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In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to Help with cremation and final wishes.
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Hello, my name is Andrea I had been deemed disabled from a horrible car accident about 18 yrs ago and decided to move to laplace Where our family met Sam and his wife Marty, after My husband, I and our 4 children moved in across the street from them. We were never really blessed with good parents. But Pretty quickly after meeting them My husband started going through Serious heart problems at 32 yrs.old and I was extremely scared. So marty and Sam scooped me up and filled that void in my life when I needed it most. We became super close and from then on we became family I their daughter an they mom and dad, as well as grandma and grandpa to my young kids. Which made them so happy! Eventually they became great grandfather and great grandmother to my childrens babies. When mom died now 3 years ago it was extremely devastating to not just us but to my dad as she was the love of his life. Which made our family even closer while helping each other through the most difficult time. As time went on dad started loving life again. Started dating a little and just enjoying his family. A couple yrs later dad ended up having a stroke in which thank God ended up okay, except for being a little down because he had to quit his longtime job at Louisiana air products which he also loved. He not only loved his job but also loved the people he worked with and met along the way. Everyone became as like an extended family to him because that's who my dad was. He was the biggest family man and had the Biggest heart I've ever seen. He would do anything he could to help anyone even people he didn't know. He had gotten sick a few times after that but we got him back up and doing great until right before this christmas he was so excited about all of us being home for Christmas this year. Even though my mom was gone and Dad had just started his disability paperwork an gotten behind on some bills and my husband wasn't able to work as much because he has had to have 3 more heart surgerys in the past 2 yrs and may have to have another one soon. As well as my disability payments had stopped due to someone stealing my identity. We are also still trying to get our house rebuilt from the hurricane. We were all having money issues but It didn't matter to him We were All gonna be together and thats all that mattered. But then dad ended up getting a cold, after pestering him he finally went to a doctor and got meds. After taking those meds but he wasn't getting better he started getting worse to the point he got lost going to the kitchen from the living room which was 10 ft away so I called 911 and they ended up taking him to the wrong hospital who couldn't take care of his needs at the time but dropped him off at the ER anyway. We found this out afterwards also that my father had Anemonia and had to have a tube down his throat to breathe and also his kidneys were shutting down and needed to be in a cardiac ICU at this point. And because of covid still being around as well as being taken to a small ER that didn't have an ICU unit they couldn't get him a bed in another hospital for 2 and a half days. After transferring him, and about a week later (from the first ER) I talked to him for the first time and he sounded like he was starting to get better. Until the doctors and hospital screwd up, lied and only being in the ICU unit for 3 days sent him home way to soon. Even after I begged them to keep him because i knew he wasn't ready. They said no he will be fine. They sent him home Friday evening unable to walk, stand, barely talk, couldn't breathe without an oxygen tank, and needing dialysis treatments cause his kidneys weren't strong enough and no home health nurse or anything set up. That following next day after he got home the oxygen tank's pump went out at 10 pm that evening.( the tank that they had given us from a closet ) in the hospital until the medical team could bring us one that Monday. I ended up driving about a 2 hour round trip to meet a nurse to give me another machine. So i started calling all the doctors trying to get him help and they did nothing. He lasted about 5 days then God took him in his sleep to join my mother. He had just turned 63, The coroner said he slowly drowned to death and should have never left the hospital! So we are not only upset because this should have never happened but also grieving for the loss of such an amazing man that should have had more time spent with his family and friends. We are trying to keep afloat 2 households of bills, rebuilding the other house, taking care of his animals he loved so much, ontop of our own, my dad's cremation services that has to be paid by February 17th in the amount of $2,500, as well as giving him a memorial service for everyone to say their last goodbyes that he truly deserves and his lawyer's last will Expenses. Which is around $4,000 maybe a little more depending on the succession and We are running out of time and drowning right now. We Desperately need help paying for the cremation, memorial costs, and the lawyer fees to take care of his last wishes to be done. We are out of options we have tried everything and this is our last hope. Thank you for listening and any help you can give will be very much appreciated.

With thanks and Love,
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July 3rd, 1959

Passed away

December 17th, 2022
LaPlace, LA

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Salvatore Jr "Sam" Zabbia