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In memory of Shawn Michael Conner

Memories & condolences

Debra Harrington 2021, Phoenix, AZ, USA: My heart is so sad after hearing this heart breaking news…I just don’t understand!  You were such an AMAZING man and overcame so many obstacles…you will be missed dearly! Love you to the moon and back my beautiful friend!
adams Tracy I am still literally blown away. I am truly speechless.  You have loved ones all of the country which just shows how incredible you were. YOU'RE NATIONWIDE! May you be in peace my ol' friend. You will be forever loved and missed ❤ 
Yvonne Ternus

My condolences to Shawn's family. I first met Shawn when we were just 10 years old, it was literally by accident. I crashed into him on my bike.  And he called me stupid and kicked my foot, I then seen him a few days later and he said are you going to run me over again or come say hi?  I stopped and said hi & he became  one of my very best friends.

Shawn was a great guy who often made bad choices. But if you where lucky enough to be his friend he would have your back no matter what. He was smart. funny and he loved with his whole heart. 

I was on the phone with him about 15 minutes before he lost his life, and we had a great conversation,  He told me how I inspire him and when he grows up he wanted to be just like me & that conversation meant the world to me.

Shawn had a hard life as you all know. But he truly was a great man and one of the greatest friends I could have ever been blessed with. 

He made me laugh, He has made me cry but he was always 100% honest with me and I will miss him more then he knows.

Shawn… I’m still going to float down salt river just like we talked about, I’m going to miss you calling me to tell me about your day, or just to check on me.

I will see you again my friend, Thank You for everything, you will be truly missed.

       *Love You Too Stupid (Shawn Knows)

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Heyleigh Strempel
ANGEL Baaskins

Shawn my white boy! I will miss u and man did we have some good talks about how we both are just alike.. it's like u said the difference between us is that ur White with a D*** and that I'm Black with a P****..! Damn we think the same we do shit the same ,shit we r the same.. And that We're F****** KRAZY..  THE day I seen u is when u were in the car dropping u off to get ur car and I was on my way seeing my Parole officer and boy did u have my back.. I LOVE U SHAWN TIL THE DEATH OF ME.. AND I WILL KEEP UR MEMORY ALIVE.  DEDICATION TO U. 




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Heyleigh Strempel

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