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8 Reasons to Create an Online Memorial

Until recently, families often notified their community of a death by submitting an obituary to the newspaper. Even though this can still be done, it’s expensive and ineffective at both reaching everyone who would want to know and connecting those people to one another. The price is high, the reach is small, and the length of the obituary is usually incredibly short. In today’s world, creating an online memorial website is a much better method of communication after losing a loved one. If you’ve never created an online memorial website, here are eight reasons you should strongly consider it.

1. You can save a lot of money.

Obituaries that are submitted to local papers to notify communities of a death are a lot more expensive than most people expect. Printed obituaries usually cost $200+ to include a few sentences about your loved one. Spending $200 on a few sentences in a small local newspaper isn’t ideal and likely won’t accomplish the goals you need it to. Creating an online memorial website is free and stays up indefinitely.

Create a free memorial website

2. You can share your loved one’s life story and a larger picture of their life.

Along with the price of a printed obituary, comes the length. Most newspapers will limit the amount of space you can use when writing an obituary and they often charge by the line. Summing up the entirety of someone’s life in a few sentences is an extremely difficult task and can sometimes feel insulting to the family of the loved one. Ever Loved memorial websites have unlimited amount of space for writing out your obituary and sharing the story of your loved one’s life. There’s a section for including a timeline of events which is a great way to share special dates and moments through a visual medium, something that would be impossible in a printed obituary. There is also an option for you and your community to include all of your loved one’s favorite books, music, movies, and more.

3. You can reach many people, quickly.

Online memorial websites are listed on all major search engines and easily shareable. If you’ve ever had to plan any event, you’ll know that getting everyone’s contact information can be a big task on its own. Online memorial websites are easy to share and are publicly viewable, making it easy for you to get it in front of the right people. When someone passes away, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll know each and every person that would like to know about the passing and share their condolences. Many people end up finding out about the death of an old friend by simply searching for them online. At the same time, even more people find memorial websites because of sharing and resharing. It’s extremely easy to notify your community and network of a loss by sharing the link to your memorial website. You can easily share Ever Loved memorial website’s to Facebook, by direct linking, or by sending an email to those close to you. Online memorial websites offer a way for you to share the life and death of someone without the stress of sending out physical funeral announcements.

4. You can easily collect donations.

Funerals are expensive and most families are completely unprepared for the related expenses. If you, like many others, find yourself struggling to cover the cost of a funeral, Ever Loved has made it easy to start an online memorial fundraiser. Creating an online memorial fundraiser is a quick and easy way to get financial support, in the form of donations, from your friends, family, and community. Many families are shocked by the amount of support they receive from their loved ones in their time of need and thousands of families have been able to cover funeral expenses through the generosity of their community. If you’re not worried about funeral expenses, collecting donations towards any nonprofit or cause that was close to your loved one’s heart is easy.

Create a memorial fundraiser

5. You can easily navigate the website, no matter your age.

Worried about using an online memorial service because you’re not “tech-savvy”? Ever Loved’s memorial websites have been designed with ease of use and navigation in mind, for all audiences. Memorial websites are standardized and designed the same way so that families don’t have to worry about formatting or setting up a site from scratch. When you create a memorial website, you’ll be guided through the set up process and be shown where and when to add important information, how to share the website, and how to use the website. Your website is easily accessible by desktop, tablet, or phone so you’ll be able to stay connected no matter where you are. Ever Loved is used by people of all ages and levels of tech savviness. An online memorial website also comes with a dedicated support team that can help you with any question or problem you might have. Want to get it done on your own? Visit the help center.

6. You can share event information and keep others up to date with any and all changes.

Many people find event coordination to be an overwhelming part of planning a funeral, especially due to the time sensitive nature of the events. Creating an online memorial website is an easy way to disseminate important information, fast. When you create an online memorial website, you can add in all the relevant information about your event, collect RSVPs, and message all attendees with any updates. Does the funeral home require masks? Temperature checks? Social distancing? Do you want everyone to wear the color red, instead of black? Should everyone bring something that reminds them of your loved one? Let them know by keeping them up to date on the memorial website or by messaging everyone who has RSVP’d. Subscribers are automatically kept up to date if things change or they need to add more info.

Send invitations

7. You can collect and share photos, memories, and stories with your community.

An online memorial website is a great way to share memories and collect photos that others might want to share. Anyone visiting your site can share their condolences, stories, and photos of your loved one with everyone else on the memorial website. Many families find comfort in the knowledge that their loved one has touched the lives of so many, as is often evidenced by the condolences and stories shared on the memorial website.

8. You can keep it up indefinitely.

Your online memorial website stays up for as long as you’d like it to stay up, at no cost to you. Your community can post on the site a year down the road to commemorate an important anniversary or birthday, something they wouldn’t have the option for in traditional physical means. Families and friends can continue sharing in the memory of someone who has passed away for years to come. By offering a space for others to connect, long-term, you can create a sense of community and support for all of those who have felt the loss of your loved one.

Ever Loved’s memorial websites also off many other features that weren’t listed in this article and are a great, modern way to organize your community after losing a loved one. Ever Loved has made online memorial websites easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to share so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

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Last updated October 27, 2020
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