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Personal note from Amy Baker (her middle daughter)

Thank you so much to everyone visiting this page.

We miss Maureen / Mum / Granny tremendously and would love to have you share your favorite memories of her on this page.

Thank you!


Mary Grace (Maureen) Baker (nee Moloney) passed away peacefully in her sleep early in the morning of November 2nd, 2020 in Middletown RI, bidding a graceful farewell to a life well lived.

A longtime resident of Cambridge MA, Maureen was born in 1932 in West Roxbury, MA to T Alfred and Margaret Moloney, both from County Clare in Ireland. She went on to earn a four-year teaching degree from Boston State Teachers College, venturing to …

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Cause of death

After living many years with Alzheimer's

Method of disposition


Final resting place

Ashes scattered

In the ocean, off the coast of Maine

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Please consider a gift to Alzheimer's Association
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