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Experience Anatomy Foundation

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About Experience Anatomy Foundation

4340 Taggart Creek Rd Suite D1
Charlotte, NC 28208
Overview from the whole body donation organization

"We serve individuals and families who are interested in leaving a learning legacy by making the ultimate gift: whole-body donation. Through their generous and noble act, donors enrich, inspire and equip medical professionals and anatomy educators across the Southeastern US now and long into the future."

Concerned about funeral costs?

Start a memorial fundraiser, so you can stay focused on what matters.

Frequently asked questions

Answered by Experience Anatomy Foundation

  • Are ashes returned to the family at any point?

    Yes, donor cremains will be returned to the designated person indicated at the time of donor registration. Donors stay with the Experience Anatomy Foundation for up to 24 months, but are often returned within six months or less.

  • Are there any costs to the family?

    There is no cost to the family once your donation is accepted. The Experience Anatomy Foundation pays for all costs associated with donation. This includes transportation from the place of death, filing the death certificate, as well as cremation and return of remains once the anatomical study and/or research process is complete.

  • Can body donation be organized by the next of kin post-mortem?

    Yes. Registration can be completed at the time of death by a legal authorizing party as described in the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. Donation criteria must be met and acceptance is not guaranteed. Completed donor registration forms must be returned to donate@anatomyfoundation.org

  • How are bodies donated to your organization used?

    Donors accepted by the Experience Anatomy Foundation participate in research and educational programs with our sister company, Experience Anatomy. These programs include, but are not limited to, researching the latest surgical techniques and medical devices as well as life-saving skills training and healthcare education.

Other questions? Give them a call:  (704) 910-6022 (704) 910-6022


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Experience Anatomy Foundation
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