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How to Write a Eulogy for a Grandmother

A grandmother’s eulogy is an excellent time to include all attendees in a brief remembrance of your grandmother’s life. Here’s steps on how to write a eulogy for a grandmother, including ideas on what to say, how to structure the eulogy, and what to do if you’re not comfortable writing a eulogy.

What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech or short piece of writing that’s done in memory of someone who has passed away. Eulogies are typically read by members of the family or close friends who knew the deceased and are generally read at memorial services or funerals.

What’s the difference between a funeral tribute, a funeral speech, and a eulogy?

A funeral speech, a funeral tribute, and a eulogy are generally interchangeable terms for the same thing. At their core, these terms describe a speech that’s delivered at a memorial event or funeral event and are done in honor of the person who passed away.

Should a eulogy be serious?

Keep in mind that while a eulogy is shared at a typically somber event, it doesn’t necessarily mean the eulogy itself has to be somber and serious. You have the opportunity to write a funny eulogy for a grandmother or a serious one (or a mix of both), it depends entirely on your preferences and the tone you’d like to set for the event.

Do I have to write a formal eulogy?

Eulogies are not required at any funeral or memorial service, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to write a eulogy if you’re uncomfortable with doing so. However, you may still feel inclined to say something (even if it’s not a eulogy). If you’re wondering, “What do I say at my grandmother’s funeral?”, you’re not alone. Many people aren’t sure exactly what to say during their grandma’s funeral speech, even if they only want to say a few words. Speaking at any memorial event can feel daunting, but the key is to remain genuine and authentic in whatever you decide to say.

Is there specific information I should include in a eulogy about a grandmother compared to other eulogies?

A eulogy for a grandmother will generally contain much of the same content that a standard eulogy contains, so you can feel confident following a general guide on how to write a eulogy and know that you’ll be writing a beautiful eulogy for your grandmother. At the same time, there may be aspects of your grandmother’s life that you specifically want to tailor some of the eulogy around.

How to write a touching eulogy for a grandmother

Writing a funeral speech for a grandmother is a beautiful opportunity to share a little bit about the life of your grandmother, including your favorite memories, stories, anecdotes and lessons you may have learned from her. Even though a eulogy can be written and shared by anyone close to the deceased, a tribute to a grandmother from her grandchildren can ring especially heartwarming. To write a grandma’s funeral tribute, grandchildren can consider including the following content in their grandmother’s eulogy:

  • Include any life lessons she taught, life advice, or information on her outlook on life in general
  • Share special memories or stories that occurred when you were growing up with her by your side
  • Speak about famous projects, crafts, volunteer work or other hobbies she was known for creating. (For example, if she loved baking, include a reference to your favorite foods of hers!)
  • Reflect on how you intend on honoring her life through your actions

A eulogy for a grandma can also be personalized even further by including favorite poems, passages, readings, or prayers. This is a great option if you feel inspired by a poem or passage that you want to share or if your grandmother had a favorite reading, passage, or prayer she frequently referred to. Once you have your content down, you can view eulogy examples to get an idea of how you’d like to organize your thoughts and follow Ever Loved’s guide on writing a eulogy for easy to follow steps. Once you’ve completed the eulogy, ask a friend or family member to read over it for any grammatical or factual errors.

Considerations for a eulogy for a grandmother with Alzheimer's

Due to most grandmother’s age and the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the elderly, it’s worth noting that you may feel inclined to address this or reference it in the eulogy. You may also be unsure how to craft a eulogy, especially if your grandmother struggled with dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life. Simply alluding to your grandmother’s dementia later in life may suffice for some, while others may find it beneficial to focus on memories from before Alzheimer’s set in. This is a personal choice and decision that you may want to take some time to think over.

How long do eulogies take to read?

Eulogies generally take around 3 - 10 minutes to read at a memorial event, though every eulogy is unique so there’s no hard guidelines on how long the speech should last. Generally, you’ll want to keep the eulogy short enough to keep everyone’s attention but long enough to share all the bits of information you find relevant and important.

I don’t feel comfortable writing a eulogy, what should I do?

Writing a eulogy is not a necessity and there are many reasons why someone can feel uncomfortable with writing and reading a eulogy. If you’re not comfortable writing a eulogy, you have a few options:

  • Consider asking friends, family, or a professional to help write the eulogy alongside you.
  • Ask someone else if they’d like to write the eulogy and read it in your place at the funeral.
  • Share a few words instead of a formal eulogy.
  • Ask others to share their favorite memories about your grandmother in place of one person doing a eulogy.

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Last updated May 11, 2022
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