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This is very unexpected as most of you can understand. My mom just put life insurance on herself in February 2020 with AIG but she didn't read the fine print that said "THE POLICY ONLY COVERS YOU IF YOU HAD IT FOR 1 TO 2 YEARS " Well mommy only had it for about 1mo. Before she had a stroke on March 18, 2020. And hoping and praying 🙏 that things would get better sad to say mommy only got worse.. she had been in and out of 4 hospitals in this time. But non of them was helping her or willing. So this beautiful Angel in Disguise a wonderful child of God was rescued from all of her pain and suffering she was going through. But she needs to be laid to rest so she can move on so we all can try to live on without her beautiful presence in our lives, for now. So I ask can anybody help bury this selfless, do anything for anybody beautiful angel that Lord God Jesus Christ so graciously made my MOM, ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY. Nicest lady 😍 I know. Anything helps. Thank You 😇💞 Contribute  Right arrow

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November 7th, 1953

Passed away

May 31st, 2020
North Lauderdale, FL, USA

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