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Hi everyone I am fundraising for my dad Gustavo J. Vega, born March 3rd 1954 ,he was born and raised in imperial Beach California by the time he was 35, he had gotten into a bad accident with the outcome of losing his memory completely and dying three times and being in a coma for over 8 months but my grandfather never gave up hope on him and he didn't let the doctors pull the plug on him and my dad ended up coming out of it a year and a half two years later . The doctors did let us know that if my dad's memory ever came back that it would not be the same and that he would have a mentality of a 19 year old and a 19 year old it was my dad really never went any further than that. It's was like I was a parent and my dad was a child. As the years went by nothing ever really changed except for the years and the days my dad's memory stayed as a mentality of a 19 year old and responsibility to him was none. The reason I share this with you is because I want you guys to know why I'm asking for help and it's because my dad never thought about putting money to the side for funeral services or thought ahead for any responsible decisions having to do with money. My brother and I want towant to acknowledge my dad and give him the best that we can for his funeral services he passed away of diabetes and congested heart failure I am a single mother working a part-time job barely getting back to work and I really don't have the means or the finances to pay for my dad's funeral services but I do want him to be acknowledged and and I would like for him to have what his request was which is to be cremated and my brother and I just stay with his ashes. Any help donated will be very much appreciated with all prayers and wishes that you be blessed tenfold back. I've had no time to plan ahead of time for the simple fact that my dad was sick since January in the hospital and nobody notified me till the day he died which was Wednesday August 11th 2021. If I can't pay for his cremation and funeral services hospices asking that I donate his body tests and labs to be able to experiment with his body and I know that's not what he wanted nor do I. I have a week and a half to raise money to pay for my dad's services please find it in your heart to donate towards my father's services. My dad also has a son who he was never really involved with in his whole life that is in San Antonio Texas and I am redeeming a credit that I have for Alaska airlines to get my brother here on a one-way ticket but once all services are done I need to send my brother back to San Antonio Texas and my brother is a single father as well as I am a single parent here in San Diego so our financial situation is very very little. Thank you for all contributions and donations it is well appreciated. Contribute   Right arrow
Funds are being collected and disbursed by Erin Oconnor, Gustavo's niece.

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