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Posted with Randy Baidas’ permission. Thank you from all of us!

(Forgive the formatting of the poem - a limitation of this platform.)

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Friends easily became family with Trudie. If you were sincere n civil minded n industrious there was room to share in her universe of joy and sparkle. She shared her home, their kid terrier and of course Rick…. who ultimately joined in the fun n games. We particularly found happiness with their culinary talents. Her love of conversation and adventures with the afterglow of the day, our martinis n Ricks scotch, made our lives richer.

We are saddened by her absence. We are ever grateful for wonderful memories …ever grateful to have been family.

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The Day Is Done

The day is done, and the darkness

   Falls from the wings of Night,

As a feather is wafted downward

   From an eagle in his flight…..

A feeling of sadness and longing,

   That is not akin to pain,

And resembles sorrow only

   As the mist resembles the rain…..

Who, through long days of labor,

   And nights devoid of ease,

Still heard in his soul the music

   Of wonderful memories.

Such songs have power to quiet

   The restless pulse of care …..

And the night shall be filled with music

   And the ‘sorrows’ , that infest the day,

Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,

   And as silently steal away.

H W Longfellow


Copied from an email from Karin Hubbers with her permission - so beautiful...

Dear family,

It is with deep sadness that we have received the message that our beloved friend Trudie passed away. Our condolences for her husband Rick, you, the children, grandchildren and all of the family and friends. We live in the Netherlands and would be very happy to receive the zoomlink from Trudie’s son Eric.

Trudie and I (Karin) became friends in 2017, when I was in Vail to have complex knee surgery but had no place to stay. From day one, when she opened the door of Alpine Creek for me, she made me feel so welcome. She took care of me like a mother, invited me to stay as long as my medical condition would require. Soon a warm and wonderful friendship grew. We both considered it a gift from above. When I had to be operated again, Trudie drove me to the hospital, when I woke up, she sat at my bed. Her energy was so fresh and inspiring. Her love was true and heartwarming. We talked and talked. Like two young girls we went on a trip in the mountains with a bag of chips between us. We hunted for mice in the house. She took me in a wheelchair to see the view high up on Vail mountain. I remember her smiling face when she talked about what she was going to make for dinner. Just the thought of it made her enjoy it already. I have many wonderful memories of my friend Trudie that I cherish, and will remember for the rest of my life. My heart is sad because my friend - who always wished that I would be able to walk again - will not be able to see it. But I look forward to seeing her in heaven.

Goodbye, dear friend. Goodbye strong woman, rich in faith and love. I love you. You will be my friend forever.

Best greetings, also from my husband Harry,

Karin Hubbers


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Dear Rick - I am still processing this tremendous loss. Trudie left us too early but the great great memories will remain. I still cannot believe the luck when in 1982 we moved into a new home and realized that one of our neighbors was Swiss. How could I be happier than to talk to someone even in "schwitzerduetsch" and a close friendship started. Over the years, we had many many wonderful times together, from neighborhood progressive parties to times where Trudie took in MDs that came to work at UNMC and needed a room for some time. She took in a young Italian doc and stayed friends with him and his family over decades, even visited him in Italy- that was Trudie - the more international the better! She was truly a woman that loved life and loved people and everyone felt welcome and appreciated in her company. Rick, she loved you so much and you were so good to her and for her! May her laugh and kindness be a constant reminder of what we all should aspire to be.

Trudie and Chris ready to enj…
Omaha, NE, USA
Trudie and Chris ready to enjoy Marcia's home made birthday cake at Marcia's kitchen.
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Raised by 2 people

My family and I moved to Omaha in 1958 and became Trudie’s next door neighbors. In short order Trudie and my mother, Marcia, became close friends even though Mom was 11 years older. Whether because of a similar Germanic heritage or being substitute sisters in lieu of their own distant kin, a close sisterhood bond formed. When Chris and Eric came along, Marcia and Paul became the self appointed, alternate, local grandparents, a role they throughly enjoyed. Trudie and the boys or just the boys would come to visit, play, help Marcia or eat some fresh baked snacks. The attached picture shows Chris and Trudie preparing to enjoy Marcia’s home made birthday cake in her kitchen.

Trudie was my teacher for first year German class which was a great year. She organized a German class night of Christmas caroling, auf Deutsch, by car pooling around to all of the class member’s families. In spite of the crisp, cold air it was a great time for students and families alike. Trudie did not teach the next year, unfortunately her energy did not carry over and was dearly missed.

The 70's saw both families moving. Marcia and Paul first moved to Denver and later to Virginia so contact was reduced to writing letters and Christmas cards. Marcia developed cancer in 1993 and was going downhill. That winter Trudie flew to Virginia just to be with her dear friend. During her stay the electric power went out for hours. We spent the evening with candle light and heat from a blazing fire in the wood stove. The darkened silence, the six people and two dogs all together made for a very special night – sort of Christmas like. Marcia felt so blessed for Trudie’s loyalty and effort in coming after the decades apart. That was Trudie: a very special and caring human being!!

Marcia passed away the following Valentine’s Day. Her younger sister passed away 11 years before, also on Valentine’s Day. Her grandfather who immigrated from Germany was named Valentine Wolf. Coincidence? Perhaps, maybe not. My hope is that Trudie and Marcia are Besties again . . . .

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A special place – a happy place in my heart that's yours.

Trudie was an energetic fun loving person who was interesting and interested. She loved to laugh and listen to a good story – especially if told by one of her sons. When Chris and Eric recounted how they – well, let’s just say they might have had a bit too much fun when in High School – Trudie would always exclaim “You didn’t!” but with a grin on her face ☺.

Trudie admired beauty. Just the way she would pick things up and look them over with a huge smile on her face. It could be a flower – a hat – a great-smelling soap. She found awe in most things and truly appreciated them.

When Jackie was born and she was trying to come up with a name for her grandchildren to call her – "NOT Grandma!" – she told us how her father, Godfrey called her Bumper (pronounced Boomper) meaning “trouble maker”. We landed on that and she embraced it just as she embraced her grandchildren with love and care.

You just know that there’s some trouble a brewn’ in heaven – my oh my what a party!

I will be missing you until we see each other again. Love you.
In response to "What did Trudie love to do?"
Rick, We were very sad to learn of Trudie's death.  She lived a good life and you shared many wonderful years together.  We are thinking of you and the family.  Love  Debbie and Stu
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