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I was saddened to hear the news today – Mothers Day - and know how hard this must be for Ruth.

James was a wonderful young who loved his family dearly, especially his mother. He was a hardworking, dedicated and true gentlemen to all that knew him. He will be missed by many, professionally, within the soccer community and true friends. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to Jeremy, Jennifer and Ruth.

Rest is peace my friend, we shared many good times.

Gary Hitzeman

I send my love and prayers to Jame's family.  I have many found memories of James. One of my favorites  is , I was riding my bike near several ponds in our neighborhood and saw James and Taylor fishing. It really touched my heart to see a father fishing with his daughter. Another memory is when James took his four children on vacation to Florida. I loved hearing about their trip and looking and all the great pictures. One more found memory is James ,kids and Ruth in the front yard just enjoying the beautiful summer day talking and laughing. Rest in peace Dear James and Thank you for the gift of your wonderful children. Blessings Laurel Dakini
Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a gift to Tru Community Care or Colon Cancer Foundation-New York.
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Dang this is shocking to say the least having just found this out. Growing up playing soccer with Jeremy on Explosion James was always there like a big brother.  James and his older brother (I think it was Pat) babysat me during the summers. We would put up sheets in the living room as make shift goals and play nerf soccer with mini nerf  soccer balls the whole time. It was a blast James even put me up to the "Hot Picante Sauce Challenge" to see who could eat/drink the most for the win and I beat them both 🤪! This is a big loss. So sorry Ruth and all of the family. I would like to be there for the service if there is one. God Bless you all. 
I am so sorry to hear of James’ passing.  May your family, friends, and wonderful memories give you comfort during this difficult time.  Sending love and prayers to you all.  ❤️Christine Clark 
James was my best friends Mathew Crew's brother. I will cherish the memories of him as my 3v3 coach and friend.  Prayers and love to his Family.  love Jeremy McGann

Our family is greatly sadden by the news.  We are praying for you all.  

 From The Peterson family, 

Garrett & Jodie , Nick,  Jeremy and Kayla

We are saddened to learn of James passing.   We have such fond memories of him at all the soccer practices and games.   He made an impact.   Our hearts and prayers are with Ruth and his children.   Rest In Peace James!  Soccer ⚽️ forever!!!!
So very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. 
So very sorry to hear of James death! I remember talking to him at Uncle Dennys funeral and telling my kids he had two sets of twins.  It breaks my heart to find out he passed away.
The Mainero Family sends their condolences and love.  ❤️
Love and prayers for the friends and family of James
I’m so sorry for your whole family. My prayers will be with you guys during this hardship. I know you guys will always be there for one another during this time and will always have a special bond between family.
So sorry for your loss.  😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏

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