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After being missing for over 23 years, with the assistance of AWP and Chaos dive teams we were able to find my mother who was 9 months pregnant and my 22 month old sister, Courtney. This has been such a relief to have found her and we want to provide them with a proper burial. If you’re able to donate or even just pass this along it would be forever appreciated. Thank you. Contribute  Right arrow

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We plan to do a funeral service and memorial in the near future. Please stay posted for details to follow.

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my heart goes out to Samanthas family I can't believe the sadness they went through finding out Samantha died like that
I watched the recovery of Samantha's car online. My heart goes out to all of you, her family. I'm so grateful that y…
What a blessing for closure. My condolences to your family.

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What were Samantha's favorite vacation spots?
She always lived swimming. We went to piney Bay alot.
What was Samantha's favorite color?
What were Samantha's favorite drinks?
I'm pretty sure I bought her coke I think she even took a Pepsi once.
What were Samantha's favorite artists or styles of art?
Samantha's favorite song was waterfalls by TLC. Back then we didn't have Pandora sp…




October 22nd, 1978

Passed away

September 11th, 1998
Russellville, AR

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Final resting place

East Point Cemetery

4754-4800 Mill Creek Rd, London, AR 72847
Russellville Family Funeral
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Russellville Family Funeral