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Memorial for Iman Messiah Shabazz

Iman's obituary

Iman Messiah Shabazz, 48,of Hartford CT was the beloved husband to Katrice Shabazz passed away on Sunday March 4,2018 at the Hospital of Central Connecticut.
Born in Baltimore Maryland he was the son Nadine Hudson Trimmier and Charles Jones . Iman aka "Tony" as the family knew him as live in Hartford was self employed and also a cook who open multiple restaurant in the downtown Hartford area.
Alone with his wife Iman was is survived by two daughter MyKayla Tucker, Annaselli M Shabazz and a step daughter Karizma he also have two brothers Maurice Lipscomb, Clinton Toomer and one sister India Lipscomb . He is also servived by four aunts Cynthia,Orstine,Beverly ,Kathy of CT he was also survived by four uncle Maurice Hudson Howard Cividances Clinton Jones Leroy Jones of CT he also had a host of nieces and nephews he has one special niece Nakai McDonald and two special nephews Donavan ,and Koby he also has one step father Sammy Trimmier one brother in law Ricky Goins and one sister in law Sharonda Toomer. He predeceased by our very special grandmother Mattie Hudson ,Aunt Lavern Uncle Rudolph cousin Corey and his Aunt Delma and his mother in law Mariza his brother in law Barry Santiago.
Inman will live in the hearts of his family and friends and will be known for the foundation he laid because and fairness never dies they will go shining on like sun in the sky he is not dead he has only gone on to a brighter wonderful dawn.

Letter from his wife: To my husband and best friend my daughter father I just want you to know how important you are to me knowing that you cared and understand me knowing that you believed in me I just want you to know how wonderful it was having you as my husband knowing that you was always there for me that you will now be more then my friend and my husband
but you are now my guardian angle forever more my love till we meet again only you.

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