She also was a platform speaker at the first of its kind Godless Americans March in Washington, DC in 2002 and accepted the Freethought Backbone Award from the Secular Student Alliance in 2013.

In 2009, she purchased and opened up her century-old Victorian home (known as Heretic House) to speakers and local groups, giving atheists and progressive organizers a dependable and rent-free meeting space. Hundreds of fundraisers, parties, choir rehearsals, jam-sessions, board retreats, recovery meetings, and volunteer events have called Heretic House home over the last decade while dozens of well-known speakers and activists have crashed for a few nights at a time. Even through the pandemic, Heretic House has continued to host multiple events a month and plans to remain active after Bobbie's death. Bobbie was first married in 1969 to William Mason, and then divorced in 1982. She remarried in 1997 to Harvey Tippit, whom she met through Atheists United. She and Harvey traveled often and enjoyed many exotic destinations like Borneo and the Galapagos. She became a widow in 2006. Bobbie continued to travel and took her daughter, son-in-law, and grandsons on an adventure to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula in 2019 which would be her last major trip.

She will be remembered by her family as a loving and supportive mother and grandmother and to her community as one of the most generous, involved, and forward-thinking organizers of her time.

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Thomas Jackson's obituary is a full obituary, rich with biographical detail and in-depth look into his educational and professional life. Thomas was an active member in his profession's community and a member of other community organization such as the American Red Cross Southeast Louisiana Chapter's Committee for Evaluation of Hurricane Evacuation. Including information on civil engagement and a loved one's contribution to the community around them is incredibly important in an obituary and Thomas's does just that. His contributions and accomplishments are clear to anyone reading, making this an excellent example of an obituary. Visit Thomas's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Thomas's full obituary below:

Thomas Lee (Tom) Jackson, died on October 25, 2021 just short of his 82nd birthday at St. Anna's at Lambeth House in New Orleans after an extended illness. He was a loving husband and father dedicated to his family and is survived by his beloved wife of over sixty-two years, Patricia Nolan Jackson, his four beloved daughters, Wendy Jackson Forrest (Richard), Rebecca Jackson Leone (Dean), Theresa Jackson Phillips and Sandra Jackson Jones (Jeff), seven beloved grandchildren: Amanda Kurz Smith, Hope Kurz Everett (Bryan), Jessie Nodurft McKissick, Sara Phillips Privet (Tyler), Taylor Joseph Phillips, Jeffrey Lee Jones and Daniel Nolan Jackson Jones and eight beloved great grandchildren: Madden McKissick, Charlotte Smith, Quinn Privet, Garison Everett, Finnley McKissick, Thomas Smith, Jackson Everett, and River Privet. He was predeceased by his parents Marion Frances Jackson, Jr. and Dorris Lambremont Jackson and his older brother James N. Jackson and survived by five sisters: Marion J. White, Dorris J. Counce (Edward), Margaret J. Johnson (David), Elizabeth Jackson and Judy J. Lecke and two brothers: Michael G. Jackson (Cheryl) and Robert G. Jackson (Lizette) as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Tom was born in New Orleans. He grew up and lived in Metairie until he moved to New Orleans in 2016. After graduating from De La Salle High School in 1957 he enrolled in Civil Engineering at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; he temporarily deferred his education after his sophomore year to marry Patricia Nolan in June of 1959. After settling down in married life with four children, Tom transferred to Tulane University School of Engineering where he graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelor Degree as the Outstanding Civil Engineering Graduate, then earned a Masters Degree in Engineering. He later served as President of the Society of Tulane Engineers.

Tom was a highly respected engineer on the local, state and national level licensed to practice civil engineering in five states. He was very active in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for which he served as President of the Louisiana Section, Chairman of the Regional Council, and the 2001-2002 National ASCE President as well as serving as chair of numerous other ASCE committees. Tom was Chairman of the Board of the ASCE Foundation, a member of the ASCE Environmental Water Resources and of the ASCE Transportation Institutes. He received the ASCE William H. Wisely – American Civil Engineer Award, the ASCE Louisiana Section ASCE Lifetime Achievement Award and was named Outstanding Civil Engineer by the ASCE New Orleans Branch.

Tom was a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Louisiana Engineering Society and a Charter Member of the Board of the Louisiana Engineering advancement Program for Minorities, Inc (LEAP). He served on the Board of the Civil Engineering Research Foundation and as Chair of the Board of the United Engineering Foundation.

Tom was a member of the American Red Cross Southeast Louisiana Chapter's Committee for Evaluation of Hurricane Evacuation in the New Orleans area. Following Hurricane Katrina, he was appointed to the Louisiana Recovery Authority Transportation & Infrastructure Task Force and also to a committee of international experts which provided Peer Review of the Federal Government investigation of "Why the Levees Failed During Katrina". In 2007 Tom was appointed to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East, serving as its first president and subsequently served a four year term as a a Commissioner.

He authored papers on engineering ethics and on technical issues related to engineering liability which he presented at engineering colleges and at engineering/legal continuing education events. He co-authored an article with Ralph Kaskell, Jr., Esq. that was published in Defense Counsel Journal.

Tom was an avid, lifelong woodworker creating beautiful furniture, clocks and miniatures. He also was a parishioner of St. Benilde Catholic Parish and a member of Metairie Country Club for many years.

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Deborah Jean Laliberte’s heartwarming obituary contains a great section on her work and time spent as a volunteer for many different causes. Along with the biographical information you’ll find in many obituaries, Deborah’s obituary references her life as a mother, her experience working in her family restaurant, and her time spent doing important mission work. In addition, it describes Deborah’s time spent in multiple community organizations, which really illustrates her integral role to those in her community. Visit Deborah's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Deborah’s obituary below:

Deborah Jean Laliberte,71, of Haverstraw, NY, unexpectedly passed away peacefully, April 17th 2021, in her home. Deborah was born on July 28, 1950 in Nyack, NY, the daughter of late George and Jean Marsilio; she was the eldest sibling of eight. Deborah was the beloved wife of the late Robert Laliberte for 42 years. She was a loving mother to her daughters, Amy Laliberte and Ashley Hoppe, and a devoted grandmother to her two beloved grandchildren, Michael and Emma. Deborah is survived by her sisters Monica, Nancy, Bella, Tricia, brother-in-law Mike, her brother Jeffery and her in-laws Simone and David. Deborah leaves behind many beloved nieces, nephews and cousins.

In her early years, Deborah was so proud to have worked in her parents’ restaurant the Hi-Ho with her family, husband and friends in Nyack, NY. In her twenties, Debbie studied Art history; she had a passion for art and antiques. In her early thirties, Deborah studied computer engineering and became a system’s analyst. She was one of the first women in her field to be certified in Unix, an operating system. She loved this work and spent over 25 years in the industry. She resided in Congers, NY with her family for most of her life.

In her later years, Deborah spent many hours giving back to others in need through her mission work. She was a humanitarian who gave of herself and her energy, including her service and outreach with People to People and the Midnight Run organization. Debbie was a loyal parish member who served Grace Episcopal Church, and an active member of the American Legion Post 1600, Ladies Auxiliary, and served multiple American Legions, including Leo Ladders, with her sister and best friend Nancy Bliss. Deborah leaves behind many friends, including her beloved friend Jon Whitman. Debbie will always be remembered for her sharp mind, kind heart, and passion for life. She was always ready to help in moments of need. She will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. She is forever in our hearts.

An in-person and live stream service will be held May 15, 2021 at 11:00am at Grace Episcopal Church in Nyack, NY, a brief memorial to follow at Gethsemane Cemetery of Rockland Lake, Congers, NY.

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Obituary example for teachers

Teachers are some of the most important and influential people many will meet in their lives. If you’ve recently lost someone who had a career in teaching or helped educate those around them, including this in their obituary is important.

As with many teachers, Janet Ann Lorenz spent the majority of her career teaching not only students, but other teachers. Included in Janet’s obituary are references to her surviving and predeceased family members, descriptions of her time spent teaching students with dyslexia how to read, and information on her work in educating other teachers on best practices when helping students learn how to read. If you’re in need of inspiration or information on how to write a great obituary for a teacher, Janet’s obituary is a great place to look. Visit Janet's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Janet’s obituary below:

Janet Ann Lorenz, age 65, passed away peacefully at Zilber Hospice on May 21, 2021.

Born on November 11, 1955, Janet is survived by her mother, Shirley; her son, Brandon (Valerie); grandsons, James and Oscar; and many relatives and great friends who were like her “Sisters”. She was preceded in death by her father, Richard; and sister, Joan.

Janet graduated from Cudahy High School, and enjoyed playing the flute as a member of the Lake Band. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Northern Colorado, where she majored in Special Education, and minored in Psychology.

Her teaching days began at Rowley Elementary School in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. She spent the majority of her career in the School District of Elmbrook in Wisconsin until retirement. Janet’s love of reading inspired her to teach children with dyslexia how to read through the Wilson Reading program, and she traveled to many cities training teachers to also teach this method to children who struggle to read.

Family and close friends will fondly remember Janet’s ability to plan the most special details for holidays, vacations, garden parties, and many festive occasions with her signature style, flair and sparkle.

A private celebration of life event will be held on June 13 in Janet’s memory. Memorial donations may be made to Whitefish Bay Public Library, where Janet and her grandsons often visited to have fun with reading - https://www.wfblibrary.org.

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Obituary example for adventurers and outdoors folks

There are many people who love and appreciate the outdoors and adventuring, which some may choose to include in their obituary. A passion for the outdoors is something that should be mentioned in the obituary if it was important to your loved one.

Avery's obituary is a wonderful and touching example of a well written obituary that exemplifies her passion for the outdoors and her family. While her love for the outdoors is only a single part of her full personality, you can see this love shine through in her obituary, with one part referencing her ability to draw animals and other creatures to her. Her obituary includes description of her hobbies, her connection and love for her family, and the kindness with which she treated others. Visit Avery's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Avery's obituary below:

Our beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend, Avery Lynn Allen, returned to her Heavenly Father unexpectedly on June 13th 2021 at the young age of 21. Avery was >born in Millcreek, Utah on March 16th 2000 to Brian and Jennifer (Allen) Willson.

Avery’s caring spirit and generous heart could be felt by anyone she came in contact with. She had a special gift of not only seeing the good in people but bringing out the best in them as >well. Avery was an avid lover of the outdoors and spent much of her time in the mountains enjoying the serene beauty they encompassed. Observing Avery in nature was something to >behold as she had a way of drawing out butterflies and other animals to her. Her love for the outdoors brought out the happy free spirit that defined her. Avery also had a love of music >which was an expression of her emotions and her individuality.

Her love for the outdoors and music were only surpassed by the love she had for her family.

The relationship she had with her mother was like no other. They shared an unbreakable bond. Avery was a wonderful big sister and always made sure she spent quality time with her >siblings. Ashley was her best friend and confidant. They were inseparable and even planned their futures together in great detail. Through the good times and the bad they lived, laughed >and loved.

Avery was selfless and put others first. She was fun loving, outgoing and vivacious. She was an example to so many and a shining light to all who knew her. When you think of Avery, >celebrate the good memories you have of her. Remember that life is fragile and short and should be lived to the fullest. She will be missed more than any words could express but she will >be forever in our hearts till we meet again.

Avery is survived by her Mother, Jennifer Willson and step-dad Lance Willson, her Father Brian Richard Allen, her Brothers Briant Allen, Steele Browning and L.J. Willson, her step-siblings >Krystin, Jacob, Heidi and Marie, her loving grandparents, great grandmother, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

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Mark "Randy" Randal Sill's obituary is one full of wonderful descriptive detail surrounding Mark's adventurous life. It's clear Mark had a passion for many things in his life, passions that took him to many different states, all the way from Indiana to Florida. This obituary includes important biographical information interspersed with windows into the exciting life he lived. Additionally, aspects of his personality shine through, making it clear to the reader the kind of man Mark was. Visit Mark's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Mark's obituary below:

Mark “Randy” Randal Sill, 54, of Bradenton, FL went to be with our Lord and Savior unexpectedly early in the morning of Monday, July 26, 2021. He is survived by his wife Sharon Pinkerton Sill; parents Mark Norman and Gwendolyn Sill of Westfield, IN; brother Mark Brian Sill and sister-in-law Jennifer Sill; niece Megan Sill; nephews Joshua and Kaleb Sill; mother-in-law Delores Pinkerton. He was preceded in death by his grandparents on both sides and father-in-law.

Randy was born in Elkhart, IN on February 27, 1967 and attended Constantine schools in Michigan through the 8th grade, then went to Elkhart Christian High School Academy for 9th to 12th grades, graduating in 1985. There he took computer courses through the career center and some classes at Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, MI where he ended up teaching the class for a short time as he had the gift of software programming.

Randy and Sharon met shortly after he graduated high school and five years, two days later they were married on June 17, 1990 in Three Rivers, MI. The couple has no children except for their fur babies. They enjoyed life together by traveling, camping, flying in his experimental airplanes, spending time with friends and family. They lived in Indiana for 23 years before moving to Florida at the end of 2019 where they were able to enjoy the sunshine, boating, and watching the various wildlife from their home in Bradenton.

As a youth Randy was involved in Boy Scouts, then later was so enthusiastic about computers and programming languages that he basically taught himself and made a successful career of it. He loved working for his current company, Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) out of Tulare, CA at home for the past four years. He also enjoyed his previous job for almost 30 years at Autobase that was centered in Indiana. Randy would always say the quote “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” and that is exactly what he did.

Randy was a soft-spoken, patient, kind-heart man with an adventurous streak. Before moving to Florida he was a member of Indy Flyers EAA Chapter 1527 out of Westfield, IN for many years. He enjoyed going to AirVenture in Oshkosh, either flying in one of his experimental airplanes or taking the camper with his wife. Randy loved talking to everyone and sharing his passions such as his love for Jesus, Bible prophesy, cars - especially classics, airplanes, and computers. His all-time favorite trip was to Israel, to be able to walk where Jesus walked and visit numerous locations in 2009 with Dr. Chuck Missler who founded Koinonia House and has since passed away in May, 2018. Now we know they are both in Heaven having the best discussions ever!

Even though there were times Randy worried his wife with flying stories after the fact or did impulsive things like buy a 1967 Camaro without “discussing” it with her first, she would do the last 36 years all over again. Celebration of Life services for Randy are scheduled for Saturday, August 14th at 1 pm for Shoreline Church, 4908 Lena Rd, #104, Bradenton, FL and Saturday, August 21st at 1 pm for White Rock Fellowship, 21070 Schulley Rd, Noblesville, IN.

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Aaron "Triple A" Alton Ard Jr.'s obituary is full to the brim with exciting insights into his exciting and joy-filled life. This comes across from the interweaving of Aaron's important biological information and references to the joys and passions that he centered his life around -- a difficult task to accomplish when writing a full obituary. His interest and experience in dirt bike racing, his time in the military, his passion for surfing (and collecting boards), and his love for his son is all detailed alongside descriptions of the type of person Aaron was and the adventures he encountered. Aaron's obituary is a great example of an obituary that includes both important information and valuable insight into who he was, what he loved, and what was important to him. Visit Aaron's memorial website to learn more about his life.

Read Aaron's obituary below:

After a valiant battle with an aggressive cancer, Aaron Alton Ard Jr. of Austin Texas passed away on August 16th, 2021 while in Hospice Care at the age of 59. He was born May 22, 1962 in Waco, Texas, the son of late Aaron Alton Ard Sr. and Barbara Ard of Waco Texas. He was the oldest of three siblings.

He leaves behind his son, Cody Aaron Ard of Salt Lake City Utah; his mother, Barbara Ard; his younger brother Donald Ard of Waco Texas, mother of his son and former spouse, LaDana Ard of Cedar Park Texas; sister in law Rebecca Ard (wife of Donald) and their two sons, Dennis and Matthew; sister in law Margaret (former wife of David) and their two sons Steven and Jacob, and daughter Erin. Preceded in death by his father Aaron Alton Ard Sr. and his middle brother David Ard.

Aaron was a 1981 graduate of Waco’s Connally High. Aaron, a military veteran, joined the United States Navy in 1981 and was stationed in San Diego California where he served active duty for five years and additionally five years in the reserves. He married in October of 1986 and received his Associates degree in 1986 from the University of Texas at Tyler. Aaron was accepted to the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy in January 1988 where he graduated with class A-88. Aaron was first stationed in Irving Texas where he served in the Driver License division before transferring to Highway Patrol in Hillsboro Texas. He became a father to his only son in June 1990. In the spring of 1991, he made his way to Austin Texas where he worked in HP and DL. He was promoted up the ranks to Corporal, then Sergeant and ultimately retired as Lieutenant and re-hired as Sr. Trooper. Aaron was an active member of Texas DPS up to the day of his death.

Aaron was a full time adventure seeker. It was a rare weekend that you wouldn’t see motocross track dirt smeared across his face and chain grease on his hands. He was the most happy when he had dirt grit on his teeth or mud on his gear. He loved racing and his love of motocross started at young age when his father bought him his first dirt bike. Aaron was always either racing mountain bikes, running competitive races with his brother, or racing off-road with a vengeance by competing in the SCORE International Baja 250; 500 and 1000; Vegas to Reno and a plethora of others alongside his son and close circle of racing brothers. It was not uncommon to see dirt bike parts strategically placed on towels inside the house where he would work on things. Just like Aaron’s father gifted him his first dirt-bike, he couldn’t wait to ride with his own son and brought home a tiny dirt-bike for his four year old. Together they found the freedom of riding and shared Aaron’s adventurous spirit.

Aaron enjoyed snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains and scuba diving in the ocean. He loved to surf and collected surf boards for fun. Aaron always challenged himself to become one with the elements that would test him to his fullest, and he instilled that same competitive nature into his son. Aaron was a wonderful father. He adored his son and continued to love him up to his death with his whole heart. Despite the challenges that come along with being a parent, Cody was always and will forever be the love of his life. Aaron has left many meaningful and happy memories for those who knew and loved him that will last their lifetimes. His friends and family will continue to honor his legacy by living their lives to the fullest. v Aaron kept people rolling in laughter because he could find humor in the most mundane life circumstances. Aaron’s pleasant personality was contagious to everyone he met. He could bring a smile to your face and laugh along at you and with you. He had a great sense of humor and he had many stories to tell of his adventurous life that will live on in infamy.

Aaron, a father to one and brother to many will be sorely missed and forever remembered. Because Aaron celebrated life, no formal funeral service is being planned, instead, he will be honored with an outdoor Celebration of Life and Bar-B-Q to be held at a later date.

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Self-authored obituary example

A unique type of obituary is one that's written by the decedent themselves, in the first person. This type of obituary is written beforehand and is a life story that's told from the perspective of the person who passed away. These unique obituaries are an interesting take on the typical obituary and allow the person who passed away to have full control over how their story is told.

Mary's obituary is a well-written example of a self-authored obituary. In her obituary, she shares standard biographical information as well as interesting aspects of her hobbies and her life lived. At one point Mary even mentions how much she enjoyed reading the obituary section! This type of obituary writing is an excellent choice for those who wish to be in charge of how their obituary is structured. Mary's obituary allows readers to feel as though they're reading a note she wrote just for them about her life, her remaining family, her passions, and her thoughts. Visit Mary's memorial website to learn more about her life.

Read Mary's obituary below:

Hello:) My name is Mary Jane Gordy (Fischer). I was born on April 4, 1959 and I passed away peacefully on June 28th, 2021, surrounded by so much love and all my family. I had an amazing life. I grew up in the community of Inver Grove Heights, and have many family, friends, and memories there. I got married in 1981, and settled with my husband and raised a family in the next town over and made many friends over the years. I love to cook, and bake, and put smiles on faces. I was blessed with grandchildren and those kids have been such fun to be with, my husband and I love them so much. I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, I put up a good fight, Cancer sucks. I really liked reading the obituary section every week. I don't know why, it was just my thing. So, thanks, for taking a moment out of your day to read about me, hopefully I made you smile. My family made me the happiest.

I am survived by my Mother Patricia L. Fischer (Hartfield); Husband James R. Gordy; Daughters, Kristina M. Chambers; Carrie A. Tjaden (Seth); Grandchildren; Emma L. Tjaden; Ellie L. Tjaden; Stellan J. Tjaden; Brothers, Tom Fischer (Julie); Joseph Fischer (Peg); James Fischer; Bob Fischer; Donna Brekke (Tom); Many nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends.

Preceeded in death by, My father; Edward C Fischer, My brother; David A. Fischer; My Grandson; Christian T. Chambers.

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Each of these obituaries were clearly written with thought, intention, and love behind them and did a wonderful job at describing the life and personality of the person who passed away. If you’re struggling to start writing an obituary, remember to check out this article on free obituary templates. If you’re looking for a place to share the obituary you’ve written with others, consider starting up a memorial website. They are free, easy to use, and let you share the obituary with as many people as you’d like to.

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