Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about purchasing urns online.
What are the advantages of purchasing an urn online?
There are two main advantages to purchasing an urn online: price and selection. As with many other items, the combination of greater competition and lower overhead means that the urns you find online will be more affordable than similar urns found in funeral homes. You could easily save a few hundred dollars on a nice urn. You'll also find a much wider selection of urns, including basic options that cost as little as $10. Shopping online can be a great way to find an urn that matches your loved one's personality, or that matches your decor if you plan to put it on display. It's worth noting that you don't need to confine yourself to products labeled as urns. Some people prefer to select a box or a vase that they feel is fitting. So long as the space is large enough to hold the ashes, anything can act as an urn.
Will my funeral home or cemetery allow me to use an urn that I purchased online?
Yes! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that funeral homes allow you to use an urn that you've purchased online or elsewhere, and they may not charge you a fee for doing so. If you plan to inter your loved ones ashes in a cremation plot, you should check that the urn meets the size requirements for the plot.
How quickly will I receive an urn that I order online?
Many urns can be shipped overnight, but shipping will depend on the item and retailer. If you need the urn quickly, make sure you check the shipping times before placing your order.
Are there any risks in purchasing an urn online?
There are no additional risks to purchasing an urn online that don't exist with other online purchases. Reading the product description carefully and ensuring that the seller has good reviews will leave you with few risks.
What size urn should I purchase?
The most common type of urn is an individual urn, which is meant to hold the ashes of one person. If you plan to keep all of a person's ashes in a single urn, you should make sure that the urn has at least one cubic inch for each pound that your loved one weighed. Most standard individual urns are between 175 and 300 cubic inches. However, if you're only looking for an urn to keep some of your loved one's ashes, you may be able to purchase a smaller keepsake urn. Similarly, if you'd like an urn that can hold the ashes of more than one person, consider a larger companion urn.