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It is with a great sadness that I lost my husband on 4/16 from Cancer that we didn’t even know he had. Last year he underwent open heart surgery, and came through that procedure well, he started feeling under the weather in and out of VA hospital and Phoebe Hospital, no signs of cancer. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital just one day after being released from a collapsed lung and they, did a biopsy and it came back stage 4 Cancer, my Husband was given2-3 weeks left with us. My husband did have life insurance for the purpose of leaving all his affairs In Order, so as not to leave me with the burden. Doug passed away on April 16, just 6 months prior to his life insurance being fully covered, and now they are only paying a small amount prorated. I ask for help in this tragic time for me and his children , I’ve never had to ask for help like this and an heartbroken. That I lost the love of my life, the father to my children and PaPa to his grandchildren. If you can help me at all I would kindly accept with gratitude and love for there are Angels among us . I have done all I can to get the rest of money together to finish paying funeral home, any small amount you can donate will be much appreciated, from the bottom of my heart, will pay it forward and help others in need My Husband Doug served In Vietnam for 2 tours , loved his Country and what it stood for, was active in the DAV of Albany Georgia. Until he got to sick to, He was a fighter to the end always thinking of his Wife, children, and grandchildren and and knew life insurance would be there for them. It is such a stressful time for them not knowing where to turn for help God bless you all that can donate and help this family.

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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to Help with paying Doug’s Funeral.
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Mr. Douglas Boothe, I