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8 Ways to Acquire a Free Urn

If you’re in need of a free, discounted, or donated urn, there are many programs available to you across the United States. Urns don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars, and you’ll easily be able to find an urn for under $69 by purchasing online. That being said, you may be able to get an urn that is completely free.

Free Urns for Veterans

Veteran’s Affairs

The VA offers extensive assistance for families of veterans in the form of burial assistance. While Veterans Affairs won’t just send you a free urn, paying for the urn is part of the financial assistance that comes along with VA benefits. In addition to covering certain burial expenses, Veterans Affairs will also send families a flag and other memorial products. For more information, visit the Veterans Affairs website.

To apply for VA funeral benefits:

Free Urns for Veterans

For families located in Minnesota, Free Urns for Veterans provides free, quality, wooden urns to the families of veterans. To apply, you’ll need to mail in the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A copy of the discharge papers (they use the same requirement as the Department of Veterans Affairs)

For more information, visit their application page.

Free urns for infants and children

There are a handful of non-profit organizations in the United States that help families with financial assistance after they’ve lost a child. While these organizations do cover the costs of urns, they also cover the costs of many other aspects of a funeral. If you’ve recently lost a child, you should look at the eligibility requirements for these non-profits and apply to the ones that are relevant to you.

Final Farewell

This non-profit organization helps families that have recently lost a child cover burial expenses. Included in the expenses are funds to cover the cost of an urn. If you’re a family that’s recently lost a child, you can apply for financial assistance through Final Farewell’s application form.

The Tears Foundation

The TEARS Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide financial assistance to those who have lost a child (from gestation to young adulthood. They offer different levels and types of assistance based on both your location and the age of the child you’ve lost. For a full breakdown of their program types, visit their website. In addition to providing financial assistance, The TEARS Foundation offers free emotional support groups for those who have lost a child. You can find a list of emotional support groups near you in their database.

Children’s Burial Assistance

Children’s Burial Assistance offers financial assistance, funeral funds, burial plots, vaults, urns, caskets, and cremations to families who have recently lost a child. They have established relationships with different funeral service providers, casket companies, and crematory companies that enable them to offer these services. You can apply for assistance through their online application form. Additionally, if you’ve lost someone during the COVID-19 pandemic, Children’s Burial Assistance has recently launched a COVID-19 Burial Project that can help you.

Other free or discounted urns

The Co-op Funeral Home

The Co-op Funeral Home, located in Seattle, WA, offers free urns to families who can pick it up from them in Seattle. These urns were previously available for shipping, but now appear to be pick-up only due to COVID-19. If you live in the Washington area, call their office at (206) 529-3800 to set up an appointment to pick up the free urn. Their available urns have been donated by generous donors and go to families in need.

To see a list of the available urns, go to their website.

Memorial Gallery is a wholesale manufacturer of memorial products that also offer discounted or free urns to families in need. The discounted or free urns have slight defects or blemishes that prevent them from being sold, but are still worth using if in need. You can view their entire collection of free or discounted urns on their website.

Purchase an urn online

Even though purchasing an urn online isn’t entirely free, it’s still a great way to easily save on costs. Most funeral homes markup their products in order to make a profit; purchasing an urn online allows you to purchase directly from the supplier, avoiding steep price increases. You can find a variety of urns on Ever Loved starting at $29.99. Urns typically cost families much more since many families choose (or may even feel pressured) to purchase directly from the funeral home. Purchasing online lets you browse many more vendors and price shop at a point that's affordable for you.

Find a cheap urn

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Last updated November 23, 2021
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