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9 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Husband

Whether it’s a sister, father, friend or other loved one who has passed away, the grief that comes with losing someone you love can be overwhelming. While there are no words to express what one feels in such a situation, sending a sympathy gift can be an important way of expressing your condolences and offering support at this difficult time.

There are a wide variety of gifts to give someone who lost a loved one -- ranging from personalized items to flowers and other keepsakes that can be treasured for years to come. If you're searching for memorial gifts for someone who has suffered the loss of a husband, here are some ideas to get you started.

Sympathy gift ideas for the loss of a husband

1. Personalized remembrance necklace

Honor the memory of the deceased by giving a personalized remembrance necklace with their name and/or birthdate. Memorial necklaces make excellent bereavement gifts due to their varied and customizable nature.

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2. Specialty candle

Gift them with a specialty candle that features an uplifting quote or picture of the deceased. This can be displayed as a reminder of cherished memories during times of grief. On top of that, any time that the candle is lit and the comforting scent is released, it can serve as a positive reminder of better times and memories with the deceased husband. You can make this more personalized by selecting a candle that smells reminiscent of the deceased's favorite scent or smell.

3. Engraved keepsake box

An engraved keepsake box is a great way to help someone remember their husband and can be filled with many unique trinkets. For grieving spouses, this can also be filled with items that provide them with a sense of comfort, such as small notes referencing positive memories, pictures from their time together, or items that represent trips and adventures they took together.

4. Flower arrangement

A flower arrangement is a classic sympathy gift that can bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Flowers are known for their beauty and fragrance, which can provide solace in times of sorrow. Furthermore, flowers can be an appropriate way to show your support from afar if you cannot be there in person to support your friend.

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5. Personalized photo album

Personalized photo albums are an excellent sympathy gift to give someone who has lost a beloved husband. Not only do they provide the grieving person with tangible memories of their loved one, but they also offer comfort during difficult times. Photo albums can be filled with pictures that highlight special moments spent together and remind the bereaved of happy times shared before the loss. They serve as a lasting reminder of how much love was shared between them and their partner and create an album full of cherished memories that will last forever.

6. Memorial donation

Was the deceased passionate about any community organizations, churches, charities, or volunteer programs? A memorial donation is a great way to honor their memory while also giving back. Memorial donations can be made in the name of the deceased, and many organizations will send a special acknowledgment to the bereaved family.

7. Sympathy gift basket

A sympathy gift basket can be a great way to show your support and love for someone who has lost their husband. Sympathy gift baskets are typically filled with items such as food, lotions, soaps, and other items related to self-care. After losing a husband, it's easy for the bereaved to slip into a place where they forget to prioritize their own physical and mental health. Sympathy gift baskets can give them a small respite from an otherwise incredibly difficult time.

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8. Digital personalized photo frame

Digital photo frames are wonderful gifts that allow the bereaved to directly upload many photos that then automatically cycle through the frame. These frames have the added benefit of being able to be connected to an app on a phone, which gives the bereaved spouse the ability to add new photos remotely. This is a great way to send meaningful condolences and remind them that even though their loved one may not be physically present, they are still thought of often.

9. Memorial bench, marker, or plaque

Was the deceased fond of a special park or spot in nature? Is there a place the couple used to venture to often? You may be able to purchase a memorial bench, marker, plaque, or even a tree in the place of their choice to honor the memory of your friend's husband. It is a way for them to have something physical that reminds them of their loved one, and it can provide solace during difficult times. If you know the place you'd like to do this, it's a good idea to first get in contact with the property manager to see if they have memorialization processes in place. Otherwise, you can purchase customized benches and plaques online that you can simply personalize and deliver to your friend.

These are just some of the many sympathy gift ideas you can give someone who has recently lost a beloved partner. Be sure to offer your support and companionship during difficult times, as these moments of human connection can be a source of comfort during immense grief. No matter what sympathy gift you choose, remember that the gesture itself often matters more than anything.

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Last updated January 24, 2023
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