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Personal note from Guy's Family

Thank you for your kindness during this time, and in all the good times, too!

We've encountered some unexpected issues with Guy's death which prohibit us from cremating him, which was what he wanted and what we budgeted for. He only had accidental life insurance, which has not helped.

Due to having to sort out these legal issues (everything from consulting with lawyers to changing the death certificates from cremation to burial), there are now additional required funerary procedures before we can inter him.

In lieu of flowers, cards, or a ceremony, we are asking for assistance with burial arrangements to mitigate some of the damage. This may sound like an unusual use of fundraising help, but Guy was a community man. He had a unique sense of humor when things didn't go quite right, common in the Levesque-Gottlieb family. He wasn't one to ask for help, but he gladly gave it whenever he could.

We are SO appreciative of those who have reached out so far, including free legal consulting and the funeral home working with us to lower costs to just the essentials. We are even more so appreciative of your kind thoughts and words at this time, especially for Margie as she has now laid to rest her parents and all three of her siblings. Anything you can chip in is immeasurably helpful, including and especially your thoughts, hugs, and belly rubs for your dogs in honor of Guy's pup, Rocky P. Winkle.
Marge, Richard, & Emily

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I was lucky to know Guy for over 15 years. We went to the Sea Dogs games together, he helped us out in our food truck …




March 6th, 1956

Passed away

August 14th, 2019
Portsmouth, RI, USA

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