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Prices are estimates and are only intended to provide directional information. You should contact the funeral home to get a general price list and confirm available services before making purchase decisions. Discounted packages may also be available.

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Estimated prices for a Cremation with no Viewing, no Embalming, and no Service

Indicates national average for this service. Please contact the funeral home for actual pricing.
Right caret Direct cremation
This is the fee for cremation and minimum services required by the funeral home. It generally includes transportation to the crematory, basic prep, and filing of necessary paperwork, but no additional services from the funeral home.
Right caret Urn
This is the cost to purchase an urn from the funeral home. You may choose to purchase an urn online or elsewhere, if you'd wish.
Right caret Cremation container
This is the cost to purchase a cremation container from the funeral home. Some funeral homes will already include this in the direct cremation price, so this may not be an additional expense. You usually can choose a cremation casket instead (which is usually more expensive), but some type of container is generally mandatory. You may also choose to purchase a cremation casket or container online or elsewhere, if you wish.
Total estimated cost $1,250

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Brian Haas
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Cremation Services
Reviewed on Google on Sept. 21, 2016, 7:01 a.m.

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