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We had so many good times with Larry and Nita. We will miss him!
(Received via text)


This is Brian Munn with Elcon. I just got your number from Tiffany.

My heart goes out to you and your family for Larry. I have more appreciation and respect for him than I know how to say. Words can’t describe. He’s been a guiding light for me and our last conversation a few weeks ago was the perfect embodiment of how amazing of person he is.

I just want you to know that I’ve been thinking of you all and wishing you the best.
My brother Larry always told me I was his favorite sister (he only had 1 sister). Larry introduced me to the World Wide Web. That opened up an entire new world for me. In true Larry mischievous mode he setup my password as “smelly” and giggled to himself. For years he made himself available in the wee hours of the morning keeping ours and my brothers PCs in running order. He fixed many of our electrical problems too. Most of all he was a loving brother who enjoyed good food, a good glass of wine, and a good laugh. I’m comforted knowing you are with your beloved son Kevin in heaven.
I’ll love and miss you forever.
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