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Memorials I manage
Donald "Don" Dykes
Owen was Donald's cousin
Christopher "Chris" Allen
Owen was Christopher's cousin
Joy Bowen
Owen was Joy's cousin
Colon Galbreath
Owen was Colon's cousin
Dr. Deron "De" Collins, I
Owen was Deron's cousin
Nana "Nan" Galbreath
Owen was Nana's cousin
Low Galbreath
Owen was Low's cousin
Martha Austin
Owen was Martha's cousin
Chesley Hilton
Owen was Chesley's cousin
Danny Thompson
Owen was Danny's cousin
Charles "Herb" Dykes
Owen was Charles's cousin
Edith Thigpin
Owen was Edith's cousin
Dr. Kenneth "Ken" Sutton
Owen was Kenneth's family
Merle Wilkes
Owen was Merle's family
Martha "Fran" Sessions
Owen was Martha's cousin
Walter Jackson
Owen was Walter's friend
Jakob "Jake" Lively
Owen was Jakob's friend
Ronald "PAHA" Caputi
Owen was Ronald's family
Curtis Hamilton
Owen was Curtis's friend
John Carpenter
Owen was John's family
Brenda Eckert
Owen was Brenda's cousin
Dianne Galbreath
Owen was Dianne's family
Elemer Caraway
Owen was Elemer's friend
David Hochstetler
Owen was David's family
Billy Colvin
Owen was Billy's family
Carolyn Roberts
Owen was Carolyn's cousin
Richard Galbreath
Owen was Richard's cousin
Reginald "Reggie" Galbreath
Owen was Reginald's cousin
Vance Livingston
Owen was Vance's family
Keith "Tootsie" Cowart
Owen was Keith's friend
Patricia "Pat" Harvin
Owen was Patricia's cousin
James George
Owen was James's cousin
Danny Adams
Owen was Danny's cousin
John Galbreath
Owen was John's cousin
Wynema Colvin
Owen was Wynema's family
Taylor Hart
Owen was Taylor's cousin
Joan Johnson
Owen was Joan's family
Doris Swann
Owen was Doris's family
Janet Clouse
Owen was Janet's cousin
Walter "Sonny" Scott
Owen was Walter's family
John Bennett
Owen was John's cousin
Minnie Stone
Owen was Minnie's cousin
Daniel "Dan" Bolt
Owen was Daniel's family
Patrick White
Owen was Patrick's family
James "Ronnie" Williamson
Owen was James's family
Millie McLeod
Owen was Millie's family
Jimmy Mancill
Owen was Jimmy's family
Norman LeViner
Owen was Norman's cousin
Walter Register
Owen was Walter's nephew
Robert "Bob" Wilkes
Owen was Robert's cousin
Jerry Bailey
Owen was Jerry's family
Robert "Bob" Dixon
Owen was Robert's family
Eva Harden
Owen was Eva's friend
Glenda Richardson
Owen was Glenda's family
Suletia Hines
Owen was Suletia's family
Laura Mikell
Owen was Laura's aunt
Jane Earick
Owen was Jane's family
Delene Wilson
Owen was Delene's family
Patrick "Pat" Currie
Owen was Patrick's family
Donnie Williamson
Owen was Donnie's family
Sarah Phillips
Owen was Sarah's family
Nina Register
Owen was Nina's ex great nephew
James "Woody" Woodard
Owen was James's family
Hilda Jordan
Owen was Hilda's cousin
Mary Braddy
Owen was Mary's cousin
Rev. Herman "H.G." Ridgdill, II
Owen was Herman's family
William "Wild Bill" Roberts
Owen was William's cousin
Milton Yancey
Owen was Milton's cousin
Elizabeth Yancey
Owen was Elizabeth's cousin
Fay Ray
Owen was Fay's cousin
Velma Williamson
Owen was Velma's cousin
William "Bud" Hart
Owen was William's cousin
Carol Wright
Owen was Carol's cousin
Charlie Yon
Owen was Charlie's family
Dorothy Galbreath
Owen was Dorothy's cousin
Patricia Gillis
Owen was Patricia's cousin
Hunter Conner
Owen was Hunter's cousin
Peggy "Peg" Branton
Owen was Peggy's cousin
James Dowdy
Owen was James's cousin
Kathryn "Kathy" Lynn
Owen was Kathryn's family
Edward "Buddy" Williamson
Owen was Edward's family
Lendel Settefratti
Owen was Lendel's cousin
Gene Andrews
Owen was Gene's cousin
Jerry Andrews
Owen was Jerry's cousin
Johnnie Cone
Owen was Johnnie's friend
Faye Mead
Owen was Faye's family
Richard "Dick" Thompson
Owen was Richard's nephew
Johnny Conner
Owen was Johnny's cousin
Edward "Eddie" Ashley, III
Owen was Edward's family
Dr. James O’Conner
Owen was James's cousin
Alice Mosley
Owen was Alice's family
Abbie Farr
Owen was Abbie's family
JoAnn Wills
Owen was JoAnn's cousin
Billie "Bill" Courson, I
Owen was Billie's family
Joyce Kirkland
Owen was Joyce's cousin
Olon Blizzard
Owen was Olon's cousin
Mary Currie
Owen was Mary's family
William "Sam" Hart
Owen was William's cousin
Jolly Graham
Owen was Jolly's family
Frank "Lindy" McDonald
Owen was Frank's family friend
Helen "Giggy" Kennington
Owen was Helen's cousin
Jackie O'Neal
Owen was Jackie's family
James Boyd
Owen was James's friend
Johnny White
Owen was Johnny's family
James "Jimmy" Brandenburg
Owen was James's friend
Trey Sutton
Owen was Trey's cousin
Mildred Benton
Owen was Mildred's cousin
Eva Galbreath
Owen was Eva's cousin
David "Dave" Campbell
Owen was David's friend
Cheryl Anderson
Owen was Cheryl's cousin
Walter "Skeeter" Sessions, III
Owen was Walter's cousin
John "Pete" Braddy, I
Owen was John's cousin
Inez Mullis
Owen was Inez's cousin
Lee "Junior" Williamson, II
Owen was Lee's cousin
Cecil Rountree, II
Owen was Cecil's family
Randolph "Randy" Whitfield
Owen was Randolph's cousin
Lummie Spence
Owen was Lummie's friend
Ida "Jean" Roberson
Owen was Ida's cousin
Melba Howard
Owen was Melba's family
Dr. Joe Palmer
Owen was Joe's cousin
Ronald Pruitt
Owen was Ronald's friend
Carolyn Burch
Owen was Carolyn's great uncle’s second cousin
Maxwell Hall
Owen was Maxwell's family
Brenda Kordzikowski
Owen was Brenda's cousin’s ex sister-in-law
Myra Wiggins
Owen was Myra's family
Marion "Dickie" Alexander
Owen was Marion's family
Rose Smith
Owen was Rose's great uncle’s mother-in-law
Blake Braswell
Owen was Blake's cousin
Marlene Cannon
Owen was Marlene's great uncle’s step brother’s wife
Robert "Gene" Cannon
Owen was Robert's family
Ethel Bennett
Owen was Ethel's cousin
Clint Hart
Owen was Clint's cousin
Richard Morris, II
Owen was Richard's great uncle’s cousin
Sabre Lamb
Owen was Sabre's friend
Evan "Mickey" Phillips
Owen was Evan's great uncle’s cousin
Mary Thigpen
Owen was Mary's great grandmother
June Norris
Owen was June's great uncle’s sister
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