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You always has a special hug reserved just for me. You would envelope me in a huge bear hug that put all would take away any negativity I may be feeling and would make everything right. 

I wish Marya would have gotten the chance to meet you. She would have loved you even more than we all do. 

Miss you my dear friend..

Billy was the nicest man my s…
Billy was the nicest man my sister Rowena could find. Not only did he treat her well, he treated me and my family with love, kindness and respect. He was like an older brother who I could easily go to, for advise and help. He was a very humerous man and he never made me stop laughing when we hung out together. He was a man of class and very straight forward and genuine. He made a massive difference since we as family got to know him. Really miss him and all he did and said. I hope his soul rests in peace. 
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Happy memories of a true gent…
2019, York, UK
Happy memories of a true gentlemen — with Rowena Samson

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William "Billy" Samson