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10 Reasons to Create a Memorial Website

Memorial websites are incredibly useful for families who have just lost someone and are trying to notify their community. Memorial websites come with a lot of benefits, but if you’ve never used one, you may not know what those benefits are. Here are some of the top ways a memorial website can be useful to you if you’ve lost someone.

Reason 1: You can publish an obituary online.

Obituaries typically cost families around $200 to publish in the local newspaper. Publishing an obituary in the newspaper is not only costly, but highly ineffective in today’s world. Obituaries that are published in the newspaper are typically only a few sentences long, come with a single photo, and only run one day in the paper. If you’re posting an obituary so that anyone who knew the deceased can read more about their life, it’s much more effective (and inexpensive) to do this by publishing an obituary online. The ability to include an obituary on your Ever Loved memorial website is just one of many perks available to you on our online memorials. Keep in mind that other online obituary websites may charge a fee for publishing an obituary through their service, so you’ll need to make sure you’re checking out their pricing structure if you’re comparing different companies.

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Reason 2: You can share event information.

After someone dies, people in their community want to know if and when services will be being held. If you’ve already planned out the services, you can easily post this information directly on the memorial website, including information about COVID-19 restrictions and specific precautions you’re taking at the event. If you’re not sure what events will take place (or if there are events that will be taking place), you can share that information on the memorial website. If you’ve set up a livestream of the event, you can include the link to that directly on the memorial website. Anyone viewing the memorial website can watch the stream on the page.

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Reason 3: You can easily keep track of RSVPs.

If you’ve listed an event (or multiple events) on your memorial website, you can easily keep track of any RSVPs to the event. You’ll get a list of those who are attending, not attending, and even those who are attending the event virtually. You’ll also be able to message those who have RSVP’d individually or you can simply message anyone who is attending with the same message. This can be helpful, especially if you’d like to share important additional information or make an announcement at any point.

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Reason 4: You can start a fundraiser.

Fundraisers on Ever Loved are used for anything from starting a college fund for the children of someone who has passed to raising money for a charity to helping a family cover funeral expenses. When you create a memorial website on Ever Loved, you can start a fundraiser for practically anything surrounding the passing of a loved one. Fundraisers on Ever Loved are free and stay active as long as you’d like them to. You’ll be able to easily get in touch with anyone who has donated to thank them for their donations. Families in need are often overwhelmed by the generosity and support of their community on Ever Loved after starting a fundraiser.

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Reason 5: You can post and collect unlimited photos and condolences.

If you’re looking for a space to collect messages, condolences, memories, and photos, a memorial website is an excellent idea. Ever Loved memorial websites come with unlimited space for photos, condolences, and videos giving you and your community a space to share stories about the person who passed away.

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Reason 6: They’re easy to edit.

Picture this: You write up an obituary and decide to post it in the newspaper. The newspaper lets you publish 5 sentences for around $200. You publish the obituary and read it in the newspaper, only to find you’ve completely forgotten to include the decedent’s children’s names and there’s a typo. If you post an obituary (or any other content) on a memorial website, you’re able to avoid this scenario entirely. If you want to edit the obituary, add or remove content, you’re able to do that simply by editing the memorial website. This makes it easy to add forgotten names or edit any typos with the click of a button. This is also helpful for adding new information or stories you’ve heard or remembered.

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Reason 7: They’re easy to share.

Online memorial websites posted on Ever Loved are easy to share with friends, family, and your community. If you’re on social media and have a Facebook or Twitter, you’re able to click the Facebook and Twitter icons to share directly to those feeds. You also have the option to simply copy the link to the page and share it via text, email, chat, or any other method you choose. If you’d prefer to send out an email, Ever Loved has beautifully designed email templates that you can send directly to your contacts. Additionally, if you’ve posted the obituary in the newspaper, you’re able to include the link to the memorial website in your published obituary so that even folks offline know where they can access it. Get started

Reason 8: You can get help with logistics.

Losing someone is hard even without the large amount of tasks that have to be handled after someone passes away. Many families have no idea where to start or may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to look up on their own. Ever Loved memorial websites come with a checklist that makes it easy for you to keep track of tasks you need to take care of, assign others to handle tasks, and provides you with easy steps and guidance on how to accomplish the tasks you need to handle.

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Reason 9: Memorial websites can be free.

If you set up a memorial website with Ever Loved, you’ll be able to set up a memorial website entirely free. This means you gain access to all the useful features that come along with a memorial website for absolutely no cost. Other online memorials sites may charge you hundreds of dollars to publish a memorial site, so you’ll need to make sure you understand their pricing structure if you are comparing services. If you’d like an idea of what memorials for loved ones look like on Ever Loved, feel free to click through this memorial website template.

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Reason 10: A memorial website stays up as long as you’d like.

If you choose to set up a memorial website with Ever Loved, your memorial website will stay online as long as you’d like it to. This is incredibly useful to those who may want to start a memorial website in advance or those who would like a space to remember their loved for years to come. If you’d like to take down the memorial website early or just want to work on it privately, you can easily unpublish the website from your dashboard. Additionally, having a memorial website that stays up permanently is a great way to let folks join together on special anniversaries to remember someone they’ve lost.

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Last updated June 23, 2022
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