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12 Miscarriage Memorial Ideas

Even though as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage, miscarriages are often not spoken about or given a public event to experience grief (such as a funeral). This can leave parents unsure on how to process their loss and how to memorialize their miscarried baby. If you’re in need of miscarriage memorial ideas or aren’t sure how to memorialize a miscarried baby, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Write letters to your baby

Writing after a loss can be incredibly cathartic for some. Writing letters to your baby gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, wishes, and hopes that you would’ve shared with them during their life. These letters don’t have to be filled with only positive things, you can write anything you want to in these letters. You may find it helpful to write letters on special dates or anniversaries, describing them to your baby or letting them know what you would’ve liked to do on these dates had they been with you.

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2. Name your baby

Miscarriages can happen at any time during a pregnancy, even before parents have had time to learn about the gender of their baby or to name the baby. If the gender of your baby is unknown, you can choose a name that was your favorite, an androgynous name, or the name you envisioned the baby having. Some people find holding a naming ceremony to be helpful while others choose to privately name their baby and keep it just between the parents.

3. Start a memorial website

Memorial websites give you a space to share memories, photos, and stories about your pregnancy or baby with your community. Your friends and family are able to visit your memorial website and share their own stories, photos, and condolences which can help you feel connected to your community during your time of need. Additionally, if you’d like to have any services or events for your baby, you can create them on your memorial website and share the event information with anyone who visits it. Memorial websites are easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to share.

4. Plant a tree

Planting a tree is a long lasting and beneficial way to honor your miscarried baby. Trees provide the environment with much needed oxygen and help our ecosystem by removing carbon dioxide from the environment. Trees also provide nature with shelter and food, depending on the species. Planting a tree as a miscarriage memorial idea will help the environment and gives your baby a memorial spot that can last hundreds (or even thousands) of years.

5. Name a star

A lesser known option to most, naming a star after your baby or in honor of your miscarried baby is both a creative option and a spiritual one for some. Stars that are named are registered in an international database, come with their own packet and guidance on how to easily locate your star in the night sky. If you’d like, you can even name a constellation or group of stars after your baby.

6. Make a garden

Gardens often make serene and peaceful places for miscarriage remembrance, especially if you decorate and dedicate the garden to your baby. You can plant your favorite plants or flowers in your garden, decorate it with miscarriage memorial stones, and you can even purchase a marker to mark the spot. Gardens also usually require some form of tending and care to truly thrive, which you may find healing or restorative.

7. Create a shadow box or special place to honor them

Shadow boxes are small boxes that hold small items and have a glass front so that people can peer inside the box. Creating a shadow box as a way to honor a miscarried baby gives you a space to place and keep items that you find precious. Items you might include in a shadow box for a miscarriage include pregnancy tests, small items or clothing you purchased for the baby, any hospital wristbands, a pregnancy announcement, and much more. You can also include items that you find special or remind you of your baby; it’s entirely up to you.

8. Wear memorial jewelry

Wearing miscarriage memorial jewelry can help you keep a close reminder of your baby at all times. Miscarriage jewelry is also a great choice as a miscarriage gift, since they come in a variety of types, styles, and price points making this an accessible gift or choice for all. Miscarriage jewelry often comes in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or ring and can be customized with engraving to personalize your piece. Miscarriage necklaces and miscarriage bracelets are among the most common choices of miscarriage jewelry.

9. Paint stones

Painting stones is an easy and creative way to honor a miscarried baby, with unlimited room for customization. You can often find smooth stones by going on a walk near a favorite lake or river; you can also find smooth stones at your local hardware store. Miscarriage memorial stones can be painted with anything you’d like including scenes, your baby’s name, favorite quotes, and more. If you know someone who just had a miscarriage, you can purchase and paint a memorial stone for them as a miscarriage memorial gift.

10. Get a tattoo

If the idea of a miscarriage keepsake isn’t permanent enough for you, you can consider getting a miscarriage tattoo. Tattoos last forever and are endlessly customizable, giving you a lot of room for creativity when it comes to memorializing your miscarriage. Popular choices for miscarriage tattoos include special quotes, the baby’s name, the due date or date of conception, and symbols.

11. Start a memorial fund or make a donation to a child loss organization

Many families set up memorial funds in honor of their miscarried baby to support others during their time of need or to support a favorite charity. You can choose any charity, but some families choose to set up a memorial fundraiser for a nonprofit or organization that helps parents who have lost children due to a miscarriage. Families often feel isolated after child loss, so starting up a fundraiser for organizations such as March of Dimes or The Compassionate Friends may help you feel connected to others who have also lost a child.

12. Donate your baby's belongings to a baby or mother in need

Donating your baby's belongings you purchased or were gifted to a child or mother in need is both altruistic and a great way to honor the memory of your baby. There are many babies and mothers in need of these precious items and donating them (when you're ready). You can find those in need by researching local orphanages, foster care, charities, or other organizations that help moms and babies in need.

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Last updated December 14, 2021
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