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11 Memorial Tattoos for Your Mom

After the loss of a mother, many people look for ways to memorialize or remember their mom’s presence throughout their daily life. Memorial tattoos allow people to express their loss through art, have a physical reminder of their mother, and honor their mom through a medium that’s important to them. There are many tattoo designs one could choose to honor their mom; here are some ideas to get you started.

Classic memorial tattoos for honoring moms

When it comes to memorial tattoos for moms, classic looks are a popular choice. Classic tattoo styles are often defined by a few different attributes: bold black lines, minimal shading or fill, and a classic tattoo font. Popular motifs often include birds, roses, hearts, crosses, wings, and holding hands.

These designs are timeless because of their simplicity and elegant symbolism. If you're looking for a way to honor your mom in ink that's sure to stay in style, a classic tattoo may be the choice for you.

First on the list is a modern take on a traditional style tattoo. This tattoo features clean and thick lines, dark ink, and no color with ‘Mom’ written across the top. Source.

This tattoo is a more classic example of a traditional mom tattoo. Thick lines, flowers, a heart, classic font and a bird make this a great starting point or final product for anyone looking for a classic mom tattoo. (This tattoo style is also a popular choice when it comes to mom tattoos for guys as it’s done in the American traditional style that’s popular among some men.) Source.

Was your mom a Disney fan? Did she have a favorite character? Consider getting a memorial tattoo for her that integrates a character she loved and some other classic tattoo elements (such as a banner and some flowers). Source.

Here’s another traditional tattoo that features vibrant birds, flowers, and thick lines. Source.

Modern tattoos for moms who have passed

Not interested in a heart that says “mom” in it? Memorial tattoos come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. Here are some ideas that explore different ways to memorialize your mom’s passing through the use of tattoos that are more abstract or subtle in nature.

An example of this is to simply get the date that your mother passed tattooed in small font, or to stylize her name into a symbol that’s important to you (such as a flower or rose). Source.

A beautiful stylized piece of artwork with thick lines, bold colors, and a clear depiction of a mother’s embrace is an excellent choice for those looking for bolder mom tattoo designs. Source.

This minimalist version of a classic portrait tattoo is a great choice for those who like clean and simple lines. Source.

For those who want a cartoon version of the portrait tattoo, consider getting a comic-book panel portrait in all black. Source.

Small memorial tattoos for moms who have passed

Looking for memorial tattoos to honor your mom but don’t want to make a significant change to your body? A small tattoo in memory of your mom could be an excellent choice. Smaller tattoos are great options for people that are committed to the idea of getting a tattoo who may also happen to fit into one of these categories:

  • You prefer a smaller or more discrete memorial tattoo
  • You are afraid of getting a tattoo either due to the thought of needles, the pain, or another reason
  • You’re not sure you can afford a large piece
  • You like the styles of smaller tattoos

Obviously many people can prefer or opt for a smaller memorial tattoo, but if you fit into one of those categories, smaller tattoos may be for you.

This small and creative tattoo is great for those who want something smaller and simple that likely won’t be too painful. It’s also one of the more unique mom tattoo ideas we’ve come across! Source.

Another example of simpler and cleaner tattoos for those who want something less obvious or a smaller piece that still packs a punch. Moms are generally known for being the connecting force between their family members and for keeping an eye out for their children. This tattoo is a great idea for someone that wants a gentle reminder of their mom’s presence. Source.

Another play on the simplistic portrait, this one gives folks interested in clean lines and silhouettes an option that includes a pop of color. Source.

Small, delicate, and clean – a great choice for someone who doesn’t want a giant piece but does want to memorialize their love for their mom through the use of a tattoo. Source.

No matter what type of tattoo you choose to honor your mom, it’s advised that you take some time to think about it. Tattoos last a lifetime and come in tons of different styles, shapes, and sizes – so there’s no right or wrong choice, only what means the most to you.

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Last updated February 2, 2023
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