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How to Create an Online Obituary

When someone dies, their loved ones often want to share the news with their community. One way to do this is by posting an online obituary. This can be a good way to let people know about the death, say goodbye to the deceased, and share memories. If you’d like to publish an obituary online, here are the steps to take.

Step 1: Find the right platform

When it comes to online obituaries, there are a handful of online obituary sites you can choose from, depending on your preferences. Older sites like Legacy let you publish an obituary online (but typically don't let you customize much in terms of look). If you're looking for more functionality with your free online obituary (such as the ability to raise funds, for example), you should consider a memorial website platform, such as Ever Loved. Ever Loved lets you easily post a memorial website that comes with useful features such as the ability to:

  • Publish a free online obituary
  • Start a memorial fundraiser
  • Collect comments, memories, and condolences
  • Share important event information
  • Share a timeline of your loved one's life
  • Access a checklist of tasks to take care of after someone passes away
  • And much more!

Publish an obituary

Step 2: Read through examples

If you've never written an obituary before, it can be helpful to look at some examples online before getting started. Looking at online obituary examples can help you identify the kind of style and approach you'd like to take when writing the obituary. Obituaries are highly customizable and personalized to the person who passed away -- they're meant to share the story of your loved one's life. If the person who passed was a serious, religious individual, you can consider writing an obituary that reflects that. Alternatively, if they were non-conformist and had a big sense of humor, writing an obituary that doesn't follow the standard format may be useful to you.

Obituaries typically include the following information, which can be interspersed throughout the obituary in whatever way you find best:

  • The person's name, age, and date of death
  • Cause of death
  • A description of the person's life (including their family life, career, passions, goals, and values)
  • A list of survivors and predeceased family members
  • Any other important details you may want to include
  • Plans for services

For a full list of online obituary templates, check out this article. If you're more interested in real examples of obituaries online, you can read through this list of exceptional obituaries that have been posted on Ever Loved.

Publish an obituary

Step 3: Write the obituary

Once you've read through examples and have an idea on what you'd like the obituary to contain, it's time to start writing it. If you're posting an obituary on Ever Loved, you can come back to edit it and change the obituary at any time. You can also easily choose from prefilled templates if you're not sure where to start. Additionally, you'll be able to add some formatting options to make sure the obituary looks exactly as you'd like it to. After you've posted the obituary, you'll be able to easily share it with friends and family.

Publish an obituary

Step 4: Fill out other areas of the site

If you've created an obituary on Ever Loved, you have access to many other features that you may find useful. Filling out other areas of the site lets visitors learn more about the decedent's life and any upcoming events they should be aware of. Was there a cause important to the deceased? Are you struggling to cover funeral expenses? Set up a fundraiser. Want help with other after-death logistics? Consider reading through the checklist. Have a ton of photos you want to post? Head to the Memories tab of the website. Taking some extra time to view all areas of the memorial website can help you paint a broader picture for those who visit the memorial website.

Step 5: Share the obituary

After you've set up the obituary, it's time to share it. Ever Loved makes this part easy -- simply copy the public link, invite people to view the obituary by email, or post the page directly to your Facebook or Twitter. Sharing the obituary is highly encouraged as many people want to know where they can go to be in community with others who knew the deceased.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to publishing obituaries online.

Are online obituaries free?

The price of an online obituary depends on where you're posting it and what service you're using. Obituaries posted online through Ever Loved are free and stay up as long as you'd like them to. If you publish an obituary through a newspaper, they may publish your obituary online (either on their own site or through a service like Legacy), but this is typically included in your obituary cost. Publishing an obituary with a newspaper will cost around $200 on average for a 4-5 sentence obituary with a black and white photo.

Why should I post an online obituary?

Posting an online obituary is a great idea for a few reasons, including:

  • Online obituaries can be free
  • Online obituaries are easily searchable and shareable
  • Online obituaries can be edited at any time
  • You have the ability to include more than one photo with an online obituary (that's also in color!)
  • Publishing an online obituary through a platform like Ever Loved gives you access to many useful features

Publish a free online obituary

I already published an obituary in the newspaper. Should I still publish an online obituary?

You should still publish an obituary online even if you've already paid to have one published in the newspaper. Obituaries that are only published in a single newspaper typically only run for one day, are very limited in the audience they reach and are easy to miss for those who don't subscribe to the newspaper you publish the obituary in. Additionally, if there isn't an online archive, folks will have a hard time locating the obituary after it's been published. Publishing the obituary online through Ever Loved in addition to publishing it in the newspaper can help you ensure that those who want to are able to read it at any time.

How long do obituaries stay online for?

If you post on a memorial website, it depends on their server and their terms. On Ever Loved, you can post an obituary and it stays up indefinitely, or as long as you'd like it to.

Publish a free online obituary

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Last updated November 23, 2022
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