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How to Publish an Obituary for Free

Publishing an obituary is an important part of the funeral planning process. An obituary is a traditional way to alert friends, family, and the community that someone has passed away. It’s also, in many cases, considered a final record of someone’s life. Traditionally, obituaries were printed in the newspaper for a hefty price. Now that print media is being replaced by the internet, many people are turning to online sources to publish obituaries. The good news is, sites like Ever Loved allow you to publish an obituary for free that you can easily share with friends and family.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the task of writing an obituary, it’s often helpful to start with an obituary template.

Publish a free obituary

Why should I post an obituary online?

An online obituary is the simplest way to notify a wide range of people that your loved one has passed. When an obituary is posted online, it’s easy to share the link via email, Facebook, text and more. People can also find the information if they search your loved one’s name on Google.

Online obituaries also offer a lot more flexibility than newspaper obituaries. You can add as many photos as you’d like, make edits at any time, and collect stories and condolence messages from others.

Publishing an obituary through Ever Loved is also 100% free; whereas publishing an obituary in the local paper will usually set you back hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, most newspapers charge by the line, which can quickly add up. An obituary that costs $200 to print in the local newspaper usually includes about 4-5 lines, max. If you're trying to describe your loved one's life story, their accomplishments, their family history, and the funeral details, 4-5 lines is an almost impossible amount of space to do that in. Obituaries on Ever Loved have no character limit and allow you to write as much content as you'd like to -- for free.

Publish a free obituary

Are there any hidden fees with publishing an online obituary?

Some websites will charge you a fee, depending on the features you choose when selecting an online obituary provider. If it’s a newspaper, they’ll often charge you to host an obituary on their site unless you’ve already paid for a printed version of the obituary.

Ever Loved doesn’t charge anything to publish an obituary on our website, and there are never any hidden fees. Obituaries and memorial websites are completely free and stay online indefinitely (unless you choose to remove it).

Publish a free obituary

How will people see my online obituary?

Online obituaries that have been posted on Ever Loved are easily shared by copying the personalized link we provide. In addition, once you’ve published an obituary on Ever Loved, it will often be one of the first search results on Google if someone Googles your loved one’s name.

You can also choose to share your obituary directly to Facebook by clicking on the Share to Facebook button, or you can let people know you've set up an online memorial website by sending them a personalized email on your memorial website dashboard.

Be sure to let your friends and family know that they can share their own photos, memories, and condolences directly on your Ever Loved website. If you’ve set up a fundraiser, they’re also able to contribute to your selected cause.

Publish a free obituary

What are the advantages of posting an obituary online?

One of the immediate advantages is cost. Online obituaries on Ever Loved are free and with the cost of a printed obituary in the paper sitting at around $400, it’s a great way to cut unnecessary costs. Online obituaries are also extremely accessible and can be immediately shared with your friends, family, and community. Obituaries that are hosted on Ever Loved also allow anyone who visits the page to share their own condolences, photos, and stories. We also allow visitors to contribute to a cause that you’ve selected in the memory of the person who has passed away. Additionally, online obituaries stay up indefinitely and are always available for editing. If you feel like you'd like to change any part of it in the future, you're always able to simply by logging on and clicking a few buttons. Don't know how to write an obituary? Use one of our templates on your memorial website itself, or check out this list of obituary templates.

Publish a free obituary

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Last updated June 23, 2022
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