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Time with the fam
Geri Clark2021 Time with the fam
Geri Clark You are missed every day ❤️ and truly one of a kind. We sure do miss all your stories and that laugh
Joshua Ballard This just seems so unreal. When i heard the news, it took me back to my first days at nemak where i started as a clean up guy, pressure washing, an just a helping hand. Shane would joke about anything an always had story to tell every morning. Me being the new guy shane, ryan mosely, charles, joel lee, emerson an paul all had to get their jokes an slick moves in. Shane was always down to joke or play a prank on someone. Many laughs with this amazing dude. You will always be part of the nemak family. Prayers for the family as wounds of losing a love one never heals, time helps but you will never be forgotten.
Jeffery Hamlet Don’t know where to start! I worked with this guy for 17yrs and never had a dull moment. Shane talked to everyone. He would have certain conversations with certain people, depending on your interest. Ours were mostly history based. So the clocks, arrowheads, pocket watches and military history was most of our talks. Man this is hard to comprehend and can’t believe it. Shane you will always be with me especially every time I weld. You were one of the best I’ve ever seen! I’ll miss you and love you like a brother! Until next time….
Daryl Dark My Condolences to the Family. Shane will truly be missed at Nemak. I was fortunate to have met Shane. He was exactly as the obituary stated...very humble and intelligent Man!!
Anthony Fluker Shane was an awesome dude. He would be so grouchy first thing in the mornings until he ate his banana and two muffins and then he was good to go. This guy had me crying laughing so many times, at stories about his child hood and funny things he found on social media. So many times I’d think about our conversations or something he shared with me and I would laugh so hard . I loved this grouchy straight forward, caring dude. He touched people in so many ways. He fixed my air conditioner, we traded things, we worked together, we talked about hardships growing up, we also talked about how we had grown up and beat the odds. I just can’t believe he’s gone but he will never be forgotten. This one right here hurts! Love you Bruh!!!!
Scott Zandarski Sorry for your loss, was great seeing and talking to him just a couple weeks ago when I was in Alabama. He will be missed by so many and always a great guy with a smile
Terry Whitaker Got that cubbies hat on go Shane
Terry Whitaker Gonna really miss him , loved talking chicago pizza smoking in are spot talking shit lol love ya Shane
Ryan BullDog Moseley Shane was a Dear good friend to me we had a lot of fun times together a whole lot of l Laughs.We scared each other at work every chance we got And whoever else was nearby Coming around the corner Or in the welding and booth .To Family members so server for you lose Shane will be missed .
Jodie Swancott It’s not easy to find the right words to say, after losing your brother, your dad, your uncle, and a dear friend to so many…my heart is with you all. Sending my deepest condolences. May you find peace in your dearest memories of Shane, as he lives on in your hearts.
Emily Whatley I’m so sorry for the loss of such a special person. Praying for peace and comfort for your family.
Dusty Sparks what a great friend and neighbor Shane was you will be missed
Katrina Butler I've only met Shane a few times. He and my husband were friends/co-workers. All our family guys camped out one weekend and Shane came. I was there during the day just brought our children home at night. This particular camp experience was so fun because of Shane cutting up. Their was a supposed bear use the bathroom in Tobe of the tents. My husband and Shane was fixing to burn the tent and I was no Clorox and water so I had them gagging carrying buckets of water to pour in the tent. I never laughed so hard if you know my husband he has a very weak stomach. They found the bear and it wasn't allowed up front that sick bear had to tailgate it out of there.
My husband had so many fond memories of Shane & Shawn. We met and ate together with Shane's family a few times. He always had a smile and if you didn't have a smile he would give you one. Our hearts are so saddened by his death. He was such a good kind guy. Things like that aren't supposed to happen to good guys. My thoughts and prayers are with his family the ones who truly loved him and are grieving for him. There is no timeline for grief so praying that God will wrap his comforting loving arms around all those hurting and let them feel God's healing in Jesus name. There is and will always be a void where Shane's life was but it is my prayer that you carry Shane with you in your own heart. Let Shane live on through your wonderful happy memories of Shane. Talk to him everyday. Remember the laughter and smiles as Shane was well known for these. Rest in peace Shane but live on on through happy tears.
I worked with Shane for 10 ye…
Craig Moore I worked with Shane for 10 years and he was a great teammate and friend you could always depend on. Always had a great since of humor. He will be greatly missed. He was a awesome welder and very talented.
Greg Holland You will be greatly missed you where like a brother to me still so hard to believe you are gone you will never be forgotten my brother

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