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13 Memorial Tattoos for Your Dad

There are many, many reasons why individuals get a tattoo, but memorial tattoos are commonly used to remember and commemorate a special person who has passed away. Memorial tattoos for a dad, mom, or other loved one can be a meaningful way of honoring life, providing comfort and offering a constant reminder of someone who is no longer physically present.

What styles do people prefer when getting memorial tattoos for a dad?

Memorial tattoos for a dad can be as unique and special as the individual being honored. Some of the most popular choices include designs that show off quotes, dates, names, initials, portraits, symbols and more. Many people also opt to memorialize their dad in simple yet elegant font styles like calligraphy or script. These tattoo designs can be done in a variety of sizes, from small and discrete to large and elaborate. Here are some ideas for dad and father-figure remembrance tattoos:

  • A quote or saying of your dad's (or about dads)
  • A classic portrait of your father
  • A classic tattoo design, such as a heart or angel wings, with his name written inside
  • A symbol that represents something the two of you shared, like a hobby or shared event

Dad memorial tattoos for daughters

There are many ideas when it comes to in memory of dad tattoos for daughters -- if you're looking for inspiration, here are some unique and creative tattoo designs to consider. When it comes to remembrance tattoos for a dad, it's often important to consider what would be most meaningful to you. Tattoos are permanent, so you'll want to take time to consider your options, the styles that appeal to you, the artists you have near you (or are willing to travel to), and your budget.

This tattoo is smaller, features beautiful script and the date that their father passed. Source.

This tattoo features flowers and a sweet message written in the handwriting of their Dad, which is always a special way to remember a loved one. Source.

This delicate wreath is a beautiful example of a simple memorial tattoo for a dad who has passed. Source.

For those who are a fan of more traditional tattoo styles, this bird is a great example of a classic memorial dad tattoo. Source.

Silhouettes are becoming a popular take on the classic “portrait” tattoo and can really stand out as a memorial tribute. Source.

Dad memorial tattoos for sons

While memorial dad tattoos don't have to be dictated by gender, there are some unique ideas for dad memorial tattoos for sons. Whether you're looking for something simple and small or large and intricate, your options are endless.

This simple but effective memorial tattoo is simply the date of passing. A perfect choice for someone who wants something understated. Source.

This tattoo brings a bit of levity to honoring your father in the style of Darth Vader. Source.

Have remaining drawings from when you were a kid? Consider this wholesome throwback tattoo. Source.

A beautiful example of a traditional American style tattoo for those who like bold lines and bold colors. Source.

Another choice for those who like the classic American tattoo style, but want something other than a heart to memorialize their dad. Source.

Small memorial tattoos for dad

For those who either want something subtle (or simply don't want a large tattoo), here are some creative memorial tattoo ideas that are smaller in size.

A small flower piece with a dad’s handwriting can make a great small tattoo. Source.

A small bird on your inner arm is a great choice for those who want a smaller tattoo with crisp lines. Source.

This design could be easily changed to include a small bouquet of your dad’s favorite flowers or plants, or you could stick with herbs (especially if your dad was a gardener or cook). Source.

Where should I get my memorial tattoo placed?

If you're searching for memorial dad tattoos, have the design picked out, but are struggling on placement, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

  • Do you want to be able to look at the tattoo without the use of a mirror? Consider placing the tattoo on your arm, wrist, thigh, or leg.
  • Do you want the tattoo to be easily hidden or revealed? An upper arm, back, or thigh tattoo would be ideal placements.
  • What kind of industry do you work in? Even though tattoos are becoming more and more common, this is still something you may want to keep in mind before jumping into a tattoo. Again, a back, thigh, or upper arm tattoo would be ideal.
  • What is your pain tolerance? Ankles, shins, underarm, and ribs are considered some of the most painful spots for a tattoo.

Popular placements for memorial tattoos for a dad (or any tattoo) include getting the tattoo on the wrist, arm, and back. The larger the piece, the more space you'll need to dedicate which will often determine the placement.

The best memorial tattoos tend to be the most personal to you and symbolize something special about your relationship with your dad. These designs are great starting places and cover a wide variety of styles, sizes, placements, and content. The next step is to simply contact a tattoo artist and get started on your journey!

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Last updated February 15, 2023
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