Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about purchasing funeral products online.
What types of funeral products can I purchase online?
Today, it's easy to buy virtually anything you may need for a funeral online. This includes caskets, cremation caskets, coffins, urns, cremation jewelry, headstones and more.
What are the advantages to purchasing funeral products online?
When purchasing online, you have access to a much wider selection of caskets, urns and headstones than you'll be able to find with either your funeral home or cemetery. This makes it easier to find the item that's right for your family member. Caskets, urns and headstones are also generally much more affordable when purchased online. Online sellers have much lower overhead costs than funeral homes and cemeteries, and therefore they are able to pass these savings along to the consumer. And because you're shopping around, there's more competition between online sellers, which can result in even lower prices. It's not uncommon to save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars by purchasing funeral products online.
Will my funeral home or cemetery allow me to use funeral products that I purchased online?
Yes! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that funeral homes allow you to use a casket or urn that you purchased elsewhere, and they may not charge you a fee to do so.

So long as your casket, urn or headstone complies with cemetery requirements (size being the primary one), you can purchase them anywhere.
Are there any risks in purchasing funeral products online?
Purchasing funeral products online is just like purchasing anything else online. Look at photos and product descriptions carefully and read any reviews that you can. This will help you ensure that you're going to receive a casket or urn that is going to feel perfect for your loved one's funeral.
How quickly can funeral products be delivered when bought online?
Delivery time depends on both the product and vendor, but many caskets and urns can be shipped overnight, if needed. Headstones generally take longer, as they must be custom engraved. If you're on a tight timeline, always check the shipping information before purchasing online.