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Robin was the kind of person …
Alexander Braun2018, Westgate Neighborhood 4th of July block party. Robin was the kind of person who became you best and oldest friend the moment you met her.
Ginny Mayer A year has gone by without my dear friend. Her absence has overshadowed the holidays. I reflect every day on how much she was a part of my life, in all good ways, both trivial (advising me on what towels to buy) to serious (job-related decisions). Rest well, sweetheart, and my condolences, again, to all who knew and loved her.
Miss you, Robin!
Jessie Vanoli2015 Miss you, Robin!
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Scott Seaman
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Laura Seaman
Sol Rosenberg How many people always made you smile and laugh whenever you met them - and you always walked away feeling better ?

Only Robin.

How many people can claim to have helped untold thousands of disabled people, bequeathing them the most invaluable gift of knowledge - and transforming an industry in a few short years?

Only Robin.
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Scott Seaman
Alexander Braun We miss her humor and blend of erudition. Her kind crosses one's path only once in a lifetime--if you are fortunate.

Alex & Eri Braun
Nicole Gnutzman
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Nicole Gnutzman
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Scott Seaman
John Warren As many others have commented, Robin was a shining light of passion, hope, and beauty in the world and in the world of books. I began to work with her immediately after she came to Benetech although we had met previously. At that time I had some understanding of accessibility and issues with books for people with print disabilities, but she expanded my horizons and awareness tremendously. She helped me to convince two publishers I worked with to submit books to Benetech. But more than this professional collaboration, she was always an open person and friend. I am very sorry I didn't see her for the past couple of years, but I certainly followed her work and she was an always will be an inspiration. One can only hope one leaves a positive legacy and impact and Robin's is one of the brightest stars in the firmament.
Scott Seaman 2019: Jim Fruchterman, Benetech Founder, has posted his remarks from Robin's celebration of life on a blogpost located at:…
Julie Noblitt Robin was one of the brightest lights I knew in my professional life, or anywhere. So positive, so energetic, so kind. She was never too busy to help make a new connection or support a colleague. A truly generous spirit with a wonderful sense of humor and endless compassion in her work. I miss her and will always think of her as the best colleague anyone could have.
Larry Montgomery When I was in 3rd grade I became best friends with Scott. It was at that time, over 58 years ago, that I first met Robin. My early memories of Robin were all positive. She always had a smile on her face and treated me like one of the family. As the decades clicked by my observations continued. Though we did not see each other often, Robin always greeted me with open arms, kind words and a big hug. She made me feel special in a way few others did. Robin loved her brother so much and she treated me in a way that gave me that same feeling. I have never known a kinder soul. This world is a much better place because Robin lived among us.
Larry Montgomery
Clayton Lewis Robin was a force for good, and for good feelings. A wonderful colleague on the Amazon Accessibility Advisory Council, and at Benetech. Her work lives on.
Trenise Pot Let Robin's laughter and fun be a comfort to you as you work through your grief. She will be greatly missed and forever thought of in many positive ways.

Caring thoughts,
John Loudon As a longtime colleague of Robin @ Harper in SF, I always found her considerate & fun--somewhat a rarity in the publishing industry. She got along well with virtually everyone, a rare achievement.
Shannon Reid
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Robin winning over new friend…
Scott Seaman2015, United Arab Emirates Robin winning over new friends in the UAE as she broadened her international reach
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Teresa Jenna
Robin's winning smile
Jill BauerGranville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada Robin's winning smile
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Jill Bauer
Elaine Ober Robin was the best collaborator ever. She was generous with her time, her knowledge, her support, her probing questions, and her killer humor and infectious laugh. I feel privileged to have known her and honored to have worked with her. She had a gift for making even the most ordinary things wonderful. And she used the word "gobsmacked" with ease. I'm still in disbelief that she is gone.
Laura's Birthday Gathering ❤️
Ashley Sison2018 Laura's Birthday Gathering ❤️
Andrea Schneider I met Robin through her brother Scott. I wanted to meet her because she was so accomplished, inventive and blazing new paths with her work and her leadership.
She made time for us to meet up in Palo Alto, share some food and what she was doing with books 📚 around the world. We had a great talk and her thought and energy resonate with me today.
I am very sad to hear she passed away. I know her vital energy is with us, just in a different way.
Much love to the Seaman Family.

Andrea Schneider
June Christensen Casey I was so sorry to read about Robin Seaman passing away. How sad. Too young and vital. I knew Annette and Robert Seaman when they lived in the little house behind Cowper Court. My parents, The Christensen's, were their landlords and I was going to Paly High School. Mr. Seaman worked at the radio station next to the President Hotel. I can still see him there talking into the big microphone. Annette and I became reacquainted MANY years later and sent

Christmas cards for some time. We would run into each other now and then. This was after I was married and had kids of my own. I could alway spot Annette because she was so pretty and had beautiful blue eyes. She always seemed to remember me, too. My deepest sympathy to you Scott and your family.
Kristina Pappas I worked with Robin at IDG Books in the 90s, and again at Benetech for 4 years. She was always full of energy, upbeat, outgoing - I was lucky to know and work with her. It's obvious from the outpouring of affection and memories here that she touched many lives. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the memorial service, but I send love and best wishes to her family and friends. May you find comfort and strength in your memories.
Bill Kasdorf Everybody loved Robin.

We all want to be that person, right? The person everybody loves?

Robin's secret: she didn't have to try. She loved everybody. (Except those she didn't.)

I've loved my wife for five decades, and I love her today to distraction, but--wait, where was I going with that? [ ;) a little joke Robin would have loved]--oh yeah, Robin.

Like so many of us, I loved Robin. I have her lovely moon face in my heart. I crank her laugh up whenever I need it.

Bye, Robin. Stay with me.

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