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Personal note from Trisha McKendree (Daughter)

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support during this difficult time. Losing dad has been very difficult, but it's been made a little easier by this memorial webpage and all my friends and family that have sent me words of love and encouragement.
I also want to say thank you to those who donated funds to help with dad's cremation expenses. I have personally thanked those who I know contributed. To those who donated anonymously, please know that I am deeply grateful for your generous contributions, and it means a lot to me that you were willing to help during this time.
I should have dad's memorial arrangements soon. I apologize that it is taking so long, I'm waiting on the VA to get back with me in regard to dad being buried at the VA Cemetery. Thank you for your patience.


Patrick, 71, of Birmingham, AL died unexpectedly on May 18, 2022. His loss was completely unexpected and the family is shocked and deeply saddened.

Pat was born on November 23, 1950 to Hugh and Margaret Alyce Mackinaw of Pratt City, Alabama. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his brothers Hugh, George, Steve, Chris and Denis and sister Moni. Pat is survived by his daughter, Trisha McKendree; two grandchildren, Isaac McKendree and Zoey …

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What were Pat's favorite vacation spots?
Going to the river
What was Pat's favorite color?
What were Pat's favorite ways to spend free time?
Racecar driving and helping others by working on vehicles, carpentry and plumbing
What were Pat's favorite games to play?
Poker, Baseball, Horseshoes and Golf




November 23rd, 1950

Graduated from high school

John Carroll Catholic High School, Lakeshore Parkway, Birmingham, AL

Joined the Air Force Reserve


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Cause of death

Heart attack

Method of disposition


Cremation Center Of Birmingham
Funeral services provided by

Cremation Center Of Birmingham


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