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Dennis Gunn
2018, Anchorage, AK, USA
Josh was my beat friend he always called me his ace duce I met him 5years ago when I first got to Alaska I didn't know anyone or have anyone but myself and from day one till the end he is the only person who was 100 from day one. me and Josh had so much in common we even were constantly mistaken for one another by everybody downtown I miss you so much bro ifeel so lost and so empty im sorry I wasn't there I know I was supposed to be and thats why u were calling out for my help but I co u ldnt stay awake at astrids I fell asleep im so sorry I will never forget that I wasn't there this one time and I didn't know its the one time thag I'd never see u again never hear u laugh again never hear u tell another random fact never see u u smile again never see u sitting in the middle of all the parts to ur longboard cause u were cleaning it for the third time that day .... ill never forget u Josh u will never leave my memories or the place in my heart im so sorry I wish I could trade u places so bad love u Josh and so u know u taged the world before u left though have a b e auricular baby boy his name is Joshua just like you bro and he's ur kid he is gonna grow up to be one hell of a man just like his daddy I love ya Josh I miss u every second of everyday ill meet u in infinity man

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Joshua Savage