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My mama fought long and hard for so long .. my mom (Tammy ) got pregnant with me at just 16 and even at a very young age she took such great care of me from the very start ❤️ she loved me a nurtured all the way until she rested her soul .. 2 years later she then had my brother that she lost to a battle of cancer 7 years from then she had karlie her miracle baby ❤️ after having karlie she then got cancer and fought it and kicked it's butt she then got cancer and again and was kicking it's butt too and even having maintenance kemo she kicked that's but too .. she literally just kept moving no matter what on 9-14-21 she was sent to the hospital battling covid 19 she fought long and so hard I know she did she let all of her troubles and worry's go on August 27th  2021 

She's in no more pain she's so happy dancing at heavens gates 

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for having such genuine loving hearts to help me and karlie during this time of need 

And even tho the burden is heavy this allows me and karlie to endure the loss of our mama  without worry ❤️ 

We love each and every one of you and so did our sweet sweet mama 

She loved her babies hard!
2021, Timberlin Creek Elementary School, Pine Tree Lane, St. Augustine, FL, USA
She loved her babies hard!
We were missing Tonya
2021, Key West, FL, USA
We were missing Tonya
“Take a picture of me with he…
2021, Key West, FL, USA
“Take a picture of me with heart boobs!”

She made a positive impact on Brayden and Preston. We greatly appreciate how she cared for both boys while they were at Little Eagles.

Love Watson Family

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