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Who Should Send Flowers to a Funeral?

When someone dies, it’s common for people to send funeral flowers to the family or to the funeral as a show of support and sympathy. However, even though it’s common to send flowers, you may feel unsure of the correct action, especially if you’re either really close to the family or not close at all. Here’s some guidance on who should send flowers to a funeral.

Who should send flowers to a funeral?

In general, a good rule to follow is if the family is accepting flowers and you knew the deceased and want to express support, you should feel comfortable sending flowers to the services or to the family home. If you're not sure whether or not the family is accepting flowers, it's generally acceptable to send flowers to the funeral home or wherever the services are being held.

Funeral flower etiquette

The expected funeral flower etiquette can feel confusing, depending on where you're located in the family. For example, what's the funeral flower etiquette for children vs. grandchildren vs. acquaintances vs. coworkers of someone who has passed? Is it always a good idea to send flowers? What if you're estranged? In general, following the previously mentioned rule of thumb (if you knew the person or the family and want to send flowers as a show of support, you should feel comfortable doing so) is a good idea. Additionally, many families will likely expect flowers or a sign of sympathy from certain relatives (especially immediate family and close relatives) after a loved one passes away. If you're an immediate family member, you should consider sending funeral flowers, (this goes for any immediate family members, whether you're the grandparent, the grandchildren, the brother, sister, etc. -- any immediate family member).

Should I send flowers to the funeral home or the family's home?

If you know the family well and are comfortable doing so, sending flowers to the family's home is a lovely gesture. If you're not sure that the family would appreciate that or if you don't know them well, sending flowers to the funeral location is perfectly acceptable.

Can I bring a flower arrangement to the funeral?

If you're attending the funeral service, it's acceptable to bring a flower arrangement with you. However, you may want to arrive slightly early and hand the flower arrangements to the funeral director, as it may be difficult for the family to find a place for the flowers at the last minute. Sending flowers in advance helps to avoid last-minute scrambles.

How to send flowers to a funeral home

If you're unsure how to order flowers for a funeral, here is a simple 3-step guide to follow:

  1. Find the name and address of the funeral location. If the family has a memorial site set up, you can find this by clicking on the 'Events' tab of their memorial site. If they've provided the services information, you can easily place an order on the website. If there is no memorial site set up, the next place to check is the print obituary. Service information is typically included at the end of the obituary.
  2. Determine the type of arrangement you'd like to send. There are many different types of arrangements you can send to a funeral service. Popular arrangements include standing sprays, wreaths, baskets, plants, and hearts. The only type of arrangement that you should be wary of sending unless you're an immediate family member is a casket spray. Casket sprays are displayed directly on the casket and the family may not want arrangements on the casket or may not appreciate this gesture.
  3. Place the order. If you're purchasing the arrangement on Ever Loved, you can place the order for flowers directly on the memorial website. Simply click 'Send flowers' and fill out all of the fields. Make sure you include any relevant times that the arrangement needs to be there by and ensure you fill out the note that is sent along with the arrangement.

Send flowers

Alternatives to funeral flowers

If you're looking for an alternative to funeral flowers, here are some alternatives you can consider:

  • Donate to the family's chosen charity in memory of the deceased
  • Send a sympathy basket to the family
  • Make a memorial donation to a charity in the person's name
  • Plant a tree in their memory
  • Give the family a gift card to use as they see fit
  • Send a sympathy card
  • Pay for a cleaning service for the family
  • Drop off a casserole or other food dish for the family to enjoy
  • Offer to babysit the family's children
  • Offer to help with errands or yard work for the family
  • Help organize a fundraiser in memory of the person who passed away

No matter what you choose to do, sending your condolences to the family is always appreciated, in whichever form you choose to express your sympathy. If you do decide to send funeral flowers, you can easily place the order online through Ever Loved.

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Last updated September 27, 2022
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