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10 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Mother

When someone close to you suffers the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to find the right words of comfort and support. A thoughtful gift can help to express your sympathy without words. While there’s no ‘right’ gift for someone who has recently lost a mother, it can be a meaningful way to show your support and care for the person who has recently suffered a loss.

Sympathy gift ideas for the loss of a mother

Here are 10 sympathy gift ideas that could provide comfort and solace in this difficult time.

1. A photo album or scrapbook

A photo album or scrapbook is an excellent gift for someone who has lost a mother, as it provides a tangible way to remember and celebrate her life. This type of gift provides an opportunity to relive cherished moments, reflect on past experiences, and share stories with others. As a personal gesture, you can focus on the memories that your friend shared with his or her mother. You can easily create a photo album online by creating a memorial website or purchase a physical book so the bereaved can have something tangible to hold.

2. Customized bereavement jewelry

Bereavement jewelry is a wonderful sympathy gift for someone who has lost their mom. This type of memorial jewelry helps to honor the memory of their loved one in an intimate and thoughtful way. For those who have experienced the loss of a mother, gifts such as personalized necklaces, bracelets, or rings provide a unique way to keep their mother close even when they are no longer here in physical form. The bereaved can wear this type of gift every day, reminding them that their mom will always be with them in spirit. Not only does it serve as an emotional reminder but also provides comfort during times of grief and sadness.

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Memorial jewelry for the loss of a mother comes in many different styles and designs. From simple pendants to intricate charms, there are a variety of options available that can be tailored to the individual's tastes and preferences. You can also customize bereavement jewelry with special dates or quotes that embody the spirit of the deceased.

3. Plantable memorial cards made from seed paper

Plantable memorial cards are one of the more unique memorial gifts for the loss of a mother, so they may be something you've never heard of. Made from seed-embedded paper, these cards give the bereaved something to remember their loved one by as they watch flowers or plants blossom in their place. This type of memorial gift can also be sent to friends and family as an invitation to the funeral service or memorial event.

This unique form of sympathy gift is also a sustainable option, as the paper used to make these cards is biodegradable and compostable, meaning it can be planted in any outdoor space. Not only does this provide a living reminder of their loved one but also provides beauty and can enhance a natural landscape. In addition to this, the design and message can be customized with many of these packets.

4. A book on managing grief

Sometimes a gift can be in the form of another's words. A grief support book can be a wonderful sympathy gift for someone who has lost their mother. Books provide comfort and solace in difficult times, allowing the bereaved to find strength and guidance from another’s words. Grief-related books are often filled with stories of others who have experienced loss and how they found ways to cope, providing support that is invaluable during this time. Reading these types of books can help those grieving feel less alone in their grief journey, as well as provide helpful tips on how to navigate through all the emotions associated with losing a loved one. A gift for someone whose mother died should be meaningful and thoughtful, which makes a grief-related book an excellent choice for conveying your sympathies.

It's also an excellent choice if you are specifically looking for a sympathy gift for a child who lost a parent. Children's books about grief are an incredible tool for helping young people understand and process their emotions in a healthy way.

5. A comforting blanket

Another good choice for a younger child (or an adult) is a memorial blanket. Memorial blankets are easily personalized and make comforting memorial gifts for the loss of a mother. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort during times of sadness, but it also serves as a physical reminder that the deceased mother is still with them in spirit. Memorial blankets also come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, making them endlessly customizable. If you're someone who prefers a DIY approach, there are many online tutorials that show how to make a memory blanket from scratch.

6. A donation to a charity close to the family's heart

One of the most meaningful sympathy gifts you can give someone who has lost a mother is a donation to a charity that was close to her heart. Not only does this show your support and care for the bereaved, but it also honors their mother’s memory in an incredibly personal way. A donation gift sends the message that you want to help continue her legacy by supporting causes she believed in and cared about deeply. This type of gift allows us to honor our loved one's life while also giving back to those in need—a truly powerful combination that will not be forgotten.

Memorial donations make excellent sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother for a man or a woman, as they can continue to carry on the legacy of their mother in a meaningful way that doesn't necessarily have a "style" or gender associated with it (as opposed to, say, a memorial necklace).

7. An angel figurine or statue

Figurines and statues are popular bereavement gifts for the loss of a mother as they can be subtle (or not), vary in size, texture, and style, and can be placed in many places. Furthermore, these types of objects can be placed in many places around the home or office as a reminder of the deceased loved one's memory.

For individuals who are religious, angel figurines and statues also provide a sense of protection, guidance, and comfort. They can symbolize eternal life and that the deceased loved one is now an angel watching over their remaining family members. As such, these types of sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother offer a tangible reminder that even though she is gone, her spirit and memory can still be kept alive in those closest to her.

8. A personalized coffee mug

A personalized mug makes a thoughtful and meaningful bereavement gift for someone who has recently lost their mother. By seeing their mother's name, important dates, an inspiring quote, or any other type of personalization on the mug, the recipient is sure to feel that they are in your thoughts and that you care about what they're going through.

Coffee mugs are easy to customize with the deceased’s name, photo, or special message, but it also serves as a tangible reminder that they are always in our hearts. A personalized mug is both practical and sentimental—the perfect combination when choosing sympathy gifts.

9. A self-care basket

Sympathy and self-care baskets are a great way to show your support for someone who has lost their mother. These gifts offer the bereaved an opportunity to practice self-care while also honoring the memory of their deceased loved one. Whether you put together a basket yourself or purchase one pre-made, sympathy and self-care baskets can be filled with items that will provide comfort, hope, and healing during this difficult time.

Consider including items like cozy throw blankets, candles, books, bath supplies, chocolates, coffee or tea, and other items that will provide comfort. You can even add a heartfelt note to let them know how much you care and that your thoughts are with them during this tough time. If you'd like to purchase a pre-made sympathy basket, you have the option of choosing a basket that you feel best fits the recipient’s personality and interests.

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By giving a sympathy gift of self-care, you can show your support while also providing the bereaved with an opportunity to take care of themselves during this difficult time. This will help them cope with their grief, knowing that others are there for them in any way they need.

10. Custom artwork or portrait

Custom portraits are a fantastic way to commemorate a deceased loved one, and thus make an excellent sympathy gift for someone who has recently lost their mother. Whether it is a painting, sketch, or photograph, custom artwork allows you to capture the essence of your friend’s mother. Professional artists specialized in creating memorial art from photographs can be found online and through marketplaces like Etsy.

While there are no gifts that can take away the pain of such an immense loss, thoughtful gifts help convey messages of hope and healing while also honoring the recipient's beloved mother. No matter what type of gift you choose for someone who has lost their mother, they will appreciate knowing you care about them in their grief.

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Last updated January 25, 2023
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