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In memory of Robert "Big Rob" Joseph Chapdelaine

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My condolences to Robert's family. I first met Robert when we were kids except I was in my late childhood when we met and not yet out of Elementary School in Columbus, Texas. We had in a way grown up together along with the Foxes and had Mrs. Brenda Elolf in our lives, we were often into the same stuff as we progressed into teenhood. We had our boy moments and our share of shenanigans as in our youth but what mattered most is what we learned from all of it. We had other friends enter our lives as time-pressed forward, namely people like Michael and Andy Fox, Lisa Potts, and Miranda Stroud and we continued sharing interests. As our teenage days ended it seemed the natural drifting onto other paths became custom but if we met each other again we'd be sharing what we were up to while away from contact but sadly I never got that chance. As it is, I never had a brother and went out of my way to elect any guy I hung out with as a brother and Robert was one of them. Now that Robert has passed on into eternity, I say he sends me an alert that I need to get myself on the road with living as well and when I can, think about what I'll do for eternity. As he leaves behind a family, I share their pain of missing him, and knowing the road ahead I know our time will come when it comes as it did for him. Let every day of our lives count as he made the most out of his and never neglect or reserve for Valentines to say 'I love you' in everyday because any moment could be the last we say so. I say this for him and to you in the name of Jesus Christ our beloved Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, Amen.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember baby sitting him and his siblings. I wish I could give you all a big hug. With love, Sariah 

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I was sorry and shocked to hear about Robert's  passing . I only have prayers to send for your comfort may God be with you always and especially right now.
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Robert "Big Rob" Chapdelaine