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I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity by Marissa to get so intertwined with her family. Being away from home makes it hard to sometimes get that sweet feeling that comes along with family time and David and Peggy ensured that the “elder children” (even if not their own) were able to feel that warmth. There was something extremely special about David, his energy could fill up a room so bright. The jokes and zingers, the commentary on movie nights, the sweet tight hugs, and most importantly the thoughtful questions he always asked will be missed. I can’t tell you how loved even I, a friend of Marissa, felt. I felt seen, he always remembered the last thing I shared with him and would follow up on it. He cared. I’ll remember his sweet smile, gentle temperament, impeccable humor, and caring nature. Thank you Hughes family for letting me be part of your extended Denver family. I love you guys. David will live on through you all. As I tell Marissa, dulces forever. 
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In lieu of flowers

In lieu of flowers, consider a gift to Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.
Great conversation!
2021, Long Island, Maine, USA
Great conversation!
David. A special man indeed. I look forward to celebrating this amazing life tomorrow with Peg and his precious daughters, friends, colleagues and more. He touched so many lives and it was never not important to him. He listened with empathy and spoke with perspectives that were inspiring. I feel lucky to have known him. Love the playlist. I loaded it into my spotify and will have it on as I trek to Kennebunkport tomorrow. Let's sing!
I first met David about 15 years ago at their home in Cumberland for Marissa's birthday. He always gave off this calm and quiet demeanor but his presence was always felt. I can confidently say he was one of the most patient people I have ever met. He took it all in and always had a smile on his face when his family was around. When David and Peg moved out to Colorado I had the pleasure to join them in renewing their vows and the privilege to be able to take photos of the entire family at Red Rocks. It was an amazing experience that filled my heart with love. David was an amazing person who always seemed to put everyone else above himself. For the past 15 years David and Peg have made me feel like family and it has always filled my heart. I can't express what that has meant to me. We had countless movie nights in their theater room and even though he wasn't the biggest fan of what we were all watching, I could tell his heart was full and he genuinely enjoyed having us there. David was a selfless person filled with love and I am sure anyone who had the privilege of knowing him would agree with that. He will be greatly missed and I'm honored to have known such an amazing person.
I feel lucky to have known David as a teenager - there is something special about fathers to daughters, and he was no exception. Although it’s been over a decade since seeing him, I will always remember his laugh and his support and encouragement of Marissa and I as a teenager girls. Being a teenager is tough,  but David had a sense of calm, patience, and joy at being able to be a father to his daughters. That kind of love lasts forever. 
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Accepting me as part of the f…
2010, Maine, ME, USA
Accepting me as part of the family!
I remember first meeting Mr. Hughes when Marissa invited me to their family home in Maine for Thanksgiving. He and the whole family were incredibly welcoming, I remember him having a huge smile on his face and he was so excited to have us all there and plan the holiday adventures. From taking us to trips at the lighthouse and to the fish market to pick out our very own lobsters to cook for the evening. David was so curious about me and my family and how Marissa and I became so close and he was so happy to see Marissa so happy. I quickly learned that he would do anything in his power to make his family smile even if he didn’t feel well. I specifically remember a moment where Marissa became upset over something and was having a bad reaction, I remember David being so calm and trying to calm Marissa down. He gave me a glance and we both understood that Marissa needed extra care and I tried to fill that space, it was a mutual love and understanding for my friend, and his daughter and I remember feeling a bond then. I know all the love, acceptance and welcoming Marissa showed me came from the love and acceptance her parents and father taught her. David always inspired me with his practices in meditation and I hope to continue on this path of mindfulness in his honor. Love you all Hughes Family ❤️
Dave and I were life long friends. Grew up around the corner from each other, always seem to sit together in class and spent hours riding around on his scooter.
I dont know two people who were more amused with each other. Got us into trouble and other "activities." Fortunately, he eventually made good use of his incredible brain power.
I was a lucky guy to have known him.
David was such a kind soul. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with him during a family reunion when joining my friend Marissa for a long weekend with her extended family. He will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences.
Curt Hokanson
2021, Dave and Peggy’s House
James Bond nights became something special. Leading up to the new Bond movie Dave and Peg hosted Marissa, Dan, and their friends (myself included) to come over for dinner and watch some of the classic bond films. Dave always put in a great amount of effort for those evenings and always had a great story to tell or a clever sarcastic comeback in our conversations. He made all of us feel welcome and made sure everyone had a good evening with a type of kindness that came natural to him. He was sharp, funny, and had just the right amount of edge in is one-liners. I always enjoyed spending with him and hearing his stories. He will be greatly missed!

Dave and I were good friends - albeit mostly long distance - since our second year of Law School - over 52 years I never knew a kinder or more empathetic human being. Dave was a one-off  — Peg and the girls know that. Great music selections - and the photo of Dancin Dave - priceless. I was proud that he called me his friend - and I will miss him. 

Spike Bohachek

It was always so great seeing Dave in Denver, where Marissa and I met. Even though I knew of Dave’s health issues, you could never tell when around him. His spirit and soul were always so happy, positive, peaceful, balanced, and full of love and life!

In early October, I was 34 weeks pregnant and baby was diagnosed prenatally with a congenital heart disease. Cardiologists said there was a 99.9% chance he would need heart surgery soon after birth and stay in the CICU for at least 4-6 weeks. We were so worried. We asked all our family and friends to pray and to send healing love/energy our way.

A few weeks later, Marissa told me about Dave’s heart issue and asked us to send healing energy his way. We were both going through a stressful time around matters of the heart. To hear the news the next day that Dave didn’t make it was utterly devastating. A wonderful life taken too soon.

Our son was born about a week after Dave’s passing. After 4 echos in his first 2 days of life, our son’s heart showed no sign of the CHD. His heart was perfect and healthy, no surgery necessary. When I shared this miracle with Marissa, she said she felt like her dad was watching over him. I absolutely felt the same. We will be forever grateful to him.

We named our son Jaiden David. Now, when I look at him, I'll think of Dave as well and the circle of life, hearts, and a name him and Jaiden share.

I'm so sorry for the loss of Dave. My love and deepest condolences to Peg, Marissa, Sarah, and all their families.

So very lucky to have met David - had my first true  Maine lobster at the Hughes household when Marissa inviter all of us Hofstra girls for a visit for Pegs big birthday. What a fun time that was &how special to meet someone who made such an impact on the world.  Have such beautiful memories of that trip. May his memory live on through his family , daughters, & cutest grandson ! 

As a close friend of Marissa and Dan here in Denver, I was grateful to know Dave after he and Peg moved to Colorado. They began hosting movie night series at their new home, first Star Wars then James Bond, and Dave's witty one-liners became something my partner Tony and I relished and looked forward to each time. He always called us each by name, looked us in the eye and asked pointed questions about our individual lives with amazing recall from the previous gathering, no matter how long ago it was. He and Peg welcomed us into their lives as an extension of their own family.

When Marissa learned I was looking to explore Buddhism, Sangha, and specifically a local meditation community within the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, she immediately suggested I reach out to Dave about it, which I did. He became a solid guide for me in my exploration and is the reason I found a local Sangha in my community that I've come to cherish. Every time I had a question, he made himself available for an open, honest, and non-judgmental conversation and always pointed me towards other resources in which to delve further. Pragmatic and matter-of-fact to the end, Dave is an inspiration to me in both my spiritual and professional life and I hope to emulate the beautiful work he's done as a dharma teacher.

Where do I start to tell you about David, was it the first time I met him and how my sister(his girlfriend) had such a big smile on her face. I knew this guy is OK, later he became my brother in law. Maybe it was the time they invited my girl friend(Kathy, my wife of 35 years)and I to sail on their boat around the calendar islands of Maine and the smile that was on Kathy's face.Maybe it was talks we had about meditation and just letting things drift away. Maybe it was the smiles on his face of how proud he is of his wife and their 2 beautiful(inside and out) daughters, could only imagine the smile on his face of his precious grandson when he held Camedon for the first time, I could tell more but not enough room or time in one sitting, but all I can say is "David, Thank You for all that you have done and some crazy way continue to do, rest easy my friend, fair winds", Much love your brother in law  and friend,Tim.

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