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Since we can't all get together in-person currently, we hope that this site can be a place for us to come together to remember Kathy, share memories and support each other.


We regretfully announce the passing of Kathy June Wood ,of Spirit lake ,Idaho on August 04,2021. Our mother, Kathy, was one of the [strongest/most kindest women to ever walk this earth and our family was blessed to have her as the head of the family.  Kathy was a wonderful and loving mother and grandmother  who gave her all to her family. We will never be able to fill the space left behind by her. Kathy …

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I'll always think of my mom whenever; I need someone to talk to cause life's so hard and she always knows exactly what …
I love you mom and miss you so much I can't believe that your no longer with us you are deeply missed love ya judy

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With her grandkids ❤️💞




August 19th, 1965

Had a child, David Wood

October 10th, 1982

Had a child, Judith Moore

July 18th, 1984
Phoenix ,AZ

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