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9 Ways Ever Loved Can Help If You've Recently Lost Someone

Ever Loved simplifies the funeral planning process and makes it easier to focus on the people and things that matter. There are tons of helpful resources available to families during their time of need.

Here are 8 ways Ever Loved can help you during this difficult time:

1. Find the right funeral home or cemetery

Choosing the right funeral home, cremation provider and/or cemetery is an important task that many people rush through and end up paying the price (both literally and figuratively). Because of this, we’ve made it easy to quickly compare these businesses side-by-side.

Why it’s important to compare funeral businesses:

  • Ensure you’re getting a good price, compared to the competition. Prices can vary by several thousand dollars!
  • Understand how they interact with customers by reading real reviews.
  • Get armed with knowledge to prevent you from falling victim to high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Identify a few backup options in case your chosen funeral home can’t accommodate your date/time of choice or service preferences.

Find a funeral home or cremation provider

Find a cemetery

2. Save big $$ on funeral products

When you purchase a funeral product, such as a casket or urn, from a funeral home, it’s often marked up a whopping 300%-500%. Because of this, Ever Loved has brought together some of the best independent funeral product companies to offer high quality and reasonably priced funeral products for a fraction of the cost.

Shop funeral products

3. Share funeral details

Once the funeral is planned, Ever Loved makes it easy to ensure that everyone knows what the plan is. You’ll be able to create a memorial website for your loved one in just a few clicks and add all event details. You can even collect RSVPs and share a livestream for those who can’t attend in person. The site is easy to share widely via email, text, social media and more, and people can subscribe to receive updates in case things change or you have additional information to add.

Send a funeral announcement

4. Publish an obituary

Obituaries are a great way to share your loved one’s life story, but publishing an obituary in the newspaper can cost hundreds of dollars, even as fewer and fewer people read the newspaper. Ever Loved makes it easy to publish an obituary on your loved one’s memorial website for free, so anyone can easily find, read and share it.

Publish an obituary

5. Collect memories and photos

Ever Love makes it easy for friends and family to share and discuss their memories of your loved one in one place that you can always come back to. Anyone can post a photo, story, video, life event or condolence message on their memorial website.

Collect and share memories

6. Get help with funeral costs (& more)

If you’re caught off guard by the high cost of funerals ($9,000 on average!), you’re not alone. Ever Loved makes it easy to get financial support from your broader community by requesting donations in lieu of flowers and collecting them seamlessly on the memorial website for your loved one. You can also raise money for other costs, like medical bills, general family support and more.

Raise money for a funeral

7. Support a good cause in your loved one’s memory

Many people like to suggest giving to a cause their loved one supported in lieu of sending flowers. You can use an Ever Loved memorial website to set up a brand new memorial fund or suggest donations to any U.S. charity. It’s easy to see who has donated and thank them, if you wish.

Start a fundraiser

8. Keep people connected

After losing a loved one, people can feel disconnected, isolated, and alone in their struggle with grief. Having access to a strong support network during this time can be immensely beneficial in helping individuals and families work through their loss. Ever Loved helps you connect your community and support each other after suffering a loss. Anyone visiting Ever Loved can:

  1. Reconnect with others through direct messaging and commenting
  2. Be reminded of and come together on key dates (such as birthdays)
  3. Revisit old memories of your loved one
  4. Learn new things about your loved one
  5. Find and connect with others experiencing similar types of loss

9. Easily share a virtual funeral

Virtual funerals are extremely popular, especially during the pandemic, and sharing information on a virtual funeral has never been easier. You can share information on a funeral streaming from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many other platforms. If you're streaming directly from Vimeo or Facebook, the stream will be embedded and viewable directly on your memorial website. If you decide to host a memorial stream over Zoom, you can enter that Zoom information into the website and easily share it with others. People who visit your memorial website will also have the ability RSVP virtually.

We’re here for you

Ever Loved is here to guide you through the difficult experience of losing a loved one, both with technology and a real team of people. If we can provide any guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Last updated May 31, 2022
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