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Glen was my stepson of sorts and he will be missed by many. So full of mischief that sparked in his eyes. The Deville I drive became a devil thanks to Glen. When I noticed it I laughed so hard and didn't know who did it. Weeks later I was telling him and Monica about it and he chuckled and said he did.. THAT was funny and that's how I choose to remember him. Every time I look at the emblem, I will think fondly of Glen
You’ll always be missed glen rest easy bud

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Glen was a good man,always willing too lend a hand to ever needed it....he helped me several times over the years,he helped me move into my house 19 yrs will be missed my friend ❤
You will be missed by all.
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Rest in Peace man😔 we lost touch over the years but we had some awesome times together. You were a good guy and I'm gonna miss you brother!
Dj and Uncle Len working on t…
2021, Peru, ME, USA
Dj and Uncle Len working on the Grampas Motor Home
Prayers for your hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glen Knox