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What is a Digital Tombstone?

Tombstones are likely one of the last products you’d expect to be digitized, but digital tombstones are real and are likely to become more and more common in the future. Here’s what you need to know about high-tech tombstones and where to get them.

What is a digital tombstone?

A digital tombstone or digital gravestone is a piece of technology that’s only being offered by a single cemetery outside of Slovenia. The high-tech tombstone is a 48-inch flatscreen that allows loved ones to display videos, images, and text about their loved one in place of the traditional gravestone. While this technology isn’t available outside of this specific cemetery, this type of technology is likely going to be made more prevalent and accessible in the future. If you’re interested in a digital tombstone, you can still get a gravestone engraved with a QR code, which is described below. Digital tombstones would allow families to continuously interact with the gravestone by adding new sayings, new stories, photos, videos, and more.

What is a digital grave?

Digital graves can also refer to digital tombstones or digital gravestones that have a QR inscribed onto the stone itself. The QR code that’s inscribed on the stone links to an online memorial website or different website where visitors can learn more about the deceased.

How do I get a digital gravestone?

Digital gravestones can be either custom made by a gravestone company engraving the QR code directly onto the stone itself. This can be a bit more expensive, depending on the company you go with and the price of their engraving. It’s also possible you work with a company that simply does not offer QR code engraving. If having the QR code engraved directly on the gravestone is important to you, be sure to speak with the company you’re purchasing the headstone from before you buy.

If you choose a gravestone that can’t have a QR code engraved directly on it, or are looking to digitize a gravestone that you’ve already purchased, the good news is there are companies that make small QR code attachments for gravestones. These small attachments are placed onto the gravestone or grave marker itself with a QR code engraved onto the small piece of wood, stone, or metal. You can find a QR code attachment for as low as $29.00 which can help you turn a traditional gravestone into a digital gravestone for an affordable price.

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Most people link the QR code on a digital tombstone to an online memorial website where family, friends, and visitors can learn more about the deceased and interact with their loved ones. Linking your digital gravestone to an Ever Loved memorial website offers visitors a space to share their condolences, memories, and stories, add events to your loved one’s life timeline, share your loved one’s favorites, and interact with their community in other meaningful ways.

This QR code will be linked to a memorial website or other website that you’ve set up for yourself online. You can get started by setting up a memorial website first so that it’s ready to go when you have the QR code linked to it.

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Why should you get a digital grave?

There are plenty of benefits to getting a digital grave: Easily enable visitors to connect with your loved one’s friends, family, and community Provides the opportunity to learn more about your loved one Allows more space for personalization that’s easily changed and updated Easily links directly to your loved one’s online obituary Allows visitors to immediately interact with and view information about the deceased by going online Setting up a digital gravestone is also an excellent way to start sharing your family’s story and history online. If you have multiple digital gravestones, visitors can easily learn about your family’s history simply by scanning a few codes with their phone.

How much do they cost?

The cost of engraving a QR code onto the stone itself will depend on the headstone manufacturer you’re working with, but some vendors offer QR code engraving for as low as $99.

You can also look into purchasing a separate QR code engraving that you attach to the gravestone. Separate QR code engravings start at around $29.

If you’re looking for a digital tombstone, you’ll need to get started with a memorial website. Memorial websites can be linked to your QR code so that all visitors can interact with your memorial website as soon as they scan the code on the headstone. Memorial websites are free, easy to use, easy to share, and provide a space for your loved ones to connect after losing someone.

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Last updated March 4, 2021
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