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What You Should Know About Headstone Prices

Headstone prices can often vary widely depending on a number of factors such as material, design, and type. If you’re interested in purchasing a headstone, it’s important to know the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the average cost of a headstone?

The average cost of a headstone depends on the material, size, and type of the headstone. In general, the average price for a headstone is about $2,000. When split by type, a flat headstone (also known as a grave marker) is around $1,000. It’s important to consider the materials when purchasing a headstone, as the material can drastically change the price.

The most popular material for a headstone is granite. Granite is sturdy and requires little upkeep to maintain the stone. Granite headstones can come in a variety of colors, but an upright granite headstone will start at around $500. Keep in mind that while granite is the more affordable option, prices can go up depending on the type of granite you purchase and where you purchase it from.

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The second most popular material for a headstone is marble. People are often drawn to marble headstones due to the look and gloss of the material. Marble is less durable than granite and might require professional upkeep to maintain its appearance over time. Marble headstones generally start at around $1,500.

What is the cheapest headstone?

The cheapest headstones are grave markers. Grave markers, or flat headstones, lie flat on the surface of the grave. They’re usually placed at the top of the grave and are smaller in size than an upright headstone. Flat headstones will usually feature simple engraving on a granite stone and will usually start around a few hundred dollars, although we offer flat grave markers starting at $109.

How much are headstones with pictures?

Pictures on headstones can come in a few different forms. Some vendors will sell photos that are engraved into the stone themselves, some will place a photo on top of the stone, and others will frame a photo and attach it to the stone separately. Headstones with pictures are generally a bit more expensive than headstones without, due to the extra work involved. Upright headstones with added detail (such as a picture) are usually between $1000 and $3000. Flat grave markers with engraved photos can also be used in place of an upright headstone and usually start around $100.

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Where can you buy headstones?

Headstones can be purchased either online, from your funeral home of choice, cemetery, or directly from the headstone vendor themselves. Purchasing directly from a retailer can also usually be done online, for a generally cheaper price. If you're interested in purchasing a headstone online, you’ll want to check out our available headstones and grave markers here on Ever Loved. If you're purchasing a headstone online always check with your cemetery of choice before purchasing. Many cemeteries have restrictions or requirements regarding the type of headstones they'll install on a gravesite. The last thing you want to do is purchase a beautiful and customized headstone, only to find out your cemetery can't or won't install it.

Why are headstones so expensive?

While it’s possible to find a headstone for a few hundred dollars, many headstones boast a large price tag due to their size, appearance, material, and design. Many headstones include custom designs, engravings, and even statues. Headstones are also meant to last and are made of a type of stone - a material that’s not cheap. Headstones are also meant to withstand environmental wear and tear for many years to come, it’s necessary that they’re made out of a durable and long-lasting material, which isn’t cheap.

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Do I need to buy a headstone?

Headstones are not necessary purchases, but it's nice to have a spot where a loved one is buried be easily recognized. If you're worried about the huge prices that go along with purchasing a large, heavier headstone - consider a grave marker. Grave markers are sleek, inexpensive, and fulfill the same purpose of a headstone at a much cheaper price.

Purchasing a headstone for a loved one is a difficult decision as it’s often a way families honor the life of a loved one. It’s not necessary for you to spend exorbitant amounts of money to purchase a quality product. If you’re interested in purchasing a headstone, be sure to check out the options available on our marketplace.

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Last updated June 15, 2022
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