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In memory of Debra "Debbie" Gayle Sands

Debbie's obituary

Debra Corley Sands better known as Debbie Sands she was great momma great every thing she knew how to love she would go out of her way to help people she didn’t like being taken avanage of tho she had the heart to tell you off real quick if it was on her mind she didn’t bite her young for no one when it came to speaking her mind she was a blunt person she didn’t care if it hurt your feelings she was gonna let you know how she felt but she had a heart bigger that the world and loved her children and her grand children and great grand children for she never got to see her great grandchildren I miss her so much I deal like a peace of my heart went missing when she left this world the hurt is undiscribible all I can say is that I feel like my heart has been stable in the heart then it feels like someone just took my heart and ripped it out of my chest the pain is so bad . I can’t stop thinking of her but you know memory’s is like the Jowels we wear we keep them close to us very secured wear they can’t be taken from us but when we need them there close but so we can reach them when we need them so badly she will never be replaced or she will never be forgotten either ever.

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