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How to Create an Online Memorial

Creating an online memorial website is a relatively easy, and oftentimes, free way to offer a space for friends and family to share in remembering someone who has passed away. Online memorial websites are a great way to share an online obituary, event details, memories, and photos. Creating an online memorial is convenient as it allows people who might not be able to attend any events to still share in remembering a loved one. It also provides an easy space for you to collect and share information surrounding the death of a loved one. You can get started on an online memorial by creating one with Ever Loved.

Gather relevant information

Online memorials are best done with a lot of content for visitors or viewers, so collecting information is one of the first steps. You might want to open up a word document or notebook to keep track of all of this information before you create your online memorial.

Similar to an obituary, it’s important to gather the main details regarding the person who passed away. When you get started with an online memorial website on Ever Loved, you’ll be asked for the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Location
  • Obituary (this section isn’t required and can be done at a later time)

On your Ever Loved memorial website, you’ll want to make sure that you fill in the above information and provide a photo. This will help people feel confident they’re on the right website when interacting with the memorial page.

Publish an online memorial

Find and upload favorite photos

Sharing photos is a great way to remind people of important (and casual) moments in someone’s life. It’s also a way to share photos of someone that others might not have seen before, which is often heartwarming for grieving families and friends. If you find you have a lot of physical photographs but very little digital photos, it’s a good idea to get the physical photos online. You can either consider scanning the photos using a scanner (if you don’t have a scanner, Kinko’s or your public library are good places to check) or take a picture of the physical photo using a phone or mobile device. In either case, the more photos you can provide the better.

Once you’ve gathered all of your photos, make sure they’re saved on your computer or on your phone for easy uploading. Ever Loved online memorial websites allow you to have a single profile photo, so put some thought into which photo you feel best represents the deceased. A lot of people like to share photos from vacations, family get togethers, or special events.

If you’d like to upload more photos, be sure to head to the Memories tab on your memorial website. (This is also where you’ll direct others to upload their own photos and memories as well.) On the memories tab, you can upload as many photos, condolences, or stories as you wish.

Share event details

If there are any planned events (or events that don’t yet have a set date), it’s a good idea to share that information on your memorial website. On Ever Loved, you can do this by entering in the relevant details into the Events section. We also have a space for you to include event notes and to share a link in case you plan on live streaming the event. Even if you don’t have a set place or time for an event, you can let people know that events are being planned and that more information will be shared at a later date.

Consider a memorial fund

Establishing a memorial fund is a great way to give others the opportunity to memorialize a loved one and extend their legacy. If the person who has passed away was passionate about any charities or organizations, this is a great way to honor them.

You could also consider purchasing a physical memorial tribute in honor of someone who has passed away such as a stone in a favorite path or a bench in a favorite park.

Another alternative is establishing a scholarship or memorial fund in honor of the deceased. You can get in touch with your local school or whichever educational organization you’re trying to set up a scholarship fund for to see if there’s any additional information you need to know. Once you’ve established what you’d like to do, set the goal on your Ever Loved memorial website and let people know what you’re raising money for in the details section.

Publish an online memorial

Share your page

An important part of online memorials is making sure that friends and family can easily access the page and can take part in remembering a loved one. Once you’ve set up an Ever Loved memorial website, anyone who Googles the name of the deceased will usually see the online tribute pop up as one of the first search results after the website has been live for a day or so. We always recommend, however, that you share the link to the page in as many places as possible to encourage people to visit and share their own stories.

You can share your Ever Loved memorial page by sharing the public URL, by sending out an email, or by sharing the page directly to Facebook. Once you’ve shared the page, be sure to let your family and friends know that they can post their own photos, stories, and condolences on the memorial website.

Publish an online memorial

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