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    In lieu of flowers

    Please consider a donation to LAWSUIT against Riverside county for negligence.
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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to LAWSUIT against Riverside county for negligence.
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Personal note from Sean Mullin To Dana Martin RE: Seans Passing

Dana... I'm soooo sorry... I never thought of life with out sean either... he was a second version of myself... the first time I met him he was still just 17 yrs old and we instantly bonded.. he was a sean.. we were both artistically inclined we were both left handed we were both very social but extremely introverted and closed off to the world... he was me just a different version of me... I never thought loosing him would hurt so bad and I miss him everyday now... I can only imagine it's a million times worse for you. I never expected to lose him. He was strong a fighter a solider! Even after I retired that life to be a family man he was always in my thoughts and not he'll never know... I hope he does. I miss my brother the same way you miss your lover, your other half. Because he was mine two... just in a different manner... I can't believe this is happening I can't believe I'll never see his face or hear his voice or see that goofy fukn smirk again when he's happy or excited... I just want you to know I knew him.. I understood him and knew all his demons well... his demons played with mine in the darkness... I'm sooo sorry you we all have to loose him. He was a special human being and my world is alil colder with out him... I just want you to know I am here we can cry together... for we both knew the man he was and could have been. Again I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Much love to you my friend.


Baer Loke, aka: Sean Truman Harris born May 4th 1987 in Orange County, Ca. Passed away September 16th 2022 in Fallbrook, CA. After being found without a pulse August 3ed 2022 at Cois Byrd detention facility, and not being provided proper emergency care! He currently was a resident of Crestline Ca, had grown up in Vista Ca. He is survived by his mother Suzanne Baer, unfortunetly he never was able to have any offspring though …

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Shit Creek Family

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"dead 40s krew"


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aesop rock, ghostmane, buck65
aesop rock, ghostmane, buck65
aesop rock, ghostmane, buck65




May 4th, 1987

Graduated from high school



August 2nd, 2022
Murrieta, CA

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anoxic brain injury

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England Family Mortuary
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England Family Mortuary

Nightingale Hospice
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Nightingale Hospice


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